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Organic Loose-Leaf Mate
BIODYNAMIC Yerba Mate [5 lb.] Share / Save / Bookmark Print Page

Guayakí Yerba Mate - A Powerful Rainforest Experience

BIODYNAMIC Yerba Mate [5 lb.]
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BIODYNAMIC Yerba Mate [5 lb.]

This air-dried yerba mate is born from a vibrant, self-sustaining rainforest ecosystem, centered around biodiversity and everlasting soil fertility.
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First time consumer of Yerba Mate

By: Ryan of Lyons/Kansas

Guayaki, and the BIODYNAMIC variety they sell in particular will be the only thing I ever buy for life. This was my first time to drink Yerba Mate, and what a difference it makes!! Especially this brand. I love that it uses BIODYNAMIC farming practices especially in the location that it is grown makes it truly unique to someone in the US. As soon as you open the bag... the smell of freshness just hammers you in the face. I have never had such freshness with any tea including white green tea. The flavor is also amazing... green tea? What is green tea? Yerba Mate all the way. I looked forward to opening the bag just to smell the mate. The stuff is just so amazingly fresh(while I never get this effervescent affect with any tea) From the first cup... I knew I would drink mate, and this variety the rest of my life. The health positive health affects I am seeing are everything from... no grogginess waking up to, better moods, better attitudes, better awareness, weight loss. Before drinking mate I would sleep 3 hours every evening... eat tons of sweets and refined sugars (to get energy), and originally I found Guayaki and mate in the pursuit of trying to find an energy drink that was healthy... Well if you are on the fence in if to buy mate... let me help you... DO IT you will never regret it. Yes... it makes THAT much difference. I especially picked this blend becaeuse of cancer risks of smoke mate. This one taste awesome enough without smoke anyway. If you are not drinking this... I feel bad for you... you are missing out on life!

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Love my Guayaki Yerba Mate!

By: Judes Kingsbury of San Luis Obispo, CA

I drink this every morning of my life and love, love, love it. It wakes me up gently and gives me natural energy. I will never go back to starting my day with coffee. Guayaki is an awesome company, started right here in my hometown of San Luis Obispo, CA. We are so proud!

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yerba mate is delicious

By: Caoitlin of Seattle

This new mate is very delicious. Warm and flavorful but not overpowering. Very fest delivery as well.

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Tasty Beverage

By: Kev of Decatur TX

This has taken my morning beverage top spot.

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By: Zoltan of Portland Oregon

Biodynamic is my new fav, packs a good punch and deeper flavor than San Mateo. Love it!!!

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Biodynamic Yerba Mate (5lb.)

By: Vadim of Hancock/NH

Thank you for making Bio-Dynamic Yerba Mate available. We love this tea - the taste is incredible!

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