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Buzz in the Press

Buzz in the Press

I always consider July 4th as the official beginning of the dreaded bathing suit season! But don't dread it. You have time. A lot can be accomplished in 12 weeks. If you think losing six to 40 pounds could help you face the sleeveless shirts and shorter shorts, then this month's Power of 5 is just what you need. Here are five "rules" for losing weight:

1. Eat less. It sounds simple doesn't it? But eating less can actually mean eating more often. Going too long between meals increases the chance that you will grab a mood-boosting candy bar or overeat at your next meal. Snack time is a great time to get those high-fiber fruits, nuts and veggies. At meals, use smaller plates so that smaller portions fill the plate. Eat at a table, slowly, without the television on.

Remember to count the liquid calories. Soda, fruit juice and sugary coffee drinks entertain the tongue, but do not satisfy the stomach. Alcoholic beverages add calories and slow down your metabolism: double whammy! If you are drinking one sugary or alcoholic drink per day, cutting it out can easily net you that six-pound weight loss.

2. Move more. If you are serious about losing weight, move more! You are done driving through anything. Get out of your car and walk. Better yet, park as far away as possible and walk briskly! If you go out to eat, stroll after your meal and make it part of your evening out. Do crunches and push-ups during commercials. Do squats while you fold laundry and lunges as you deliver the load back to the bedrooms. Shimmy while you do dishes. Take every opportunity to move that body!

3. Hydrate. Most of us misinterpret feeling thirsty for feeling hungry. When you are dehydrated, your kidneys have a tougher time doing their job, and the liver kicks in to help. Unfortunately, that in turn compromises your liver's ability to metabolize fat into usable energy. You may find that when you up your water intake, you will be zipping to the bathroom more often. For a few days, your previously dehydrated body will get out of "survival mode" and you will be flushing that retained water.

4. Supplement. There is no supplement that will "make" you lose weight. That said, studies have shown that some of the best "supplements" are actually food. Green tea and Yerba mate have been found to increase metabolism. Whey protein powder is wonderful at curbing appetite while lowering levels of the stress hormone cortisol -- perfect for between-meal shakes!

5. Mental/emotional. Food is fuel, but eating is a very emotional activity. Face it; some foods really do make you "feel better." However, there are many other ways to address your need to feel better. Explore other coping mechanisms and be sure to have supportive people around you.

Lee Welles is a fitness consultant and owner of MARS Fitness Services in Corning. E-mail her at wellcoach@leewelles.com.