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Organic Loose-Leaf Mate
Java Mate
Java Mate - Dark Roast [1 lb.] Share / Save / Bookmark Print Page

Guayakí Yerba Mate - A Powerful Rainforest Experience

Java Mate  Dark Roast [1 lb.]
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Java Mate - Dark Roast [1 lb.]

A coffee-alternative blend of yerba mate with roasted ramon nut. The Dark Roast blend accentuates the bold flavor of the ramon nut.

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Java Mate blends yerba mate with the roasted ramon nut for a rich, coffee-alternative beverage. Savor the roasted richness of this bold coffee-like blend. 

In our search for sharing yerba mate in new and creative ways, we have found the answer to the coffee drinkers dream! A healthful and caffeinated coffee alternative that brews just like coffee in your coffee maker or French press. 
The nutritious Ramón nut gives Java Mate its bold satisfying coffee-like flavor and is known for having nourished the Mayan Civilizations for centuries. 
Our Java Mate blends are made with Guayaki Yerba Mate and roasted Ramon Nut.  Java Mate makes a delicious, rich beverage satisfying the coffee drinker.  Java Mate contains no coffee and is less acid forming due to the lack of essential oil like that found in coffee.
Brews in your coffee maker or French press. 
Just add milk and sugar to experience a Java Mate Latté.
Java Mate  - Dark Roast Ingredients:
Organic Guayakí Yerba Mate, Roasted Ramon Nut
Drink Java Mate, Protect 2 Rainforests!
Using the same principle of bringing a rainforest product to the North American marketplace to create demand that will drive conservation, Guayakí has extended its product line to include Java Mate. Java Mate marries two powerful rainforest trees: yerba mate and ramón to create a healthful, energizing mate blend that tastes like coffee and feels like mate.
Ramón is a nutritious nut rich in vitamins and proteins. Even though it has sustained Mayan civilizations for centuries, the people in Central America had not been harvesting and selling this commodity that falls to the rainforest floor each season. Gathering Ramón is an enjoyable process and is preferred to other work because its less physically demanding. It is also an activity in which both women and men can participate allowing for more family time. Java Mate is a product that honors the local people and brings much needed income to the poorest rural communities.
Guayakí has been instrumental in creating the demand for an infrastructure for importation and production of ramón with the promise to maintain the same social justice standards integral to the Guayakí business model.
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