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Guayakí Yerba Mate - A Powerful Rainforest Experience

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I absolutely LOVE Guayaki Yerba Mate. I started drinking it a few years ago after seeing a clip about it on Get Fresh with Sarah Snow. It is the absolute best way to start off your morning. It gives me tons of energy and curbs my appetite until lunch, but my favorite thing about yerba mate is that it is so full of nutrients. Thank you for making this wonderful drink so readily available across the US!

Brett Houser


I just noticed something about mate' I never realised after eight years of drinking Mate'. When I do get sick, and it is the worse cold you have ever seen, I never bring it home. My fellow employees are so sick I think they are at Death's door. After they cough in my face for a week I catch it and am sick for 2-3 days. I recover before they do with out medication. And my family at home never catches the cold from me. Its like Mate' killed the virus with in me.

Elle Eldridge


I have a form of epilepsy where I have neurological seizures. These seizures cause me to black out. I noticed that my seizuring is less with caffeine. However, what I have found to be a truly effective seizure deterrent without any of the side effects of pharmaceutical anticonvulsants is the Guayaki Organic Energy Shots. I am hoping that there can be some scientific research on concentrated Yerba Mate and epilepsy. Believe me, this stuff works. The other Guayaki products are not as effective as the shots. Thank you for making a great product. Sincerely Elle Eldridge

Rachael Scala


Mate has enhanced my being by providing warmth, flavor, and the most consistent, clean pizazz I've ever experienced from any beverage. I used to swear by green tea in the mornings, but nothing is as pure and wholesome-feeling as good old mate. My first meeting with it was in a small mountain town in Chile near the Argentinian border, bought from a family roadside produce stand. Shortly after the initial sips, I felt a joyous heat feel my body and radiate out through my heart en route up to the mountain, where I skied some of the most breathtaking terrain of my life. This and many other memories make up my long-term relationship with mate, and I am forever indebted to the clarity is grants my mind, body, and spirit.

Jonathan and Maria Patterson


My wife and I have been drinking tea together since we have been married 5 years ago. We always liked to try different teas. One day we picked up some Yerba Mate, didn't think anything about it, just took it home and brewed it. Didnt read the box or have never even heard of it, just drank it. Afterwards my wife and I both looked at each other and started asking what did we drink. We aggreed that we felt an overall well being good feeling. Energized, motivated, just overall feeling good!!! So we looked up the Guayaki web site and then realized, no wonder we feel so good, after reading all the educating information on their website. There is no hype in this, this is the real deal. Now to get to my testimony. My wife and I love Yerba Mate!!!! We drink it every day. Everwhere we go, Mate goes with us. We invite friends and family to drink with us. So far, I can say about 80% of everyone that we have invited to drink Yerba Mate with us, wants to know everything about it. We have been ordering, no less that 5 pound bags at a time, not including what friends go out and buy. Now to get to the good stuff. My family is Mexican on my wifes side and it is a large family. I do not know if it is latin blood, but they are crazy about Mate. They have talked to us so much about how it has changed their life. One of my brother in laws lost the perfect amount of weight. He also passed a couple of kidney stones the first week he started drinking Mate. It scared him, but we explained Yerba Mate was cleansing him. He is doing more than fine, he is a new man. Now down here in Mexico, where my wife and I now live, we have accidenlty started a Yerba Mate craze. On our last order we had to order 30 pounds. For right now the craze is within my big mexican family, but soon we are taking Mate to the streets of Mexico on our Yerba Mate carts/bikes. My mother in law, had bad cholestoral and was having bad neck pains do to it. She had days she couldnt even turn her neck. Every since she has been drinking her Yerba Mate, she has not felt any pain in her neck, also she says her whole body feels like it is being renewed!!! She says thank you to us, Yerba Mate, and Gloria A Dios, or Glory to God!!! Now to top off our story about Yerba Mate!!! Each day when we are done with the grounds, we take them out to the chickens on the ranch, and they come flocking in. My wife will pour out the grounds in a small trough and those chickens go absolutely loco for Yerba Mate. It is so funny and truly amazing. Anyone want some free range, Yerba Mate fed, organic chicken?!!!! If you take a trip down to beautiful central Mexico, Guanajauto, come look for our Yerba Mate bikes and enjoy yourself some Mate and your stay. Thank you Guayaki for what you do for the people down in South America and for us in Mexico and the USA!!!



For the last 5 years, I've been experiencing intense "hot flashes" once every hour and I'm only 37. I've found relief by giving up certain foods like dairy and gluten. However, I was not willing to give up my daily cup of coffee or tea until I discovered how good Yerba Mate tastes with honey and rice milk. Since I've started drinking Yerba Mate, the hot flashes have gone away almost completely. Hot flashes may not seem like a big deal to most people, but they have seriously impacted my life, as well as the people who are close to me. I am so thankful for the relief and enjoyment I have received from Yerba Mate.

