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Guayakí Yerba Mate - A Powerful Rainforest Experience

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Growing, Harvesting, Processing

Rainforest Grown Yerba Mate

Aché Guayaki (Paraguay) - Small Scale Mate Project

San Mateo (Brazil) - Medium Scale Mate Project

Uniquely grown in its native forest environment, Guayaki Yerba Mate is cherished as a sacred beverage. Like high quality coffee, high quality yerba mate is shade-grown, in the rich ecosystem of the rainforest; delivering more flavor and nutritional value. Sheltered from direct sunlight,which can burn the leaves and make them bitter, rainforest grown yerba mate leaves are dark, emerald green and teeming with nutrients and flavor.

The typical commercial way of growing yerba mate in South America is clearing fertile lands to get full direct sunshine on the plants, which makes them grow faster. It's a mono-cultivation practice, which wears the soil out and reduces its productivity year after year.

We cultivate under native trees in forested areas.  The yerba mate seeds are planted in fertile soils are grown in the shade of the taller trees.  Our yields are smaller with cultivation under native woods, up to 40% less product than the sun style cultivation, but it yields a much higher quality product, is more sustainable long term, and creates a habitat for bird and mammal species.

We also work with some farmers who have some partial shade cultivations and want to be more sustainable. Once a farmer partners with us, we provide technical advice on how to collect seeds and create nurseries, help them manage the organic growing process from cultivation through harvest and then buy their shade grown mate.

Guayaki Yerba Mate is a work of art.  Crafted like a fine wine, it is grown, harvested, and dried according to time honored traditions. Harvested from the lush subtropical forest, Guayakí hand-picks only the leaves and tender stems. After passing through a flash heating process to protect the antioxidants and nutritional properties, the mate is dried at low-temperatures.   Finally, the mate is aged for one year in cedar chambers for a smooth, rich and balanced flavor.  Each of Guayakí's loose yerba mate offerings is created in a unique way, please read our product descriptions for complete details.

The “whole plant - whole energy” approach is used in Guayakí's products. By combining the leaves and tender stems, we are able to produce a yerba mate with a unique, full-flavor and balanced energy.  The tender stems add a light sweetness and contain more of the euphoriating effects of the theobromine - the component in chocolate that makes you feel like you are in love.


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