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Guayakí Yerba Mate - A Powerful Rainforest Experience

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Sharing The Goodness

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4600 feet...

I place tea bags or bulk Yerba Mate in my ceramic tea pot the night before and soak it overnight in cold water and put it on simmer in the morning.
This morning I had just cooked up six golden delicous cored and peeled apples cooked thirty minutes (I'm at 4600 feet altitude) with two hands full of dark brown sugar and half the height of the apples with tap water. For fun, I poured a cup of Mate and added a shot of the liquid into my cup of Mate. Wow. Very natural tasting and goooood! You probably could use a couple of spoon fulls of sweetened apple sauce from a "can" (ugh) in a pinch. I am going to make some "Mate Apple Sauce" and try that. I will put a little more sugar and then blend it and use the apple and sugar in the tea next time and see what it taste like.  --  Bob Filer,Idaho (December 1, 02)

Response from the bulletin board crew: I like the raw approach to making our tea too. It protects the enzymes better when the water is not so hot, but soaked overnight then simmered. I will have to try the apple recipe my self, it sounds so good. I would probably use maple syrup to sweeten it, then make up some fresh hemp milk and pour it over the top. The best hemp seed nut on the planet comes from Manitoba Harvest (www.manitobaharvest.com) and is super easy to make by adding about a tablespoon of hemp seed nut and 8 oz. of water in the blender for about 1-2 minutes until it is pure white and creamy. Check out their site, and ask for it at your co-op. I think the Boise co-op would definite love this new product, if they don’t have it already. We have been using Manitoba Harvest's hemp seed nut milk in our mate lattés with maple syrup for a while now, and there is nothing like it.  – Steven

Matt Dalton


I lived in Paraguay for two years and fell in love with everything that has to do with the paraguayan people. I drank Mate every morning and Terere (cold mate) everyday with the people. I learned guarani and wanted nothing more than to be with this people for the rest of my life. After I returned to the states I got so caught up in the hussle and bussle of our "modern" life that I had forgotten the simple pleasure that one observed while sitting and sipping on a bombilla and sharing it with friends. One day a friend pulled out a huge bag of your flavored Mate. We sat for hours just passing the guampa and talking about the "good old days". A long story short, I wanted to thank you for your product. I have tried Argentinian, Uruguayan, Brazilian, and Paraguayan Yerba. And your is the best by far. No ones is cleaner, stronger, and in my opinion better. You have an amazing product and I want to offer my services to you. I speak Spanish, Portuguese and Guarani and would do anything to return to Paraguay. Your yerba takes me back to that simpler time and easier life and I miss it. Thank you so much Matt

A Community-sharing Beverage

I was recently introduced to your line of Guayakí Yerba Mate. Immediately after I tried it, yerba mate became a beverage that I began consuming every morning.
I first began drinking yerba mate after a friend of mine shared all the benefits of consuming it. He told me that by drinking mate it would benefit my health by clearing my body of unhealhty toxins. I bought my first box of Guayakií Yerba Mate at a Whole Foods that was located in my community. I tried drinking it cold for my very first time and I found the beverage to be very refreshing. Ever since then I started out each morning by steeping a tea bag of mate in a large water bottle.
After my successes with drinking mate, I began telling other friends about this delightful beverage. I shared enough of my tea bags with them until they could get to the store to purchase a box of their own. Yerba mate is now a drink that my friends and I enjoy drinking together. Because mate is a drink that is promoted as a "community-sharing beverage," I have yet to purchase a gourd and bombilla.
I very much appreciate you taking the time to read my letter. I know your company enjoys reading feedback on the successes of yerba mate, so I just wanted to share my input.  --  Yours sincerely,  Kari Doherty
Reedsburg, WI



