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Guayakí Yerba Mate - A Powerful Rainforest Experience

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Rosa Franco

United State

First I would like to apologize for any grammar error on the language I am still learning. This story I am going to share, I owe it to my dad who, as a young man worked hard harvesting yerba mate in the Parana region of Paraguay, home to the holly plant (ilex paraguayensis). As a little girl, my first toy wasn't a silver rattle but one made of ka-y-gua (native guarani voice for gourd)presented to my mother by the indians who back then lived on my parents land and came to see the little girl. My parents are mestizos which is a mixed of white and indian. I remember them drinking mate every morning by the fire whilst preparing "cocido con leche" for the children breakfast (a slightly roasted brewed mate with sweetened steamed milk) Many years later and far away from home, one day, "Guayaki" connected me back to my roots when, on one of my errands to a Whole Foods store I saw it on display while searching for teas.It filled me with pride to see an american company named after the native Guayaki.I have became ever since a spokeperson of this tea once considered the "drink of the gods" sharing it with many people I care about. Most recently, I introduce it to a client of the company I work for who couldn't make feel prouder when I noticed how he washed(weakened) the yerba on his very first time. The following day he already mentioned to me his preference of the gourd over the carved wood cup!.I knew he was going to be real on it! I really treasure when people drinks it because of the nutritional value it provides and not just because it makes them look hip. A part of me believes that every mate gourd carry a bit of indian soul.

Gabriel Le Blanc


I would like to start off by saying THANK YOU! I got all my family and friends hooked on Guyaki Yerba MaTe. You can catch me and my family in the early hours of every morning sipping Guyaki Yerba MaTe together and having feelings of LOVE and sense of well being. Once i found out that Guyaki was going to have a booth at the Healing Arts Festival in San Diego, my family/friends decided to attend, and we sat next to the booth and had the BEST TIME EVER drinking Guyaki MaTe and enjoying the live music. I hope you appreciate the pictures! -Gabriel Le Blanc



Folks, on the one hand I work in a high-pressure high-tech environment in the Silicon Valley. On the other, I have decided to quit drinking coffee -- it does not give me the sustained energy I need throughout the day. You see my problem? Beloved Guayaki Yerba Matte (in delic Pure Empower Mint flavor) is the answer to the problem. Your product has increased my energy level and helps me sustain it for hours and hours. So I can do what I do best -- increase shareholder value. Thanks and I love you!



For years, coffee was my beverage of choice - however - my drink is now your Yerba Mate teas!! Especially your bottled Raspberry tea - I take it everywhere i go - even work & I work for Starbucks. I really appreciate Starbucks Free Trade agreements with farmers that is why I love your company!! I've done my research & watched you on Sara Snow & I'm very impressed with the way you run your business!! GREAT JOB!! Keep touching lives and making fantastic tea products!! Thank you for enhancing my every day well being!! Sheri

Wes Kaye


Jitterrrrryyyyy...upset tummy....can't possibly sleep.... is 28 cups of coffee too much!?! What's this? Mate? Gentle buzz? No stomach ache? Easily drifting to dreamland? Mix with pepermint, ginko, cranberry juice, latte it up? All of these work! Rejoicement...

Vincent Bernal


I would like to begin by simply saying Thank You for making such a highly beneficial product, which tastes amazing! I am a newly converted Guayaki Yerba Mate enthusiast following a recent television show that I caught on the Food Network in January 2008. I enjoy watching  ˜Get Fresh with Sara Snow"  because she always has great ideas for cooking healthy food. When I saw the coverage of this company Guayaki, the creators of this drink that could provide that morning boost I need to get my day going, I was immediately intrigued. After the show I went straight online to search for this stuff, and after a few minutes of reading and research, I found out that my local Sunflower Market carried a half pound loose leaf product, and the mint tea packages. I decided to give the mint teabags a try, and absolutely loved them! The morning mint flavor is amazing; with a little splash of Agave Nectar that I like to add, and my Guayaki Yerba Mate is the best part of my day now. Since my first experience, I have also tried the loose-leaf version in my French press, and have found another way to create the best morning drink ever. I still use a little Agave Nectar to sweeten it up a bit, and I add a touch of vanilla or hazelnut Silk Creamer. It’s also delicious with Silk Soymilk flavors. There are so many ways to create customized flavors for any palette that fits your taste buds. Beyond the taste, my mind is clear, and I never have the jitter feelings that I had with coffee. My stomach also thanks me for the gentle morning beverage I now enjoy as a coffee alternative. So I would like to say Thank You once again, and I continue to recommend Guayaki Yerba Mate products to my friends/family. Best Regards, Vincent Highlands Ranch, Colorado USA

