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Guayakí Yerba Mate - A Powerful Rainforest Experience

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I start every morning with a cup of yerba mate. I feel charged with clarity and motivation for the day. Switching from coffee to yerba mate was the best decision I ever made for my body. And now I take Guayaki everywhere with me! As a humanitarian aid worker, I am constantly on the go - and my Guayaki­ is the first thing packed! Thank you!

Walter Szewczuk


I was made privy to Yerba Mate by a friend of mine who sold me on it's ability to induce mental clarity and acuity. Upon drinking my first cup, his sentiments were validated. I now drink Guayaki Yerba Mate, using the traditional tea bags, every morning and afternoon while at work. I can feel it kicking in within minutes of drinking.. it really helps me open up my mind and get ready for the day. A perfect substitute for coffee.

Bob Berentz


I just tried Java Mate' Vanilla Nut at about one regular spoonful in an infuser in a hot cup of water and covered to keep the heat in .. soak about five minutes. Add a pour 36% heavy whipping cream. I am saving about $10 a week because I have almost stopped going out for coffee. I live ten miles out in the boonies and at the cost of fuel there is an additional savings. Forget the money .. I'm not junked up from sugar, chocolate etc. after drinking my Java Mate'. I just had a scare with something like MRSA infection in a cut finger this winter while feeding livestock. www.staphnews.com/category/infection control .. published an article saying Egyptian researchers found staph drugs plus green tea boosted the drugs by 3X. Now, where have we heard about this before .. and they were not using Yerba Mate' .. so we could be even better off.



I love your tea. The place where I work did away with good coffee. I have always liked the way mate gives me energy to make it through the day and it tastes good too. I could definitely use any health benefits. I'm ordering more today!

Kim Olsen


After working in coffee shops and relying on coffee to wake me up in the morning, I found Guayaki while attending Cal Poly SLO (go Mustangs!). After drinking nothing but Matte from my french press every morning, I tried to drink coffee at work. The jitters from coffee are unbearable compared to the mellow, soothing effects of my morning mattes. My wake up cup of matte makes every day better (I even travel with tea bags for those away from home days.) Everyone who knows me also knows my matte lattes and enjoys sharing them with me as a break from their coffee routines. Guayaki, thanks not only for giving me the best drink ever (hot or cold) but also for making me feel good about what I buy.

Dustin Blythe

US of A

While looking for a healthy start for my day, without the irritating effects of coffee (acidity, high caffeine), I found Yerba Mate. While looking over the selection in my local health food store I was drawn to the Guayaki package. Colorful, informative and fairly traded, I bought a box of the tradiional mate bags. Now I feel like I am lost without my hot cup of Guayaki in the morning. Later I discovered the bottled Guayaki and fell in love the the traditional mate. A great blend of natural sweeteners, mate and herbs, it is a great variation on the hot brewed mate. I seek it out wherever I go!

Linda Baker


I, like many others, used to do coffee in the AM. I switched to regular tea a few years ago. My husband is being treated for some infections with a naturopath and I noticed a package of Guayaki Yerba Mate in her office. Bought some that day and WOW...love it. At first brewing it reminded me of the smell of new mown hay fields on my grandmothers farm. A pleasant smell and memory to recall every time I drink your tea. I have made it my only iced tea..yummier than hot tea if you ask me. My desire for coffee is disipating and I believe I shall shuck it altogether soon. When you do something good for your body it gives you a great sense of well-being. Physically and emotionally this product delivers a very satisfying experience...and it's organic t'boot!! The bonus here is that I am supporting small farming communities that are kind to the environment. What more could a body ask for?? Kudos to you all, Linda B.



My Naturopath had recomended I stop drinking coffee & yerba mate was her recomended replacement. I tried several but couldn't say I was crazy about them, but knew I felt better. When I found Guayaki's Java Mate I was a convert! I rarely drink anything else & don't miss my coffee at all!


United States

Nowadays, I eat, drink, speak, and live Yerba Mate'. The best thing about my job is the automatic hot water dispenser to fill up my French Press containing my loose leaf Java Mate', a flavor recently introduced to me by my (even better now) friend. The Mate' satisfies my coffee and tea craving in one, gives me energy to last an entire crazy day of work in the morning and play until the wee small hours of the next day. When I go running, I stick a Original tea bag in my cold bottled water and it brews perfectly in there. I feel good because I drink it and I drink it because it makes me feel gooood.....Biffy



