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Guayakí Yerba Mate - A Powerful Rainforest Experience

Traditionally Used to Support Weight Loss Programs that Include a Balanced Diet and Exercise. Share / Save / Bookmark Print Page

Traditionally Used to Support Weight Loss Programs that Include a Balanced Diet and Exercise.


United States

Mother of 3 went from Aprx. 197lbs to 165lbs When I lived back home in Seattle, Washington, I first found Yerba Mate in a Thriftway Marketplace. I wanted it to replace coffee in my diet, so that I could loose weight since I add so much creamer to coffee. I never thought that it would turn into some kind of miracle product. What grabbed my attention was the fact that it was a rainforest product. I wanted to support the rainforest, and in the end the rainforest supported me! I lost weight! It just fell off!! But more than that, I felt great. That healthy, energetic feeling, i haven't had in years. You wake up in the morning with a bounce in your step. I was excited about doing a few sit-ups fresh out of bed (before my cup of tea). Eating healthy, became easy. I could go through the drive through with friends, and turn down burgers and fries with ease! Knowing what it would do to me, to go back to feeling that way!!! I wouldn't give it up for anything. Not even a whopper and fries!!! I was healthy and happy. I completely lost my IBS sypmtoms and unbelievably, I was cured of my lactose intolerance. To this day...if I want to...I can eat ICE CREAM! Which was sooo off limits before. But I can now! (And I still DONT WANT TO!) Since moving to Colorado, I have lost my yerba mate and I have started to feel like my old sluggish self again. So I am going to start ordering online, but to those who dont believe...BELIEVE! You don't feel like your on drugs or diet pills, it's not like taking ten cups of coffee and you don't feel like having a heart attack. It's truly nothing short of AMAZING! And LIFE CHANGING! Yerba Mate CHANGES YOU!!! I reccommend the orginal in loose leaf form and use organic tea bags that you buy at your local market. Start off with your favorite sugar, (to help you adjust to the taste...it's an aquired taste...hang in there! It's worth it! Trust me!) and slowly reduce how much you use, until you use none...and it will be completely, 100% calorie free!and completely GOOD FOR YOU! and you will LOVE YOUR SELF FOR DOING IT! TRUST ME! (But even if you manage a sweetener like splenda, your still doing really well!) I've tried other brands...don't trust them! Their products are not pure. Trust only GUAKAKI! They didn't work for me at all. I only got a short caffeine kick. But none of the same health benefits as Guayaki. It was very dissappointing. I miss my Yerba Mate! I have also tried all the other teas too. Green Tea and Black Tea and Chai...just not the same I think. I still prefer my Yerba Mate! Since I haven't been drinking my tea every morning (I can't find it here) I have put all the weight back on..and then some. I feel my health back where it used to be. But alteast I'm still not Lactose Intolerant, lol. I want to get back to where I was, which is why im on this website. But I can't stress the importance of drinking this tea, as a little help for those with three kids, and a little extra baggage and little to no energy and weight that wont go away, no matter how healthy you try to eat. Just start with this tea...it all falls into place from there. That's all I can say. I am buying another bag on payday. And getting back to where I was. I will attach a pic of where I was 3 years ago...and tell you that I put on atleast 40lbs since then..and I don't even eath alot of junk food! If that says anything. Im just one of those people with NO METABLOISM AT ALL! unless I work my butt off! Which takes more energy than I have these days. So I fell off the wagon. But I am climbing back on. And starting with what I know. And hopefully someone who is skeptical will read this...and find the same help I found three years ago. Im a true story. Not a hoax. Not BS. AND I WILL BE A SUCCESS STORY AGAIN! Thank you GUAYAKI. For the Rainforest, for the people of South America, and FOR THE WORLD! **sorry its not a better pic. all my old pics are on my old computer and it got a bad virus.**

Gloria Segura


I have been a coffee drinker all my life. Tea was always out of the question for me. On the beginning of 2008 I was diagnosed with Metabolic Syndrome which includes high cholesterol, blood pressure and high blood sugar. I was 40 pounds overweight and taking many medications to control the disease. I changed my lifestyle by starting drinking at least two liters of Guayaki San Mateo Yerba Mate a day, changed my diet by eating organic whole foods and quit all the vitamins and supplements I was taking. In less than two weeks yerba mate became part of my life and became addicted to it. Not only the tea is delicious but it makes me feel well and healthy when I drink it. Six months after my health resolution, I went to do my routine metabolic blood testing and I was very much surprised that my health condition was completely reversed and had lost 20 pounds. My endocrinologist was very surprised and had no choice than to stop all my medications. I'm confident that yerba mate has immensely helped me get my health in track and I will be drinking it forever. Thank you for offering such a great product! Sincerely, Gloria Segura