Nichole Snow


If you wouldn't eat it, why would you put it on your skin? Your skin absorbs medicines and facial treatments. So why use crazy chemicals? I decided to make a face mask! 1 Guayaki Tea Bag (or tsp. Yerba Mate) 1 Peppermint Tea Bag (or tsp. fresh peppermint) 1 teaspoon honey 1 Tablespoon Baking Soda Add very hot water one Tablespoon at a time, until its a watery paste. Apply to affected areas of face. Its very messy! Let rest about 10 minutes rinse with warm water. Yes, I really did this! After reading all of the health benefits of Yerba Mate, I knew this would help with my acne. My face felt great as I sipped my tea and relaxed. Thanks for a great product!!


Yerba Mate in India

I have been drinking the green vegetable for eight years, and it keeps growing on me.
I am in India, on a spiritual journey. The mate with me, no doubt.
I have introduced so many people to it, those who go beyond the initial unknown just love it. It’s like like that with everything, with India too. India is strange for everyone who comes from the west. You have got to go deep into it to enjoy it. So with the Mate, you gotta let it seep in, steadily. One sip wont give you the whole benefit, the feeling..like India wont give you its heart unless you wait, in a temple, in a crowd, on a dirtheap…
You gotta take the time, you gotta be there totally, letting go.. totally. Then India can do something for you unlike any other country I have visited, she will arise and gaze at you, while you watch carefully, meditating. India has a heart much unspoiled in its core, just like organic mate is ever pure being a heaven sent gift.
I found they love each other, they help each other. India has dirt on the surface and pure gold within, .. like meditation you have to somehow find a way in, and a gourd in one hand helps tremendously. I have tried it. Unfortunately I ran out. Still got four weeks of India without mate,… I never ran out for this long before. But who knows, maybe it is a test, India is famous for renunciation. Meantime I just roam in India without the cherished company, through temples, streets, flowers and trees, reminding me that the Mother is in all nature…
However in a perfect herb like mate she sparkles like a self realized saint of the mother of all gods, Ancient India.
So I again upraise this plant, again and again…for its perfect example of health, vitality and joy for life through purity and awareness.
Maybe if I am lucky I find the yerba somewhere in distant India, all things possible, right?
Keep up the good stuff


you have changed my life for the better

just wanted to let you know I have been a tea drinker for years, but have never ventured to the mate. I recently started to drink it and I love your product soooooooooo much it has changed my life, I work nights here at a hospital and as you can imagine my body is turned upside down, but your mate tastes the best and just well is the best....... thank you for making a great product, I just wanted to let you all know that you put a smile on someones face everyday. Keep up the great work....... Kerry

One good vessel deserves another

I first felt the substance drawing me to it just as one is drawn to a lover a little over a year and a half ago. I had obtained a copy of William S. Burroughs' work naked lunch from the library and found myself scanning over the list of mind altering substances in the back of the book.
I must have read the yerba  mate description because the following day the words "yerba  mate" caught my eye while flipping through a book I also happened across called "Caffeine; the worlds most popular drug."
Bare in mind that I was not on the hunt for such substances that day at the library. Soon I found myself in the G N C store at North Hills mall in Hurst Texas. The help there, Bob, seemed to have all the answers and more for my fellow shoppers, although, when I spoke the mysterious words "yerba  mate." Bob was oblivious but was kind enough to order me some.
A week later Bob had the goods waiting for me behind the counter. He was really impressed with all it was said to do. Not long after he had been ordering me two bags a week he expressed to me how he was now having to order more and more due to he rapid increase in sales. Last Christmas my Mom gave me yerba  mate and I was proud to learn that she purchased it from a G N C at a different mall near by. I like to think that my initial purchase stocked those shelf's as well.
The night I first tried the blessed herb vessel. I dreamed that I was being chased by evil demon dogs all night. I sensed it was a spiritual condition being purged from my body. The next day I felt so light and new as if a heavy weight had been removed.
Also, I immediately noticed that the wind in my hair was more intiment, bushes, trees, even the rocks and dirt were bright and alive with the same life force as me. Darkness had been pierced and tunnel vision desolved. The undiluted awareness revealed its self to me as a direct telepathic link, an unobstructed prayer flowing instinctively, perpetually to a God who I had previously grown ashamed to approach.
People of Guayakí, I greet you with a holy kiss. You have served me well. How may I serve you?
With the greatest magnitude of gratitude I give you thanks!
Jason Dan Bailey  2003-09-08