I have to say that drinking Guayaki has made me feel so much healthier and has revitalized my entire body starting at the core. Not only do I love every flavor but each flavor makes me feel refreshed and ready to go. I must be honest as I had doubts on the true affects of Guayaki but those doubts have been since refuted and I am now a firm believer of Guayaki. Not only is this the best product available on the market, but I have a strong conviction that this is one of the best companies on the entire globe. To be conscious of all of the affects that come along with running a company, pollution, global warming, etc., this company has put the environment first and foremost on their agenda and have not sacrificed anything to create and distribute a high quality product. Most companies operate strictly on revenue and by providing the best return for shareholders and often ignore the environment but in today's world I foresee the future of business operations ought be modeled after Guayaki. It is imperative to think green and then do whatever it takes to ensure that every facet of the company has the environment in mind while producing a high quality product like Guayaki. I thank you for not only producing such a wonderful product but also keeping the overall quality of life in the forefront of your mind and business operations. Because after all, we did not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we are only borrowing it from our children. Thanks, Scott Burton


United States

I was first introduced to yerba mate by my friend from Argentina. I was at her house one day and saw an interesting looking cup with a metal straw (a mate and bombilla as I would later find out) so I asked her what it ways. She explained to me what it was and how important it was in her culture. She invited me to share some with her, and it was the most amazing thing that I had ever drank. I bought my own mate and bombilla set from Guayaki and when she saw that she was so excited. We shared some mate together, and developed a relationship that has lasted 3 years so far. If it weren't for mate, I would never have met the love of my life.


I "discovered" mate after my boyfriend returned from an "alternative spring break" his senior year in college. Instead of the “usual” week of partying, Chris decided to spend a week in Costa Rica living on a self sustainable farm, Punto Mona, located in the middle of the rainforest. He lived with different families throughout his stay and enjoyed learning more about the culture and the eco-friendly village. When Chris returned all he seemed to talk about was Costa Rica and the traditions he became a part of; one being the ritual of sharing the yerba mate! Now when he was describing this “tea” to me I was in awe because Chris had always been a coffee FANATIC and would never think of putting tea to his lips. I had to see what this so called “mate” was all about. Shortly after his return we found a quaint local coffee shop that served, you guessed it, mate lattes! While I ordered the mate latte Chris opted for the traditional mate made with water. While discussing his love of mate with the barista he asked about the mate they served and where he could get some. Thus we were introduced to Guayaki mate. He found out he could order it online as we had no other place to buy it in our small NC mountain town. He has been ordering loose mate online ever since, which he drinks through a bombilla. Since then we have moved to NYC and brought our love of mate with us. While Chris is working down on Wall Street drinking loose mate through his bombilla, (I’ve convinced him to leave the gourd at home during working hours) I am busy brewing my Guayaki Magical Mint Mate tea bags. He refuses to buy any other brand because of Guayaki’s mission to provide mate from the same sustainable rainforests that he feel in love with. He still keeps in touch with the families and sends packages ever so often to the little town of Punto Mona, where they are welcomed with open arms and smiling faces. We hope to one day travel back to Punta Mona together and reconnect with the families and culture he holds so close to him. Thank you Guayaki for helping to preserve this culture and environment!


I first encountered Guayaki while working in restaurants with South Americans. It worked wonders to keep us on our feet during those long shifts. Then I discovered the true power of the tea during long hiking trips. The sustained energy really helps on long days of walking. After that I took bags of Guayaki with me to Thailand, where my wife and I actually prefered it over the local green teas! This last year, we spent three months in Ecuador and brought Guayakii with us for long treks in the mountains and in the Amazon basin. We still have yet to drink a proper mate from a gourd, but we love it anyway! It gives us the right kind of sustained energy that makes life fun!