Thomas Baker


I have only been drinking mate' for about 6 months. But it has made a huge difference in my life. I lost 13 pounds in the first two months of drinking yerba about 2-3 times a day. My sustained energy levels are great in my workouts and my wife is happy i am using it as well. My libido has tripled it seems thank you for the wonderful product. Thomas Baker

Secret Wonder Tea

I found your product by reading Women's World last month. I'm a nurse that was 60 pounds over weight.

I joined Weight Watcher's approximately 8 weeks ago. I have lost some weight, but found myself becoming hungry in the middle of my shift. After reading the article in the magazine I thought I'd try your product. OH MY GOD, it's great stuff. I have found that since I started drinking 2-3 cups of your tea on a day to day basis that I have a lot more energy and have found myself without hunger pains. In fact, I have found that I have to remind myself to eat because I don't get hungry. It's a great product, great taste and am now finding it hard to purchase in our part of the country. Everyone else must have learned of the secret wonder tea also. Thank you for your product..
Rhonda Nelson

A Magic Tonic

While meeting my friend's daughter from California I was pleased to be introduced to what this California girl calls "the best alternative to coffee."

I was immediately intrigued. Me being an on and off cofee drinker since the age of 17 when the whole Starbucks explosion began in Seattle, I had learned the hard way that the media will convince anybody that anything is healthy just to make the almighty buck. What all these Starbucks-duped media fools said was healthy has been linked with numerous health problems such as elevated cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, increased levels of "the stress hormone" cortisol, spontaneous abortion in pregnant women, and the one that is totally obvious to anyone who has tried to kick coffee--ADDICTION!!!! And the lies still continue today. The latest I have heard is that it helps you lose weight. I would be sick at my stomach right now thinking about it if it were not for my morning serving of mate. What is funny is the numerous times I have quit drinking coffee I have lost weight only to regain it after being once again sucked into Starbucks. The roller coaster had gotten me so frazzled and that is why I gladly tried what this California girl went on and on about-- even going so far as to go onto the internet and print off information about mate for me to read. While it was brewing I read the pages and pages of documentation about this miraculous tonic. I had not even tasted the stuff and I was convinced that my battle with coffee was about to end. Then she brought me a mate latte made with cream, vanilla extract, cinnamon, and a little Splenda (I am a low-carb dieter). It tasted so good but that was not the main attraction. What totally blew me away was that I was stimulated but not jittery yet at the same time totally relaxed with a peaceful happy feeling. I told her I needed some for the next day and she proceeded to measure some out and put it into a ziploc bag. Any strangers looking on would have thought a drug deal had just taken place. And as soon as that little baggy ran out the next day I went to my local Whole Foods store and bought some Guayaki Yerba Mate. And what is so wonderful about this magic tonic is that every benefit that I have read about has been TRUE!!!!! And I have not had a cup of coffee in 3 weeks. And I feel fantastic. I have not yelled at my family because of the calming effect mate has on me and I wake up in the morning refreshed because of the good nights sleep I get (I was previously a horrible insomniac) and the heartburn usually associated with drinking coffee is nonexistent and I don't feel like I HAVE to drink mate. Now if only the media would catch on they could honestly inspire and help Americans kick the coffee habit that has us all checking into hospitals. I envision Americans walking around feeling like I do after drinking mate and I think world peace just might within the realm of possibility.
Jason and Courtney Janssen

I don't know other health benefits, but I know it works for me in loosing weight.

