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Guayakí Yerba Mate - A Powerful Rainforest Experience

Buzz in the Press
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Buzz in the Press

Buzz in the Press

The latest press on Guayaki Yerba Mate!


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Bohemian (December 7, 2007)

High Tea - Saving the world, one cup of yerba mate at a time.

TODAY SHOW (November 27, 2007)

5 Bizzare foods that are life changing... yerba mate!

Beverage Industry (November 19, 2007)

New formulation trends in sports and energy drinks

Convenience Store News (November 19, 2007)

Guayaki celebrates it's tenth anniversary and introduces new products

Beverage Spectrum (November 19, 2007)

Review of Bottled Mate

Grocery Headquarters (November 19, 2007)

Guayaki wins 2007 Selling Wellness Trailblazer Award - Ready for Prime Time

Energy Times (November 19, 2007)

Gifts for the body and soul

Your Perfect Mate (November 19, 2007)

I need an AM buzz, but coffee gives me the PM lulls. What's a good alternative?

Wonder Teas (November 5, 2007)

Tired of typical tea - time face? These brews will soothe your senses - and boost your health.

Beverage Industry (November 5, 2007)

Star Performers - New formulation trends in sports and energy drinks

Fresh Cup (November 5, 2007)

Trends in teas and tisannes. Many energy drinks are just sugar water, but some have merit.

Heath Benefits (November 5, 2007)

The Hidden Benefits Of Yerba Mate

NACLA News (November 5, 2007)

Mate on the Market: Fair trade and the Gaucho's liquid vegetable

Body and Soul (November 2, 2007)

Wonder Teas - Yerba Mate: A Better Buzz

In Business Magazine (November 2, 2007)

Protecting Rainforest and Way of Life

Eurek-alert (October 23, 2007)

More on mate tea: lower cholesterol and an international agreement

Elephant Magazine (October 16, 2007)

Cheers Mate - Yerba mate is the latest healthy indigenous drink to be mass marketed by a US business - but Guayaki has a new twist!

GUEST BLOG: Guayaki, Oh How I Love Thee (October 13, 2007)

Like Kerry, I, too, am very passionate about Guayaki loose-leaf mate. Specifically, I'm obsessed with Guayaki's Dark Roast Java Mate. I make this smoky brew...

Alternative Medicine Magazine (October 1, 2007)

The New Law of the Jungle - it takes fair trade to save a village.

NCLA Report on the Americas (October 1, 2007)

Mate on the Market: Fair Trade and the Gaucho’s ‘Liquid Vegetable’

Brain Ready (September 28, 2007)

Yerba Mate vs. Coffee: Which is Healthier?

Entrepenur Magazine (September 16, 2007)

Tea for Two - the best way to market a unique beverage - let the customers decide for themselves!

Montreal Gazzette (September 12, 2007)

The original energy drink

Paper Magazine (September 11, 2007)

ACTION FUEL - Products that support the Tripple Bottle Line

Fresh Cup (September 10, 2007)

Tradition Bottled - Guayaki has unveiled a traditional style unsweetened mate - a low calorie ready to drink beverage...

Tea and Coffee Magazine (August 28, 2007)

Yerba Mate-Spiked Beverages Power Mate Revolution

High-fashion foods (August 22, 2007)

This year's Summer Fancy Food Show, an annual noshfest, is the largest in its 53-year history.

Guayaki's New Unsweetened Mate Drink (August 21, 2007)

Guayaki's New Unsweetened Mate Drink Honors Rainforest Tradition

Consumer Reports.org (August 14, 2007)

Crowned the next likely IT drink by trend watchers.

Chic Product Review: Guayaki Yerba Mate (August 6, 2007)

Guayaki Yerba Mate Energy Drinks aren't the average energy drink. They are organic drinks that do more than boost your energy; they give you the vitamins and minerals that your body needs.

Organic Products Retailer (August 6, 2007)

It has been 10 years since David and Alex met and shared their first yerba mate. A interview of the mate category

Nutraceuticals World (August 4, 2007)

Flooding the market. After years of testing the waters of the functional beverage market, some major companies have finally jumped in to change the landscape.

