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Organic Loose-Leaf Mate
Barbacua Mate Blend
Barbacua Mate Blend - [5 lb.] Share / Save / Bookmark Print Page

Guayakí Yerba Mate - A Powerful Rainforest Experience

Barbacua Mate Blend   [5 lb.]
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Barbacua Mate Blend - [5 lb.]

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Crafted in the ancient Barbacua stye and carefully wood dried yielding a smooth flavor with sophisticated smoky notes.

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By: Justin of Davis, California

Mate is the best, and i have been really happy with the barbacua style. Its nice and robust with some smokiness goin on too. Its a great way to get the day rolling.

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Que rica!

By: Ron of Mount Shasta, California

I'm a very experienced mate drinker- I've probably sampled over 35 different brands in the past 10+ years. I was initially reluctant to give up my commercial brands like Rosamonte and Taragui, even to support the organic, sustainable product Guayaki offers. But, I can honestly say that for me, there is no more rich and complex flavor in a yerba mate than the Barbacua blend. This is a yerba created properly in every way!

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Great Mate

By: Jason Yust of Boston, MA

Great flavor, high quality, good balance. I haven't had anything else that tops it.

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All of your teas

By: Carol Brennan of Waynesville, NC

I love all of your teas. They are very clean-tasting and do not create a caffeine high. I prefer them over coffee. I cannot say enough good things about your products...I have been using them for approximately 6 years now.

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Truly pure Yerba Mate

By: Anonymous of Miami

As with all Guayaki products, this is a fantastic one. It has a nice smoky, grassy flavor that changes quite dramatically with the temperature of the water (I use about 180 degrees water for tea). Overall some of the best Yerba Mate money can buy!

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By: Jim McIntosh of Bayside CA

i Very much enjoy this blend. I have been drinking Guayaki for about 10 years, and am hooked on this blend.. I drink alot. Thanks. Keep up the good mate.

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A Taste of Paraguay

By: Nick Sprague of Bishop, California

I was a Peace Corps volunteer in rural Paraguay 20 years ago and was fortunate enough to participate in the harvest and curing of yerba mate via the barbacua method. We used machetes to gather branches and then hung them over two long pits. Hardwood fires were set overnight to dry and smoke the leaves and stems. Later the dried mate was placed on cow hides and moved to a massive mortar to be pounded down to leaf and stem fragments. Following stationing, this made the best mate I've tasted. Guayaki's Barbacua Mate Blend is the closest I've found to this home grown delight. Another highlight of my time in Paraguay was a hiking trip in Mbaracayu near the border with Brazil. I traversed the reserve and saw and heard abundant wildlife and incredible biological diversity. There were extensive clearcuts in Brazil and along the borders of the park. I had a brief encounter with the indigenous Ache at the entrance to the reserve; they were fishing as a group and we were able to converse in Guarani. Guayaki's commitment to supporting the cultural and biological richness of that area is yet another reason to purchase this product.

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Love My Mate

By: Kathy of Goleta, CA

I just love my mate. I drink about 2 liters per day. I have a much clearer head when I drink Mate. Coffee and tea make me feel anxious and my thoughts are all over the place but with Mate I am much clearer thinking.

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delicious mate

By: jim McIntosh of arcata, ca

This blend is one of the best. I drink with gourd and bombilla every day. Very smooth with rich smoky flavor. I worry when my stash gets low!

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yurba yehaa

By: Michelle Ramsden of Vashon

Thank you for another delivery of my favorite beverage. Barbacua yurba mate. Good stuff. Some of my friends seem to feel they may need to do an intervention when they see I have 5-15 lbs of yurba on my self but I explain you guy have free shipping over $5o.oo. Always willing to share. Have given your web address to many. You are easy to deal with and kind and good to the growers. Everyone benefits. Cheers, Michelle

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