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Guayakí Yerba Mate - A Powerful Rainforest Experience

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Greg Martin


I have been drinking Yerba Mate for a long time and I happen to come across your Traditional Mata in the store. I really enjoy it and I am happy that it was so convince. I feel like it is much healthier then coffee. And it doesn’t give the same acid feeling in my stomach that coffee does. Keep up the great work Greg

I use Guayaki to regluate my cycle.

I do not experience cramps or back pain during my menstral cycle when I drink Guayaki the weeks prior to the start. It's amazing. I know the tea is what makes the difference because if I don't drink it for a month, my cycle is totally different and quite difficult!
-- Linda Winans



mata or heaven im only 15 and love mate! i drink it every morning before school and during school i actually took my gourd and bombilla to school and got introuble and on the refferal slip it sayed that i was drinking drugs my comment to that was "you should try some it will really loosen you up" and that got me into even more trouble. so now i purchase the wonderfull mate tea bags and leave the gourd and bombilla for the weekends! My brother,sister and brother inlaw all drink mate and while everyone is grumpy because they drank the c word (C*****) and we just laugh and run circles around them! My family and in the future my own family will drink mate till we cant drink no more! nancy

Adam B. Poe

So I have had many a good time travling in my 76 VW Westy going to shows and camping out in the country side. I remember being a small festival deep in the North Carolina mountains It was early November a few years back. The festival had a somber note to it; Johnny Cash had passed only a few weeks before. A few of us were sitting beside the campfire enjoying some vegetarian chilli and remember our journies through life and the time we could remember with the Man in Black singing a soundtrack to so many lives. We were then visited by a gentleman by the name of Adam who arrived in his RV promoting Guayaki. the introduction of this drink and the traditional cup/bowl added to our sense of communion. We all had a great uplifting with the arrival of Adam and his yerba mate tea. I still drink this tea weekly since then and every time I breifly reflect on those few hours in November and remember how life is with us and the autumn of our lives is just a gateway into something more. Thankyou for the tea Adam and hope you still enjoy the music from the guys and gals in the green VW of NC

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