About 2 years ago, I attended a reggae concert in the northern CA. Reggae on the river. I was introduced to yerba  mate by a beautiful girl I met there. I was skeptical at first, and bought 2 bags to just preserve the rain forest. At the concert, feeling very tired, my friend told me to drink the yerba  mate to energize my body. I first drank it cold and the good thing I noticed that I was able to refill the same potion several time without losing its strenght. Back home, I kept drinking as a tea or mix it with my regular herbal tea. 2 weeks later, I started loosing weight without for reasons I ignored. I was afraid. I made an appointment to see my Doctor. At the weight in, the nurse, was worried on my weight loss. I was embarrassed and told her, I am in weight loss diet, but I was not. She replied back to me that, It is very dangerous to loose this amount of weight in a month as my previous appt was a month ago. The DR addressed the same issue. It took me 2 weeks to realize that the yerba  mate had some thing to do with it. I therefore experimented it. I stopped drinking it for 1 month and half. I went to the GYM to lift weight and took some weight gain supplement to compensate my weigh loss. I gain back my weight of 207 lbs and I am 6 ft. I started to drink Yerba  mate 32 oz iced water cold , 4 times a days a work. (refill the same serving in a water bottle). I realized how many pounds I loss after 2 weeks. I don't know other health benefits, but I know it works for me in loosing weight. I recommended to one of my friends, but she got the tea-bag style at GNC. I like the raw ones like the one I purchased in Humbolt CA. If you know how to purchase this type, please let me know. This a true story. -- Adama Amadou Perry Traore

Gift From Heaven

Years ago when I was in the US Army, I went to Argentina for some time. I drank Guayakí Yerba  mate there and brought home several pounds and several gourds and cups and such. Since then I had not found any here in the states. About 3 months ago my doctor told me I needed to change my diet, as well as find a way to lower my stress level. With my work, it was hard to do that and give up the coffee. My health continued to decline and I kept gaining weight. I needed to do somethig fast. All the the pills I was given just took all my energy out of me and made me gain weight.
I was in Evermans food store in Pensacola Florida and there it was on the shelf. Guayakí Yerba  mate and it was in loose form like I had several years before. It was like a gift from heaven.

Well, since I have replaced the coffee, tea, sodas, and all of my prescriptions to reduce stress. I have been full of energy all day. I have lost 10 pounds and still loosing weight. I can think more clearly, and I even sleep better at night! I have made Guayakí Yerba  mate a major part of my diet and plan to continue to do so for years to come!
Thanks for so much,

His face beamed and he just stared at the bag...

I am writing to share the story about my brother in-law's love for Guayaki Yerba Mate. My brother in-law moved to the United States to marry my sister 5 years ago. He was from Bolivia, spoke hardly any English, and wasn't very familiar with the American culture. He missed his friends and family, and his native food and drink. His only connection to home was his tea - yerba mate. My sister would buy Guayaki each week from her local grocery store, and each week he'd go through the whole bag of it. He drank yerba mate throughout the day all day everyday - his one connection to his home. After getting to know him more, and seeing his only connection to home, I realized that it would be nice to get him a nice supply of yerba mate for Christmas a couple years ago. You had a great Christmas in July sale, and I bought 10 pounds of it for him. I gave him the huge bag of it early, knowing I couldn't really wait until Christmas. His face beamed and he just stared at the bag, not believing what he was seeing. He nearly hugged it when I gave it to him, and was just so thankful. I knew he loved your product, but never have I seen someone so excited about getting a bag of tea. But it wasn't just any tea, it was Guayaki Yerba Mate tea, a reminder of his home, a weight loss supplement, and a great tasting treat all in one. I saw in his face how excited he was, but the reality of it all hit me when he said he took a picture of it and sent it home to show his friends and family how welcomed he is here with us. My family has given him sweaters and many other material things, but nothing impacted him the way your tea did. I'm glad your tea was able to offer him that bit of comfort. Happy Holidays, Shana  2005-12-07



i am a college student who became hooked on mate during high school--my friend has an Argentinian mother who is completely addicted and in love with mate and she shared that love with her daughter and all her daughter's friends--luckily, this includes me! i absolutely love having yerba mate gatherings at school, getting all my friends to sit around and unwind and chat about life and love as we sip energizing and delicious mate from my gourd and bombilla. it's the perfect way to bring people together peacefully and harmoniously, and i can't recommend it enough. and plus, mate is DELICIOUS!

Refreshing and Energizing!

Hi! A friend just shared some Guayaki Yerba Mate (Mate Rooiboost!) with me.  It is a very refreshing and energizing beverage with the wonderful properties of curbing your appetite!  I found the later statement to be extremely helpful since I have been battling my weight.  I am no longer always hungry.

