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Guayakí Yerba Mate - A Powerful Rainforest Experience

PreColombian Gourd
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Pre-Colombian Gourd

Two-headed snakes, dragons, frogs, and birds are among the pre-Colombian cave pictographs carved in this gourd. Each gourd is unique.
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My Favorite Gourd! Every single one is unique.

By: Matt of Pittsburgh

I cannot reccomend a better gourd. After leaving it cure for 2 days(alternating boiling water ever 6 hours or so), it was ready to be used. I filled it up a little more than halfways with yerba mate, and happily drank over 12 gourdfulls throughout the day. It has become my primary vessel for brewing Yerba mate in. An interesting design adorns one side. Better than the design, there is (I think spanish) writing on the other side of mine with the artists initials. This really gives the gourd charactor, and truely makes it one of a kind. Everything about this gourd gets a strong: 5/5 !

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