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Guayakí Yerba Mate - A Powerful Rainforest Experience

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Allergy Relief

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It's been 6 months and my food allergies are gone

I feel great. I feel better at 44 than I did at 24.
I am 44 years old. Since I was 18 years old I've had severe food allergies and constipation. I was allergic to dairy, wheat, all types of sweeteners, especially sugar, soy, mayoniaise, eggs. I was sick all the time. I started drinking your tea just because I like green tea. It's been about 6 months and my food allergies are gone. Period. I eat what I want. It's the tea- it moves toxins out the body fast. The tea gives me alot of energy. I no longer have constipation. I feel great. I feel better at 44 than I did at 24. Your tea DOES have healing properties even if you are not advertising it that way. Thanks so much,
Debbie (May 21, 02)

Carl D.

I'm a healthy, energetic 50-year-old guy who's trying to watch what I consume. Having taken on a night-shift job over a year ago, I needed something to keep me focused and alert since coffee doesn't agree with my system, and I was becoming more and more addicted to and reliant upon the high caffeine-and-sugar rush of a certain major-brand soda. I knew that I didn't want to keep pouring this vile chemical-infested concoction into my system, so upon the advice of a favorite web site, I tried a Matcha-based tea and a couple of other more healthy energy-enhancing non-sugared drinks. I kept looking. Then one day I happened to be browsing through the loose tea aisle at my local Henry's Farmer's Market here in north San Diego County, and I came upon a package of Guayaki Traditional Yerba Mate. After reading the package, I decided to take it home and give it a try. I brewed a whole pot through our coffee maker, cooled it and iced it down. I added Splenda and lemon, took it to work, and I'll have to say, I feel as much "buzz" as the high-caffeine sodas without the caffeine shakes, my mood is better throughout the 10-hour shift, and I sleep like I haven't slept since I was a teenager! I'm also an old "tree hugger" and Grateful Dead fan, so my preference for and support of Guayaki's like-minded business plan is truly a bonus! I appreciate what you are doing for the rain forest and the good people who produce this exceptional product. I am now a Guayaki Yerba Mate drinker for life! Keep up the great work! Carl D.


I first heard about mate in March of this year when talking to a friend. He told me about all the benefits and I was really curious. I ordered your tea bags and have been drinking mate everyday for about a month now. I can't put into words how much better I feel. I don't get the crash from mate like I used to get from drinking coffee, and I don't have to add anything else to it. When I think back on all the stuff I used to add to my coffee and all the calories I was consuming it was crazy. I can honestly say I won't drink coffee again. Like someone else mentioned, I plan on taking your tea bags with me on every business trip and vacation I take. Thank you so much for this wonderful product and keep up the good work!

Tea Time

Barbara McGurran

my favoite part of the day is morning "tea time" with my extra large cup of G yerba mate. I sit in the living room with my dogs Yin and Yang and slowly sip this warm,smooth and rich tea. In minutes I'm both relaxed and energized. What a perfect way to start the day!

Guayaki Yerba Mate makes my horrible headaches GO AWAY!!

Matt McMurray

For several years I have suffered with cluster headaches. A cluster headache is a horribly painful headache. so intensely painful that many cluster headache sufferers scream and yell, bang their head against a wall, and, far too often, commit suicide. Women who have had a cluster headache have said it is more painful than childbirth! Here's the good part: Guayaki Yerba Mate makes my horrible headaches GO AWAY!! I first discovered this while traveling from Phoenix to El Paso for my work. I started to get one of my cluster headaches, and out of sheer desperation I tried drinking a Guayaki Yerba Mate Raspberry Revolution. To my complete amazement, the headache started to subside; and slowly as I drank more of the mate my headache was gradually replaced with joy, clarity, and it felt like my sinuses and even mu whole head were magically renewed!! I wanted to sing, to dance, to get on a radio show and tell the world!! NOTHING has EVER taken away one of these headaches for me -- and I have tried quite a few things! Since that time I have used Guayaki Yerba Mate, both in the ready to drink bottles and as a tea that I brew up myself, to stop these debilitating headaches whenever I feel one coming on. Your precious, beautiful, wonderful product has given me freedom, and given me hope, and saved me from so much pain and suffering! I can't thank you enough for making it available!!

My Mate provides everything I need

I reside in BFE Utah. About four years ago Josh Bender introduced me to Guayaki. I live a very active life, and honestly, I can't remember how I survived prior to Herba Mate. My Mate provides everything I need; herbal medicine,Powerful stimuli, antioxidants, physical energy,improved digestion, and mental clarity, not to mention, that we are helping the rainforests, and people resume life as they know it! Thanks for hooking Josh up, otherwise I would never have had the opportunity to partake! We even have the local nutrition stores stocking it now! Thanks again, and continue on your admirable mission!



Initially, a bag of Traditional Yerba Mate was given to as a gift. I enjoyed the beverage very much and when I began reading the incredible list of benefitial properties the tea posessed I was absolutely amazed. I have included it in my daily regime for numerous reasons. I have noticed it's ability to supress my hunger, greatly. I also experience a boost of energy and mental clarity with Yerba Mate. I am so enthused about this product that I am actually writing a report about it's benefits for my English Course right now.



My husband was first introduce to Yerba Mate thru a coworker that gave hive him some tea bags to try. He brought them home for us to try and they were ok but the flavor wasn't the best. So about two months ago I saw pre bottled "empowermint" on the shelf and we were on our way out of town. It was going to be a long drive so I wanted something energizing but we are a very health concious family. So i figured what the heck I know it will do the job and it is very healthy, and we love mint. So needless to say we are HOOKED it is great. My husband has a very physically tiring job so I send one to work with him every day. I also endulge quite often. We go thru so much infact the stores all around can't keep on the shelf. Everytime they have some I buy it all. That is why I found your web site. Everyone is out and has been out for a week. Now that I can order it from your web site my family has no worries!! :-)



Every morning I begin my day with a large thermos full of Guayaki along with a tall cup. Ginger powder gives me the extra kick I need to reap destruction on invasive plants and improve wild areas by reintroducing natives. Thanks, Guayaki!



