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Guayakí Yerba Mate - A Powerful Rainforest Experience

All About Mate
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Mate Vocabulary

Cebador - The preparer of the mate gourd.  The Cebador(a) prepares and shares the yerba mate with a group of friends and is responsible for serving  a great tasting mate.

Gourd - Also called Mate.  The tradtional vessel used to prepare yerba mate.  Used in conjunction with a bombilla.
The word mate derives from the quichua word "mati", which means glass or recipient for drinking, but it has been generalized as the common name of the fruit of the gourd plant.

Tomando Mate - Spanish for "drinking mate".

Bombilla - A straw like infuser with a filter tip used to sip yerba mate.  Often made of metal or bamboo. 

Mateado - the state of clarity and exhuberance of being under a healthy dose of yerba mate.

Guampa - The Traditional Guampa is a cup crafted from a hollowed bulls horn used to drink a chilled infusion of yerba mate.

Tereré -  Chilled mate, usually consumed with a Guampa.  Tereré is a typical way to drink  yerba mate in Paraguay.

Chortle - The sound the water makes as the last bit is  sipped or "chortled" from the gourd through the bombilla.

Yuyera -  A Paraguayan term used for a traditional medicine man on woman who is versed on mixing yerba mate with other medicinal herbs.  Yuyera/Yuyero

Yuyos - A Paraguayan term used for traditional herbal medicine herbs.

Theobromine - The alkaloid compound in chocolate and yerba mate that promotes the feeling of being in love.   Comes from the Greek roots theo ("God") and brosi ("food"), meaning "food of the gods".

Barbacuá: A machine used to toasted yerba mate to impart a woodsy, smoky flavor.

Caä: Yerba Mate in Guarani

Mboroviré / Canchada: Dried yerba mate that has been slightly ground or milled, but is still in leaf and stem form.  Looks like crushed yerba mate leaves.

According to the way this beverage is prepared, it is known as:

"Mate Amargo" (bitter), "Mate verde" (green) or "Mate cimarrón": Yerba mate without sugar
"Mate Dulce" (Sweet): Yerba mate prepared with sugar
"Mate Cocido" (cooked) or "Yerbeao": Yerba mate prepared like tea.

According to the way or the ingredients used to brew the mate, it is a comunicator of moods or brewer’s desires:

Unsweetened mate: Indifference
Sweet mate: Friendship
Very sweet mate: Talk to my parents
Cold mate: Despise, indiference
Mate with cinamon: You are in my thoughts
Mate with burnt sugar: I like you
Mate with orange peel: Come for me
Mate with molasses: I sympathize with your sadness
Mate with milk: Esteem
Boiling mate: Hate
Tasteless mate: Repulse
Mate with honey: Marriage
Obstructed mate: Repulse
Foaming mate: True love