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Bottled Yerba Mate
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Guayakí Yerba Mate - A Powerful Rainforest Experience

Pomegranate Terere (12 pack)
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Pomegranate Terere
(12 pack)

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Pomegranate Terere encourages clarity of mind with mate, ginkgo, and tulsi blended with antioxidant rich pomegranate juice. [12 PACK]

My rejuvenation

By: Andrea of hick town/NC

In 2007 I was diagnosed with IC aka Painful Bladder Syndrome. Basically that means 97% my bladder lining is gone. What this means is I have to be very, VERY cautious of the liquids, solids, spices, and sauces, all the way down to the vitamins and herbs I take. I could not find anything to drink (that didn't having screaming in agonizing pain or unable to walk and care for my children) besides plain water for over 7 months before I came across Guayaki. I have been hooked/addicted to the bottled empowermint. I came to this site and saw all the products offered. I unfortunately can't have all of them, but the few I can are perfect enough. I tried the pure mind with caution, but after realizing I would be fine, I immediately found I was so much more clearer in my thinking. I love it, this is my new obsession. I have to have one EVERYDAY. I find they are great for concentration and weight. I am able to go through the day and focus completely on school, houseclening, my children, or whatever without having my mind trail off onto several different things. I am not thinking about something one minute and forgetting it the next. I also don't think about eating all the time, I am not overweight, but I do have an issue with feeling like I'm always hungry or just want something to snack on. Yerba Mate helps me with that. I guess because my mind is staying busy or something in it just satisfies that, whatever it is it helps me. I love this product, it is so good, and so rejuvenating to me, I have never felt this good and had this much clarity from anything. I love that it does not bother my bladder either. I feel like I can go and be normal now because I am not in pain from just a sip of soda or something. I hope one day it is as popular as any well known soda drink. I anticipate the day when I can go into any store or any restaraunt and order PURE MIND or Empowermint. Hopefully soon. I am so glad there are people out there trying to get this product across the world. I tell everyone I know about it especilly those diagnosed with IC/PBS I make a point to inform people of it. Plus the fair trade and organic qualities help me to know I am taking part in the green movement as well, since Guayaki hooked me, I have been so amazed by its benefits and outcomes, we have become very into the whole healthy eating and green movement. My husband used to drink 3 cups of coffee a day, I had him try 1 bottle of Mate, and it lasted him the whole day on into the evening. Now it is mate all the time. He is much healthier in many ways for it, I could go on and on, all I need to say is try it.

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Great stuff

By: Mark (atravelfanatic) of St Louis, MO

What better way to overcome a dependence on caffeine? It's much better and doesn't give me jitters from over-consumption. No, I don't like the price for the bottled product, but it's still the best.

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Totally Awesome!

By: Margie Savage of Los Osos, CA

I can't live without this product!! Okay, maybe I can but I WON'T. I ran out after a dinner party and all of our guests sucked up every last bottle I had. I panicked! Now What! I just ordered another case plus a case of the citrus. I hope the 2 cases last me at least one week. Not sure though - they are very, very addicting. Trust Me : )

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Home delivery ROCKS

By: Mindy B of Ca

My home delivery of Pure Mind is like receiving my own little box of heaven! The product is hard to get in Sacramento and special orders take too long. I place an order on the website and it's delivered the next day! Thank you for the great service and outstanding products. You have a customer for life.

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Pure MIND Yerba Mate

By: Trisha Graham of San Diego, CA

A friend of mine told me about this and I now swear by this product! My brother came across the loose Mate tea a few years ago after dating a Brazilian girl which they do as a daily tradition in the gord & passing it around. I see it is getting more and more popular each area I go to! I am so happy that it's in a bottle form and I also love to read the inspiring quotes, along with the beautiful pics on the bottle! This is the best & most amazing item ever! It tastes so fresh & cleanses the palate. I always feel so droggy when I get to work, either from not enough sleep or sippin on too much vino the night before & the minute I open a bottle of Pure MIND my tastebuds & brain are in heaven! Love.

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Yerba Mate kicks ass!

By: Samantha of Tumwater, Washington

By far my favorite drink to drink in the world. It is excellent in the morning, and makes me feel healthy and ready to start the day. I prefer the pomegranate and raspberry, as my favorites. Although its a bit pricey for my budget, you could probably find me looking under the couch for change for one of these delicious beverages! Cost more than a soda, less than a coffee, I'd say it's definitely worth it. -Forever in love with your products, Sammy P.S I'm upset that DutchBro's won't be selling your mate's anymore, and more upset they'll be replacing it with a bunk tea..

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Guayaki so gooood

By: Anonymous of Washington

Guayaki so gooood

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By: Daegak of Clay City, KY

The tea came quickly and without a hassle. Customer service is great. Pure Mind is my favorite. I like all the flavors but the pomegranate stands out for me in taste and drink ability. It is great on a hot summer day and satisfying all winter long.

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Lifesaving Energy

By: Kimberly of Alabama

I have been brewing Guayaki teas for many, many years and love it as a substitute for coffee and other caffeinated beverages. It helps me to stay focused, and feel balanced. I tried the glass bottled Pomegranate Terre Yerba Mate drink while on vacation, and I loved that it has holy basil included in it, which is an herb that i have enjoyed for many years to help keep me in a positive place. The drink was great, and I decided to order a case to supplement my home brewing. The shipment from Guayaki was fast, and the packaging was sturdy. I will order this again!

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By: Lacey of Grand Junction Colorado

I absolutely love your product! I couldn't ask for anything better!! Just the right caffeine and sweetness. I have tried several different energy drinks and this one has simply outdone them all. My energy levels are high,while being maintained and no sudden energy drop afterwards. My mind is brighter and more active. It's made a huge difference in my day to day activities. Thank you!!!

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