Karla Gardner


Let me begin by saying how incredibly wonderful your product is. It not only soothes me and calms my mind but it energizes and rejuvenates my spirit. My first cup of yerba mate was at a coffee shop called Cuppa Cafe in Malvern, Pennsylvania. I began working at Cuppa during the winter of my sophomore year of high school between Cross Country and Track seasons. I had originally come into the coffee shop to ask the owner about taking out an ad for a project I was doing in class. Since the shop had recently opened the owner, Neal, was happy to participate. As I was leaving the store though, I had a funny feeling. I turned around and asked Neal if he was hiring any new employees. I'd never had a job before but the friendly, inviting atmosphere seemed the like perfect place for a first job. I began working the following week after school each day. Neal taught me how to make lattes, brew exotic coffees and make smoothies and vegetable juices. Cuppa Café quickly tuned into one of my favorite places. My friends and family visited frequently during my shifts and I got to know all the regulars. Hot chocolate for Patrick the bartender, chai latte for Christine from next door, two shots of wheatgrass for Kirby who always had some joke or quirky tidbit for me. Going to work was never a drag, even if I was still a little sleepy. I'd shuffle in, grab my apron and fix myself a cup of yerba mate topped with steamed soy milk and a little honey to start the day. Sometimes in the summer I'd ice my matte or slip a teabag into my water bottle and shake it up. That's what's so great about mate, it's so versatile. One day I was feeling a bit of a sore throat coming on. I told Neal because he always had some remedy at hand. But instead of handing me a ginseng tablet or vitamin C he filled a ziplock with a handful of mate bags. Rest your voice and drink plenty of fluids, he said handing me my herbal remedy, You can get two good cups out of each of these.  He was right, my sore throat was gone within a day or so. During my time at Cuppa I did a lot of growing up. I learned valuable interpersonal skills, tapped into a creative side I never knew I had and became educated as to what it was like to own a small business in a world where Walmarts and Starbucks eat up any remnants of suburban life. But nothing could prepare me for the bleak January evening my mother walked in the door preparing to bear me the worst news I would ever receive. It was the end of the night, no customers. I chatted with a few of my friends from the track team while I swept and sprayed down the tables. I smiled at her but I could tell something was wrong. She shooed my friends out the door, whispering something I could not make out. Karla, come here. Come sit next to me. I made my way to the seafoam couch, tidying the magazines haphazardly as I tried to figure out what she was going to say. What is it Mom?  She was silent. Maybe it was my step dad, they'd had a few rifts lately. Whatever it is you can tell me, I'm here for you Mom, I said naively.  she grabbed my hand, Karla I have something really awful to tell you. There were tears in her eyes but she blinked them away. She was trying to be strong. I took her hand in mine.  Karla, I don't know how to tell you this. Today your Dad was in a terrible car accident. He didn't make it, honey.  My heart sank. I stared at her in disbelief.  What did you just say?  I'm so sorry honey, he didn't make it, She hugged me close. My head was spinning trying to make sense of the words I had just heard. Just then, Neal walked in. I looked up at him, my boss, and I said the words out loud.My Dad died.   Saying it out loud didn't make me believe it any more. It was a dream; I was a fly on the wall watching it like a movie. A silent observer, a wallflower if you will. This wasn't my life, this was happening to someone else. Reality didn't sink in til months later. I returned to Cuppa in the summer. As much as I despised the place for surrounding me in my most vulnerable of times I couldn't leave it behind. So much had changed with the passing of my Dad, I needed to hold on to some sense of familiarity. I began college in the fall of 2003. I had to begin a new chapter in my life.
 I returned home after my freshman year of college to a new Cuppa Café, one with a different owner. Though the new manager kept many of the same staples, grilled paninis, homemade soups, and salads he also introduced his own new flair, being a recent culinary school grad. He ordered in new varieties of the yerba mate I was adoringly accustomed to. A spiced chai yerba, a green, all of which tickled and pleased my taste buds. Even when my days at the café ceased I have always carried your product with me. Naturally caffinated yet not too strong, it's a beautiful beverage to enjoy any time of the day. Thank you for introducing this wonderful product to my life, it is truly a blessing!! I've shared it with friends and family, raved about it to coworkers, anyone who shows an inkling of interest in the finer things. I have a lot of admiration for your product and for the hardworking individuals who are committed to sharing it with the world!  Love and light,  Karla Gardner, a deeply satisfied soul and lifelong customer. :)