Lisette Cauble


I started drinking Guayaki Yerba Mate several years ago after having to give up coffee and most other teas because of the acidity. It seemed as though the only hot drink left to me was hot chocolate and hot milk. Reminiscing with a Uruguayan friend about the mate my mother had served me as a child, my friend told me that mate is very gentle on the digestive tract. Trying it again was wonderful--I could drink it without having any esophageal problems! I prefer the tea bags rather than loose mate because they are easy to take with me and less mess to bother with. I drink several cups a day and never have to worry about it! I appreciate being able to purchase it in bulk versus scurrying around to local stores hoping they aren't sold out!



My husband is bi-polar. He won't take medicines. I've had him drinking Yerba Mate (mint mate and chocolate mate) for about 6 months. His mood swings aren't as harsh and even the doctor is seeing the difference.

Elisa wagner


I am a fun girl in a 33 year old woman's body. Ever since the age of 13 i have been troubled with nearly unbearable menstrual cycle symptoms. As many women have experienced, these symptoms include water weight gain, bloating, digestive issues, fatigue and breast tenderness. I love to run and workout, and these symptoms would really interfere with my life for ,like, 2 weeks out of EVERY month! I consulted my MD. and modified my diet to no avail. The next option was prescription medication. I opted not to go that route...there had to be a better way! Bloating,fatigue and severe breast tenderness were the 2 most troublesome symptoms for me...and after discovering and drinking 2 cups of your wonderful Yerba Mate' a day, those symptoms are virtually GONE!!! I feel like i can live again, and be my normal active self all month long! I have tried other Mate's for cost reasons, but none other tastes and good AND effects my system as well. Thank you for a wonderful product and a wonderful mission! Elisa Wagner Grafton,OH.

Ramona Kadrich


Fighting to recover from Hepatits C, and chronic Lyme disease at the same time is very draining on the body's energy. Couple that with the toll on the body from 4000mg a day of antibiotics and you have a recipe for total depletion of the body's usable energy. All energy is being used by the body's repair cycle. This is the situation in which I found myself. I tried everything my doctor and I could think of to improve the energy balance and production. Vitamins, b12 shots, acupuncture, Reiki, detoxing, essential oil treatments, infared sauna, Epex & Scio Biofeedback, green tea, Relexology, Charaka balancing etc. I was so desperate to have some quality of life. Although each made a slight improvement, nothing like the extraordinary results I got with the Yerba Mate tea. I feel formidable, happy, and have consistant robust energy.I am back working in my field of body detoxification. I recommend it to all my clients. Thank you for such natural, affordable product. Ramona Kadrich

Elizabeth Clark


Ahhhh...Yerba Mate! I am pretty new to Yerba Mate I but have always wanted to try it. I purchased a bag (not Guayaki) and immediately felt like this was perhaps the drink I had been searching for. I then went and made my first Guayaki purchase, and I am SO glad I did! Your Yerba Mate is quite superior to the other I tried. I relish the smoky, native taste of the plant. I was using my French Press for brewing it, but received my gourd and bombilla today from you, and it elevates the drinking experience so much. It tastes even better, and I feel somhow honored to share in such a venerable, ancient tradition. As for how Guayaki makes me feel, I feel healthier and more energetic since I have been drinking it! It is a steady, noticeable but not jarring energy giving experience. Psychologically, it feels good to put something so beneficial into my body, and it is somehow a very comforting beverage as well. I was the full time caregiver for my dear elderly Dad before he passed away in February. Your wonderful Yerba Mate is an ideal companion for those times I just wish to take a moment, sit back and remember the good times and be with my thoughts. Does it sound odd that a drink could be comforting? Well, it is for me! I plan on acquiring another gourd so I can let each one dry out between uses, and I am so glad I found this wonderful Mate! You have been a pleasure to buy from, and my first order will be followed by many more! Thank you.

