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Guayakí Yerba Mate - A Powerful Rainforest Experience

Ceramic Gourds
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Ceramic Gourds

Ceramic Guayaki Gourds! You can use these porcelain gourds back to back with no drying out or mold issues.

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Not bad, but can't beat a grown gourd

By: M of California

I'm a happy owner of one of the more traditional plant-grown gourds from Guayaki, though I found that trying to drink from a gourd daily at work and only air drying means that unsavory things try to grow on the inside, since one night doesn't seem to be enough time. As such, I decided to try out the ceramic gourd. I ordered the slate/brown gourd, and though I like the color over all, I found it interesting that it's shinier looking than you may guess from the image. I'd compare it more to a steel/tungsten carbide color due to the shinier flecks in the glaze. Overall, I like the aesthetics and heft, and not surprisingly, it transfers heat to my hand more readily than the wooden gourd. I wasn't able to tell from the images/description, but the inside of this gourd is glazed like the outside. I'm not sure if I'm a fan of this yet, since I'm hoping that this gourd may cure somewhat similarly to my wooden one, and I would guess that ceramic without glaze would cure more readily, but I can't speak from experience on that. It's definitely lower maintenance than my wooden gourd, but the smaller size of the ceramic one and the less flavorful nature compared to the wooden gourd detract some from the experience.

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