Another dynamic reason to partake is the fact it does not have the negative properties of caffeine.  I can only drink one cup of coffee in the morning or I will be up all night with the negative side effects of caffeine.  Yerba mate has the wonderful properties of energizing and not keeping you up at night.
Thank you for sharing this wonderful product!!
Diana  2005-05-09

Friendly faces shaking up Mate Latte's

The first time I tried Yerba Mate was at the Natural Foods Expo in Baltimore 1999. The show Floor was like a mountain to tackle not to mention that I came to the expo sporting the flu.  When I bumped into the Guayakí table, there were friendly faces shaking up Mate Latte's. To my delight not only did it taste great but it gave me that extra boost of energy that I needed to make it around that conference center several times with no signs of fatigue. Thanks to yerba  mate by the time I finished my rounds on the floor My flu was gone and I was energized enough to began my Journey back to Detroit, MI.

I also use your tea as an appetite suppressant when I am dieting or fasting, and I recommend it to everyone at my Co-op (Cass Corridor Food Co-op). It's hard to keep it on the shelves.

I like to add: 1/8 tsp. fresh ground black pepper 1/8 tsp. Fresh Grated Nutmeg 1/8 tsp. Ground ginger 1/8 tsp. Cinnamon 1/8 tsp. Cardamom and 1/4 Cup of Vanilla Enriched Rice Dream Yummy!

Thank you,

Ellyn N. Gray (Feb 4, 02)

I was hooked...


While at work I noticed one of my co-workers lost quite a bit of weight. I asked her her secret and she shared with me a cup of Guayaki orang blossom tea. Well I was hooked the taste was so smooth and right away I could feel a calming effect. I came to your website and bought some tea. I do not drink my morning cup of tea. Now I anjoy a cup of Yera mate. (some times a latte , chi or just straight.) I am in love with this tea. Well just resently I have been having some health issue's and I wanted to share with you that not only is this tea delish. it is alao my stress reliever it is getting me through a very stressful time right now. So thank you for offering us this fabulous tea!! Oh by the way I have also lost about 8 lbs in about a month. xoxo Wendy


I have battled chemical sensitivty for the past 2 years and snse I have been drinking the yerba mate my life has changed dramatically, not only do I not get sick anymore , but I have an abundance of energy , I don't drink coffee anymore I have lost weight and I am filled with bliss every time I drink a cup of yerba mate , thank you mother earth for creating such an awesome plant, and especially thanks to Guayaki for bringing it to the U.S. and doing it organically and with fair trade practices too. Namaste- bigsuuze

I Love This Tea!

I drink at least a cup a day. Usually two. After reading the Woman's World article, I bought the only flavor available at my local health store, the Traditional. Skeptical and not a hot tea drinker, I was amazed at the taste. Not bad. After adding a fresh lemon slice, I am now addicted to this tea. After recently losing 73 pounds naturally, I drink this to help maintain my weight. As a mother of three, I thrive on the energy boost I get. My daily cup of hot yerba  mate tea with a lemon wedge is my way of relaxing and doing something good for my health. I have tried other teas but the only tea I care for is my yerba  mate.

Mary W.


It is all about the journey. Just recently I changed my diet and decided to become a vegetarian. I started shopping at Whole Foods. I was not a regular coffee drinker but I did indulge every now and again. I was walking through the aisles of Whole Foods and decided I needed tea. I bought Yerba Mate. I was not a regular tea drinker either.......that is until now. I feel GREAT to say the least. I am losing weight. I have so much energy. I feel on top of the world. In 2005 I was diagnosed with rectal cancer. I went through all the treatments...surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. I was the best patient..had a good attitude. Well, my autopilot ways crashed when I completed treatment. Over the next several months I found myself sinking into a depression. I gained weight..which was not good for my health. I did not care about anything. Well, I wanted to turn my situation around so I changed my diet. Coming across this tea was an added blessing. Initially I thought it was just the change in diet that attributed to me having so much energy. I read the box from the tea and I was like, 'Wow is it the tea that has me feeling so great'. I researched it and it is definitely the tea. I know my change in diet is a plus too but your company just do not know how much my life has changed. I am a forever customer to this tea. I read a testimonial where the person said it is costly in their area but they still purchase it. I am totally in agreement with him. It does not matter the cost for me, this tea has aided in me wanting to participate in life. I know there are more great days to come.