11th HOUR TAKE ACTION (August 3, 2007)

Guayaki Business Model - Interview with founder David Karr

Amaze Magazine (August 1, 2007)

Guayaki Offers Unsweetened Yerba Mate Drink

Need more Zip, Nutrition in your Life? Try Guayaki Pure Endurance (July 19, 2007)

Functional Organic Drink Tastes Good, Provides Energy

Organic Functional Ingredients: Doubling Down on Health and Wellness (July 19, 2007)

In blackjack one of the most favorable situations is having the opportunity to double down, or doubling your bet after seeing your first two cards look promising. For organic food processors those two cards are organic products made with functional health

Mens Journal (July 16, 2007)

The Other Green Tea - Yerba Mate is the LATEST HIP ENERGY DRINK!

BevNet (July 15, 2007)

FELLOW TRAVELERS - Three beverage companies have formed an innovative arrangement to help grow them all.

Beverage Business INSIGHTS (July 10, 2007)

Yerba Mate Bandwagon Picks Up Speed as Snapple Eyes Energy Entry; Guayaki, Bombilla, Herbal Mist Expand Segment

The Edge (July 4, 2007)

As those of us who pay attention to our health and the quality of our food know by now, it�s always a good idea to eat organic. Needless to say, w

Nutra Ingredients (July 2, 2007)

Breaking News on Supplements & Nutrition - North America

Gourmet Retailer (July 1, 2007)

The Energy Drink Goes Hybrid - heading the consumer call for healthier products, manufacturers have introduced a new slew of juice based energy drinks with ingredients like yerba mate.

Lucky Brand Jeans vs. Guayaki (July 1, 2007)

Product marketing on tour takes different roads

New Living Magazine (June 17, 2007)

More Products for Body, Mind, Soul - Guayaki introduces 3 new flavors!

Tea time for you (June 13, 2007)

Claimed health benefits of brewed beverage are drawing many people to join the party

Beyond (June 5, 2007)

A new wave of young entrepreneurs is using our passion for healthy lifestyles as a way of promoting global economic and social justice

The Buzz on Energy Drinks (June 2, 2007)

Energy drinks stormed the U.S. beverage market last year, outperforming all other categories. With energy drink sales soaring 52.1 percent higher than last year, according to market researcher Information Resources Inc. (IRI), niche-marketed energy brands

OC Register (May 28, 2007)

Small tree, big power from the health files

Whole Foods Magazine (May 24, 2007)

Whats New - Grocery Products - Stimulating Mate Drinks -3 New yerba mate herb drinks with organic fruit juice.

Green Business Reports (May 19, 2007)


Newsweek (May 14, 2007)

Forget green tea. The new "it" drink is yerba mate (rhymes with latte). This earthy tea, a South American fave, throws a nutritional punch, with more antioxidants than green tea.

The Nibble (May 3, 2007)

Guayaki Yerba Mate - for the 21st century

Beverage Spectrum (April 30, 2007)

Forget Global, think Local. TEA and Guayaki - new fusions.

Organic Processing Magazine (April 25, 2007)

Sensations - Review of Guayaki Yerba Mate Pure line.

Find Law (April 25, 2007)

Working Long Hours? Try Yerba Mate Instead of Coffee or Cola

Healthy bites (April 25, 2007)

Energy plus medicinal herbs - A fusion of functionality and tea has hit the market with the launch of three organic yerba mate varieties from Guayaki­.

Stagnito's Product Review - new products (April 25, 2007)

Tullys Coffee is now serving Guayaki Yerba Mate

Latest and Greatest for 2007 (April 22, 2007)

Life is about change, so you have got to keep up. These are the standout products we have come across, from fashion trends to the latest culinary gems...

News 10 Now - Syracuse,NY,USA (April 22, 2007)

And if you need an energy boost, the Yerba Mate is a good bet...

Wall Street Journal - South American Tea Is High In Antioxidants (April 10, 2007)

Yerba mate tastes bitter, so is it any surprise it's supposed to be good for you?