I started drinking Guayaki Yerba Mate because I wanted to stop drinking coffee every morning. Im so glad i did because I feel more awake instead of jittery when I drink coffee. I was so impressed I even sent my resume for a job with your company! Job or not I will still continue to drink yerba mate and hopefully try your other products as well. Thank you for a great product and caring about the rain forest and culture. Cheers! Clea Thanks!



I have been in nursing school for almost a year now and over the summer discovered the wonderful tea, Yerba Mate! Let's just say, it has been a nursing students dream. Over the summer I endured the most grueling 12 weeks of school ever. just the last two weeks alone consisted of 9 exams in 10 days. There was no room for sleep as well as having to be up for clinicals at 4a.m. I am an avid coffe drinker and I do what i have dubbed the "coffee crash" around 7-8a.m. and then have to find a way to stay awake for the next 6 hours. Not anymore. I just drink my yerba mate on my way to clinicals and i have no problem staying awake for my long roation at the hospitals. It has been amazing. I then ended up turning about 10 of my classmates and an instructor onto this wonderful tea. one classmate, who never drinks caffeine of any sorts because of it's stimulating and jittery effect, is absolutely amazed and is now hooked on yerba mate. she loves the way it wakes you up without making you a shaky mess. My classmates and I swear by the yerba mate tea. we have even dubbed ourselves the "YERBA-MA-TEAS!"

Courtney Miller-Rao

Hi!!! I was going to one of the radio stations where I work to anchor an afternoon/evening news shift. It was November and I was coughing and hacking whenever I'd go on air,so I kept drinking cup after cup of coffee. Needless to say, that didn't clear my throat or help my voice, so I needed to find something that would do that AND still keep me on my toes. I went into a store just down the street from the station and found the little baggies of mate. It's in the Ilex family, I said to myself, so there should be no issue--same thing as the Black Drink pretty much (we Southern Natives used another member of the same family, the yaupon, for the longest.) So I gave it a try. My throat was clearer and I still had that jolt of energy. Now that I'm at another station, I have the gourd, bombilla & of course, the mate. Every morning at about 5am, right before I do my newscasts, I fill up the gourd and sip mate.

Carla S. Base

In 1985, I took an extra job in a department store. On break, we went to a dank musty basement with an area that contained vending machines. As I walked down into the "dungeon" that first day of my employment, I heard fantastic Paraguayan music emanating from an area fenced off with a door made into chicken wire. It was, I discovered, the "cage" of the seamstress, Raimunda. She was in her own business, doing alterations on winter coats and men's suits mostly, and I would see her day by day, sewing like mad, ironing and heard her playing the delightful music. I stopped and talked with her, and we became best friends forever. I hope to meet her again in Heaven. She introduced me to the delights of Yerba Mate. I learned she was a Paraguyan Indian, called a Guarani, and she had black shiny staight beautiful hair and dark dancing eyes. She was the most full of life person I have ever known, and I loved her like no other friend. When I smell or taste Yerba Mate, it brings a sure tear to my eye, and I must remember her. I searched my city high and low for this tea for her, in vain. Only now with the advent of the Internet and this site, was I able to obtain it. Years later a few health stores carried smaller versions, but this site truly has the genuine article! It is just like the tea she first introduced to me from her native Paraguay, and has the right robust flavor, just bursting with vitamins! I noticed that when you drink Yerba Mate, that you get what I must call is a SENSE OF WELL BEING, DEEP HAPPINESS and I have never really heard anyone else talk about this. It is a comforting hot drink, but it is not merely that. There is just something about this tea that gives you some depth of contentment is all I can really say. Yes, it is vitamin filled, good for digestion, and excellent in so many ways! But it is this that I notice right away, and I guess I wonder if others experience this! Thanks for making available what is so rare to find in my city and for such an excellent product! I love it. I especially love the Yerba in the bulk bag, since this is the way the natives drink it, not in the tea bags. I think it should be drunk with the bombilla and the gourd should be used because you get the full effect of the way it should be drunk for health. The natives pour the water over the tightly packed large amount of tea in the gourd and continually pour steamy water over the leaves all day long. I think this is the secret to the whole thing. One bag in and out of the tea doesn't cut it! I think it is wonderful you offer the correct way to drink it as well as simply the tea itself. Yours is surely the freshest and best Yerba to be found!! THANK YOU! Carla B.   KY (USA)



Guyaki Yerba Mate & I go back a few years. One of my most memorable experiences that really struck a chord with me is when at a march in Sacramento against the WTO, I offered my Guayaki gourd with bombilla to a stranger. He was baffled and smiled. "Imagine what kind of world this would be if everyone could just share a Mate gourd." People nearby smiled and laughed. Something to ponder.



I was a avid coffee lover. So when I got pregnant I decided to still do my one "cup a day" of coffee. Unfortunatly just the smell of coffee made me really sick! I was devastated! Then one day we went to the street fair in San Rafael and youhad astand there. You where offering "greentealatte" . My husband talked me into trying it out - and here I am 9 years later I drink your tea every day ! Even my son loved it. I still drink green tea latte - with milk and wipped cream. It is the best! I have been phone ordering ever since - at the time it was hard to find, now I finally switched to web ordering. I am always impressed about the promptness that I get my tea - I can not life without. Ofcourse I amin support of this shade grown - environmentally supportive - tea, let alone the health benefits! Yum yum. Ivonne

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