Judy Lentine

United State

Hello, I really need to share my experience with you because I am so uplifted every morning with my indulgence in my favorite all time beverage as of this Christmas when my brother introduced me to this kind of tea. I was a regular morning coffee drinker for a few years now to literally get me going in the morning but it always made me jittery, heart palpitations etc. and of course, headaches with withdrawal from not drinking it . I am 54 and have always had trouble learning by reading or remembering, that is, what I read or where I parked my car in parking garage at work, or learning very technical things on the computer etc. My attention span was terrible. I decided to stop drinking coffee in January of this year, hated the withdrawal headaches and started regularly drinking your chai matte guayaki tea every morning. It made me feel good right away, a positive feeling of well being. Then after a week or so, I felt like my mind was thinking clearer and it has gotten better ever since. I can learn things and do them on the computer after being told how to do them once. Used to having repetition be my helper. My thinking ability is so much clearer now. I feel like I am on top of the world with my learning ability and memory retention. I can't believe how much everything is better, more of a general positive attitude about everything. It just is a wonderful way to start your day and I don't get a low or drop off feeling in the afternoon like I did with coffee. It seems to be a consistent feel good and great energy level all day long, although I only drink it in the morning. I feel like I can accomplish anything I set my mind to now. I have so much confidence. Its like my mind is always ready to learn & concentrate, finally! I like using two tea bags, dab of cream and some agave sweetener and it is absolutely delicious! Could care less if I ever have coffee again. Don't ever want to give up guayaki yerba mate chai . I consider it a wonder health infusionary drink. I can't thank you enough for this awesome product. Everyone should drink it and experience the mental & physical awakening! - Judy from Indianapolis


New life for transplant receipient
I purchased a book that introduced me to yerba mate. I went to Guayaki.com and did my research. I learned Whole Foods carried the product. I live in the Atlanta area and away I went. I experienced kidney failure years ago and have had a transplant in 2004. My ability to focus,work has not been possible due to fatigue and anti rejection drugs side effects. During my visit to Whole Foods, I drank a Rasberry Revolution which I had found in the cooler. I found the taste pleasant enough and was pleased that it was not too sweet. I got 6 more in my cart. All I can say, when I got outside to my van I felt wonderful. No I am not exagerating one bit. My mind was clear, no tiredness, just a feeling of ahhhhhhh. Don't know how to explain it. Not a high feeling, just like-everything is ok. I just felt whole. That was last thursday. Over the weekend I order 3 cases. I turned a friend on to it and she had similar results and is now drinking it daily Thank you for making this product available. All natural organic and does not interferre with any of my meds. Sincerely Teresa
by Teresa Gainesville/Georgia)



It's a cold, grey winter day, and I'm home sick in bed. What began as the flu has turned into bronchitis. Outside my window I can hear the sounds of the city, of people going about their daily lives. I feel lonely and depressed in my sickbed. I crave a hot beverage to warm me and soothe my throat, so I wander into the kitchen. Shall I make coffee? No. Tea? I thumb through my selection of teabags, but nothing strikes me. Wait, what's this? Mate? It's a variety pack that I picked up at the Green Festival. OK, I'll give it a try. I choose the organic Guayaki. Use hot, not boiling water, it says. Perfect. While I wait the 5-10 minutes for it to steep, I become curious. What is Guayaki? What is mate? What am I about to drink? I do an internet search and come across Guayaki.com. I read about the mate plant as an alternative to coffee and tea. I'm charmed by the image of friends sharing a communal mate with straws from a gourd. I take my first sip. Mmm, I like it. It has a nutty, roasted, full-bodied flavor, somewhere between coffee and tea. I keep reading. I learn about its health benefits, including its high antioxidant content. I see the positive efforts of the Guayaki company to be socially and environmentally responsible in their business practices. (Why can't all companies be like that, I wonder?) I take another sip, knowing that the beverage I'm drinking is not only tasty, but organic, healthy, and fairly traded. I begin to feel really good about what I'm drinking. This hot beverage has not only soothed my throat, it has warmed me in an entirely different way. Guayaki has brought a bit of lightness into my dreary day, and my depression starts to lift. I feel like writing to say thank you.  - Deborah

My family is from Argentina and...

Mate is a very very old tradition in South America. I am the only American born one in my family and was never the Mate-drinking type. I never liked sharing the mate, meaning, several people drinking from the same gourd and my parents always commented on this. It isn’t polite to refuse mate when you visit someone’s house in Argentina and lots of times I would drink just because family would give me “the look” and I didn’t want to offend. I was used to not drinking it although I liked the taste but once I turned 30-something, I for some reason regained an interest in it. It really is a great tradition, I don’t mind sharing with my husband and he loves it (Mr. Meat & Potatoes himself!). We want to pass this tradition on to our son and hope he loves it, as well. Mate has been a part of my life for over 30 years and was never thought to be all people say about it now: “ rejuvenating, detoxing, refreshing, helps you lose weight ” etc so it’s kind of funny to read all those comments about it but I don’t doubt it. If it works for you, keep drinking it and if you can, pass it along to someone because I guarantee they will love it, too. I would love to try another brand – all my parents ever drank or had imported was Cruz de Malta and I don’t know anything else but I see there are dozens of brands out there. From: Jennifer, Colorado -- Jenny & Matt Kasper 2006-02-17

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