Amaze Magazine... (April 4, 2007)

Guayaki Yerba Mate is Fueling New Projects that Protect the Rainforest

The power of 5: losing weight (April 3, 2007)

I always consider July 4th as the official beginning of the dreaded bathing suit season! But don't dread it. You have time. A lot can be accomplished in 12 weeks. Yerba mate has been found to increase metabolism.

Miami Herald (March 30, 2007)

The Power of Positive Drinking

Relevant Times (March 30, 2007)

Meg and Jen's Picks - Yummy Guayaki Yerba Mate

Fancy Food Culinary (March 30, 2007)

A fanciful review of Guayaki's new bottles. Putting the fun back in functional.

Tucson Citizen (March 30, 2007)

Purely Stimulating: Pure Endurance, Pure Passion, Pure Mind

The Ithacan Newspaper (March 28, 2007)

G'day Mate. John Riva sharews mate wiht students at Ithaca University

People Magazine - Style Watch (March 28, 2007)

What's in, What's out. - Yerba Mate is in!! This is a natural source of caffeine that people are tuning to instead of energy sodas.

On Campus Hospitality (March 26, 2007)

Shopping Basket features Guayaki Yerba Mate Tea Bags

Gourmet Retailer (March 17, 2007)

Beans & Leaves - Tully's Coffee adds Guayaki Yerba Mate to the Menu as a healthy and energizing beverage.

Muscle & Body (March 17, 2007)

What can I take to improve my running performance? Yerba Mate has been clinically proven to enhance endurance by 5 minutes - 12%

Organic Products Retailer (March 17, 2007)

Guayaki launches Traditional Yerba Mate Tea Bags in invidually wrapped packages.

Organic Products Retailer - Fresh Brew (March 17, 2007)

Organically Grown Coffee and Tea are Growing in Sales and Selection. Yerba Mate is a rainforest beverage with the best of both of coffee and tea.

Natural Food Network (March 17, 2007)

Pour it on - Beverages Sales Spike. Guayaki introduces 3 new Organic Yerba Mate Fusions: Pure Endurance, Pure Passion, and Pure Mind.

Stagnitos New Product Review (March 16, 2007)

Guayaki develops organic yerba mate fusions. Guayaki is pioneering the future of beverages with three new Organic Yerba Mate Fusions: Pure Endurance; Pure Passion; and Pure Mind.

Edge Magazine (March 14, 2007)

Guayaki (Gwy-uh-KEE) is great because it not only rescues me on a heavy work day, it is also helping to save South American rainforests. Guayaki Yerba Mate is organic and sustainably grown.

Womans Health (March 4, 2007)

Tea from this South American tree sharpens your mind, and does much more

Beverage World (March 1, 2007)

The South American Pick-Me-UP. Recent studies have shown that yerba mate has twice the antioxidants as green tea.

Vegetarian Times (February 26, 2007)

Yerba Mate - the new Superfood. The New Superfoods - Yerba Mate is higher in heart-healthy antioxidants that both green tea and red wine, found a 2005 study byt Touro University in Vallejo, CA. The tea stops "bad cholesterol particles (LDL)...

ODE (February 19, 2007)

BEYOND ORGANIC - We are giving people what they want, a chance to vote with their dollars.

Better Nutrition (February 8, 2007)

The Newest Coffee House "IT" drink may beat Java for health and energy benefits. American's cry that they need quick pick-me-ups!

Argentine tea the `new coffee break' (February 8, 2007)

Fans of popular drink tout benefits such as digestive, memory aid. "It's for all the ages. The people who drink mate are very strong but calm; you can drink it for hours." And many do. In fact, 92 percent of Argentines drink mate...

Front burner: trends, gadgets, products (February 6, 2007)

Vitamins, minerals and a caffeine buzz

Forget the bubbly, try Argentine tea (January 25, 2007)

Mate (pronounced MAH-teh), is the beverage of choice.

Food Navigator (January 24, 2007)

Yerba mate could be a polphenol plus for beverages

Press Democrat (January 15, 2007)

SEBASTOPOL Guayaki expands yerba mate sales

CBS (January 8, 2007)

Guayaki is mentioned in an CBS report on energy drinks.

Elle Magazine (January 2, 2007)

Elle's HOT 100 - What you need to know now!