THANK YOU so much for making this quality product available. After working at a coffee shop in my teen years, I became addicted to the highs and lows of coffee and pastry addiction. I tried for many years to balance myself out and manage this. It wasn't until I found Guayaki yerba mate' (all forms) that I actually felt successful in this endeavor. I have gotten off coffee, gotten my sugar habit under control, lost weight, gotten clearer mentally, become more even-keeled emotionally, and I actually enjoy mate as compared to my love/hate relationship with coffee and pastries. I recently traveled to France and although I brought your loose mate and a bombilla, I didn't bring enough. After running out a week and a half before I was to come back home, I was looking all over the place for any form of yerba mate'. After arriving back to CA I was thankful to have my neighborhood health food store right down the street and I have felt like a better person since. I swear by yerba mate' and since I am so enthusiastic about it, many of my co-workers have tried it and have joined me in this ancient, wonderful tradition. It may sound intense but I would be lying if I didn't say that Guayaki yerba mate' has changed my life. Thank you from me and everyone who knows me.


united states

I have been a chef for 7 years and allways worked nights, when i started my day shift at a new restaurant I started drinking coffee in the mornings to help me rally, it dried me up at the gym and left me unmotivated when my shift was over, another chef gave me two bags of guayaki one morning and said "you wont work without it now" me being the skeptic that i am, drank it and was in a great mood all day, no jitters, hydration problems and was pleasently surprised that its alot cheaper than coffee...ive turned all my friends and my mother on to it, thanks again! sara

Gregory Jones


I remeber way back when, when the thought of trying to quit drinking coffee was as scary as trying to get through my finals at the end of a school year, and trying to take my finals without the help of coffee would either make or break me. I was at a crossroad. I found Guayaki at a healthfood store around early 2004. As I was walking down the aisle of the store I came accross this uniquely colored bag that said "Guayaki" on the front.I had no idea how to pronounce the name, so I went by the name I could say, Yerba Mate. I picked it up and looked at the package. I read and began to fall in love with the awesome message about sustainable agriculture and what this company was doing for the rainforrest. I was stoked that by purchasing this product, I was impacting the preservation of the rainforrest and It was also going to be my first certified organic and fairly traded product ever to be purchased. The next morning, I woke with great anticipation to try my new purchase. I heated the water to a comfortable 180 degrees ( I know now that the optimal temperature is around 150 degrees f). I put the unbleached bag in the cup and poured in the hot water. What then came from my cup, I have a hard time explaining to this day. The rich aroma atacked my senses and I felt the energy that was going to go into my belly. I took the cup to my lips and put the liquid into my mouth. The first thing thought of was a woodsy, smokey taste that had a great finish. The love affair started their. People started to notice my pep. I was more exuberant and vivacious. The energy was and continues to be amazing. I drink it in the morning to get this machine rolling and I sometimes have a pick me up cup later in the day for the last six hours. I now have two jobs and I can safely say that without my Guayaki, I would still continue to live a life of false promises and constant jitters from the darker more sinister side of a pick me up drink. Mate is the Force, and coffee is the Darkside. Which side are you on?



I recently heard of your yerba mate via a Sara Snow episode. I just had to try it & am so glad that I did. My daughters & I love it & hope to have a long relationship with your company. Here is a short testimonial poem that was inspired by your products: No more coffee No more tea Yerba mate is the one for me. My jitters are gone And my headaches too Cause yerba mate is so good for you. Be it morning Noon or night A cup of mate is out of sight. So get some soon And don't delay Guayaki products will make your day. They sure did ours! Thanks so much.

Lori Grant


Hi, I am writing because I have a very physically demanding job and I work with people in their 20's (I'm 47). Recently I started having a hard time keeping up with my co-workers and I didn't want to start drinking coffee to boost my energy because the caffeine gives me the jitters. So when I saw a bottle of Raspberry Revolution in my neighborhood grocery store, I was reminded of some Yerba Mate that I had tried years ago and decided to start trying it again. Soon I was outworking my co-workers! I now buy the teabags as well as the bottles, and, as an added bonus, our local coffee shops (Tullys of Seattle) have added delicious Guayaki drinks to their menu! Thank you so much for your socially conscious product that helps increase my feeling of well-being.

Amy Renee Armstrong


I love my Quayaki Yerba Matte tea! I drink it daily, and for great reason... Prior to 2003 I used to get the common cold quite frequently. At the time I was a avid coffee drinker, and even had an addiction to eating expresso beans (without the chocolate covering I might add) along with my many cups of java daily. I knew this could not be good for me long term, so I went on a search for a healthy alternative... the rest is Yerba matte history! As stated previously, I now drink Yerba Matte, with a hint of honey daily and I am proud to say that I have not had a bad cold (almost non-existant) since 2003! I am a firm believer that Yerba Matte is the result of this new found health experience and I share this truth will all my family, friends, co-workers... you get my point :-) Thank God for Quayaki! Much Love to you from Amy Renee Armstrong

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