I would like to compliment you on your loose mate tea. I gave up coffee about 7 years ago due to health concerns. As you may know, coffee in the USA is a nationwide addiction. I mean that literally. People are addicited to the high caffeine content of coffee. I recall when I got off the habit of drinking coffee, I suffered from withdrawl. I felt sick and depressed for a week while my body got "clean". After just drinking plain water for a month, I started drinking tea. It was a healthy alternative to morning coffee and I came to love it. About three months ago, I was working on a construction site (did I mention I am in the construction business?), and I was talking to some laborers from South America. Argentina and Paraguay to be exact. We were on a "coffee" break. Me with my tea and the boys with their...well, lets just say they were drinking out of a weird looking little wooden cup! I am a curious guy and kindly asked them what the heck were they drinking?! They kindly told me it was mate and to mind my own business (jokingly, of course!). They offered me a sip and I took them on their offer. It tasted great to me! They told me about the popularity of mate and of the health benefits of mate. Thus, my introduction to mate was born! Not only did I like the taste (actually, love is a better word), I liked the good way it made me feel. My energy is up, I feel better all-around, and my new South American friends have shown me the correct way to share the bombilla with others! One more important thing. The mate I was introduced to and the mate I prefer is...you guessed it...Guayaki brand mate! It is offered in a local store so I buy it there. Now that I have "discovered" the Guayaki website and all the various Guayaki products, I will be buying my mate online! Now, if you excuse me, I must order my Guayaki mate. Peace.



From the rainforest A gift shared with gourd and straw Friends, Yerba Mate

Rachelle Alspaugh

I studied abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina back when I was in college in the late 90's. Ten years later, when I think back to my fondest memories of Argentina, I will have to say that the experience of sitting around with friends and family drinking mate really did change my life. Every day when I came home from my classes, my host mom would heat up the water for us and we would spend the next hour just talking and sharing mate together. Whenever I'd get together with friends on the weekends, someone always had the mate with them. I have such wonderful memories of sharing mate with close friends on every outting. We never packed our time so full that we didn't have time for mate. I was there to learn Spanish, and what a better opportunity to practice my Spanish than to sit around with an intimate group of friends and just talk. When I came home after the semester, the one thing I missed more than anything was the mate experience. Though we may sit around a cup of coffee or tea with friends here in the U.S., we still are in such a rushed society that it doesn't even compare to the intimacy I found in my friendships in Argentina. I have introduced mate to several of my friends in the U.S., but more than that, I always share the greatest lesson of all that mate taught me. If we don't take the time on a daily basis to just sit and enjoy each other's company, we are missing out on life's greatest treasure. Recently, my mother called to tell me about all the wonderful health benefits of drinking mate. As soon as I hung up with her, I reached into my pantry, got out my gourd, bombilla, and the yerba, and now I am drinking it daily again. Every sip I take brings back a memory. Oh, the countless memories a small gourd can hold!

I love waking up to a cup...

I love waking up to a cup of yerba mate or a yerba mate latte it makes me feel good, I LOVE YOUR GUAYAKI 
- joshua brisbin

I will drink nothing other than Yerba Mate

My name is Manuel, I am a Mexican aspiring singer living in California. My experience with Yerba Maté has been great. I had heard of Yerba Mate years ago, since I lived in my native country but never tried it. When I read that Madonna and Antonio Banderas among others were drinking Yerba Mate instead of coffee I decided to try it and see what all the hype was about. About 4 months ago I stopped performing because I was losing my voice, I couldn't even sing in the shower anymore, my voice was scratchy and it lacked melody, the total opposite of what it used to be. This put me in a depression because singing is all I have ever dreamed of doing and without my voice I felt I had nothing else to offer. 

I began drinking Yerba Mate three weeks ago, I drink one cup in the morning and one in mid-afternoon. The main reason I drank it was because it contains antioxidants, sustains physical energy and imporves digestion, I have noticed changes in my body that I really like, I have more energy, I sleep better at night, I'm not "jittery" like when I drink coffee. The biggest change I noticed was 4 days ago when, at a dinner party, my friends asked me to sing for them. I felt nervous because of my vocal chord conidtion but when I took that microphone my voice was clear as usual and I was able to reach the same high notes I used to. I do believe that Yerba Mate has helped my vocal chords quite a bit, I don't know what exactly it is, if it helped to hydrate them, relax them or the simple fact that I drink a hot tea has made them improve. Whatever it may be, I want to say that from now on I will drink nothing other than Yerba Mate. Thanks so very much for shaing this treasure with the world :)

Manuel Duarte

Lynn Bernard

I love this herb . I drink it everyday and have never felt better.

Boarder Crossing

My friends, Eric and Ryan look like they just made it over the border successfully, but they are really just drinking some mate and proud of it.

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