The Stuff Is Great

I read an article about yerba  mate tea in Woman's World Magazine. They gave several brands as recommendations, including Guayakí.
I searched the web for others and was most impressed with Guayakí.
The Chai Spice, followed by the Orange Blossom are my favorites. Many "spiced and/or flavored" teas (especially herbals) smell better than they taste. This is not true with Guayakí, most notably the Chai Spice.
I bought 2 special thermos's (Thermos Brand, Nissan stainless inside and out) to be able to cart my tea around with me all day to work, meetings, in the car, etc. I try to drink an equivalent of 3 cups per day, after my AM coffee. I use honey and the thermos is 100% spill proof. So I put the bag in, coat with honey, close thermos and shake. I leave the bag(s) in the tea for the duration! Sometimes I use 2 bags if I use the large thermos.
The stuff is great. Calming to the nerves, the aromatherapy is great, and the metabolism boost doesn't hurt. Doesn't keep me up at night either.
I would LOVE a gourd. Someday, maybe my husband will get me one or three for a present! They look SO attractive.
What made me buy Guayaki in the first place?
Your web site is beautiful with many descriptions/pictures and info about the company.
WHERE you are in the country. I visit there a lot, used to live in California (both north and south) and LOVE the place - especially the areas from SF to LA and LA to SD, and pass through there frequently on business trips (Monterey, Santa Barbara, Oxnard, San Diego, Camp Pendleton among others).
The price was very reasonable compared to others.
You didn't have major claims that were "too good to be true" such as "you'll lose 10 lbs a week drinking this," etc.
I'm not adverse to saving the Rain Forest in South America. My daughter is a Rainforest fanatic and some day will visit them.
You colorful bags, website, designs and information packets. I ordered the samples first. They were tasteful and well designed. AND you actually answered an email that I sent asking some questions about where you are, and if I can stop by there, etc. The gourds and presses intrigued me as well.
Franceen George

Mate Dog

check out my dog drinking my mate


Consider me hooked. Took a walk down to our local health food store and low and behold... Great stuff!

On my and my girlfriends (Alana-photographer) downtime between, sailing the French Islands, touring the Vans Warped Tour and countless photo jobs all over the country we like to take walks in our amazing neighborhood of Los Feliz (CA), usually stopping by at our local market for a quick energy refill. This day (pictured) we stumbled on Guayaki in bottles! What a perfect whistle wetting solution for a mid-day stroll. We're hooked!

Gail Weinberger


I was introduced to Guayaki many years ago at the Natural Foods Expo East, maybe 1998, when they were making "yerba matte lattes" at the show for anyone interested. I remember standing in line with my daughter, who was 12 at the time. We walked around drinking them and when we were all done couldn't believe how great we felt! We were hooked. We drink the tea all of the time. We have a ritual on Sundays. We wake up and while making breakfast drink from our gourds with our bombillas, what a rush! I always order in bulk directly from Guayaki. In the winter I use the loose tea and in summer I buy bulk teabags to put into my bottles of water for a refreshing change from plain water. I have always found the guayaki "crew" to be a great uplifting group of people. I am happy to support what they are all about! Warmly, Gail


Hey guys...just wanted to state the obvious and tell ya'll that you've got one great product.As a pre-med/biology student at UAB, the courses are demanding and the pace relentless.A buddy of mine told me about Guayaki so I went to the store to check it out. After I brewed a cup of your Orange mate, I had the stamina and clarity to keep up with the daily demands.Thanks a lot for doing what you do!! It's now a staple to aid me in my everyday grind. Peace...Bryan

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