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Guayakí Yerba Mate - A Powerful Rainforest Experience

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Mate has simply changed my life. Stay positive and be well! -Gemma



As a member of the Uruguayan Diaspora and a life time Mate drinker (traditional style = gourd & bombilla) I am delighted to see the level of international exposure Guayaki is giving our national beverage and I emphasize the gourd because nobody in the world drinks more mate than Uruguayans. As our elders profess and your followers confirm; mate is good for everything!! Although is true that all health benefit angles have been covered by your site, the one we love the most -the social one, is missing. Back home, Mate is part of our everyday life. World, sports, family and even love issues are resolved while passing around gourds and sipping this amazing bitter tea thru bombillas that have been in the family sometimes for generations. We Uruguayans, seal our discussions, regardless the topic, with a mate. Thank you for promoting mate drinking and for doing it with social conscience.

R. Mar


Guayaki is truly committed to their customers. I recently purchased a Gourd from them. It was windy here in Fresno and the Gourd came in a one pound box. Now I am not sure if the wind blew the box away or the construction workers or someone else stole it, but I never got my package. UPS had labeled it delivered. UPS would not do anything for me, so I figured I'd see if Guayaki could do anything, though I knew it was a long shot as they did NOTHING wrong. I emailed them explained what had happened even letting them know that they did everything right. Guayaki's response was amazing. Instead of letting me not have a gourd, they shipped me a replacement one. I was impressed. They fixed a problem what wasn't even theirs and made me a customer for life. Thanks for the great customer service.

Olivia Taylor

United States of America

A salesman for Yerba Mate came to my campus at Loyola University of New Orleans. He gave out a multitude of free samples to anyone who cared to try it. So many of my friends and I were immediately hooked. The very earthy and genuine taste of the Yerba Mate just made us all fall in love with it. However, the best Yerba Mate story I have is that at a recent Cross Country meet, a boy brought along his gourd and bombilla. Many were hesitant, but those of us who had tasted the Mate previously sung its praises, inspiring most to at least try it. We drank it the night before and the morning of the race. It gave us an excitement and an energy for the race that we had not felt for any of our other races. As we ran, we discussed later, we felt energized and vivacious. It was very cold where we were, but drinking the Yerba Mate beforehand warmed and encouraged us. The majority of the people on our team got a new personal record that day. Some may say that happened because it was an easy course. Some may say it was because the weather was agreeable. But we really know what it was. It was the Yerba Mate. Thank you so much for your delicious product. I know where I am buying all of my Chrismas presents now! Peace, Olivia

Paul Traficanti

United State

One day i was at my friends house and he told me about this tea that his mom bought that tasted great and said it "soothed the soul". So i came over and had a couple tea bags, it was amazing. The next day we brought four bags per person for everyone in our band. We heated up the water and all drank tea and made played music. Yerba Mate has helped us all bond and make better music. I drink it every day and i will never even sip coffee again. It has become a tradition to drink it at band practice for everyone in the band. I also bring it everywhere i can go. Thats why i'm saving up points for a nice travel mug. We are also going to buy the gourd and bombilla to pass around at practice. This stuff rocks, paul

Sophia Falco

United States of America

I am 13 years old and absolutely love your original yerba mate! I'm always excited when my mom brings me a bottle home from the grocery store. It makes me happy because it is all-natural drink and tastes great! It is truly one of a kind. I also love helping the environment and I'm glad that the money we spend goes to help the rainforest and the indigenous people. Keep up the good work! Thanks again!



The tea is great; I sip and enjoy, the tea bag goes into the worm bin, some of the worms go into the chicken pen and come out as the most beautiful eggs; the worm compost goes on to the veggie garden and comes out as vegetables; the tea provided income, the trees provide habitat for birds and animals; how perfect can the circle be? (I suppose the only unhappy ones are the worms the chickens eat!)



I discovered Yerba Mate on a vacation to Argentina. I noticed locals sipping from the beautiful, ornate, gourds everywhere we went. I purchased one along with some loose mate and have been hooked ever since. I love the energy without the coffee jitters. I put about 1/2 cup in a french press and pour four cups filtered, hot water over it, then let it steep for a few minutes before pressing it. I repeat this again using the same 1/2 cup of mate, (enjoy a warm cup now) and put all the rest in a pitcher with two Tablespoons of grade B maple syrup, add ice and I have enough iced tea for a day. My five year old son is always saying "can I have some Mate?"

Joanna Smith


For two summers I lived on a polo-horse ranch in the South of France with a young man from Argentina. He was living there to train the horses, and I was living there while I taught at a kindergarten to improve my French. When I first arrived, I spoke no Spanish at all. One morning, while sitting at our breakfast table, the young Argentine passed me a gourd of Yerba Mate. As we could barely communicate, I had no idea what it was or if it was really a good idea for me to drink it, but I didn't want to be rude. So I tried it and he giggled at the face I made when the bitter taste of mate first hit the tip of my tongue. As the summers went on, we continued to pass the mate gourd back and forth and we were sometimes joined by the others who lived on the farm (Including the six-year-old Gaucho-to-be living next door, pictured drinking mate at a polo match) I was surprised at the energy and all-around good feeling that I gained from drinking it. By the end of the two years, I was speaking almost fluent Spanish and have become great friends with my "Gaucho" house mate. A few weeks ago I found your Guayaki Mate at a local store here in Cleveland and I bought it without hesitation. When I opened the bag to smell it when I got home, it brought a few tears to my eyes as the memories of my little corner of Argentina in France came back to me. Next time I talk to my friend, I can't wait to tell him about my new discovery. I am so impressed by not only the taste of Guayaki Yerba Mate, but also the great ways that it is helping the environment and restoring the South American tradition.



I was first introduced to mate as a teen through some Uruguayan neighbours of mine. They passed my brother and me the "family gourd" when we were over one day and that was it - I was hooked. That was around 1990. Since then, my faithful companion has accompanied me on my extensive travels throughout Asia, Africa and Europe, helping me make friends wherever I have been (ironically, I have yet to visit South America!). I also credit yerba mate – along with an attempt to live a balanced lifestyle – as the main reason I have maintained a virtually non-existent record of illness in the twenty or so years I have been drinking it. Not a day goes by when I don’t enjoy and appreciate sipping the magic tea.



Usually I consider myself a health guru, but one day I came across a mention in a book of "yerba mate." It sounded interesting and was highly praised, but I had never heard of it before. Again and again this tea was popping up, with its myriad benefits. Immediately I rushed to my health food co-op and looked at the options. While there were various yerbas to choose from, Guayaki was the first one that caught my eye and the only one I will drink. Its fair trade, organic, and sustainable properties appealed, and the loose leaf traditional variety seemed simplistic and pure. Its taste was delicious, and I urged it on my friends and family. I love its tradition and have visions of uniting all my loved ones in a yerba circle where we can relax and enjoy yerba and company. Certainly the social drinking of yerba is much more beneficial than other social drinking of alcohol. While I do not drink coffee, I wish every coffee drinker would try yerba instead, it would transform their bodies and spirits. Although I drink various other herbal and green teas, yerba is the only one I never go without. Drinking yerba is a daily ritual that invigorates me and I refuse to miss my cup of mate. Usually I drink yerba from a press or tea ball but I imagine carving my own yerba gourd so I can drink it in the proper way with a beautiful bombilla. Everything about yerba interests me and I keep finding more research on your website and others about why it is such a perfect beverage. Drinking yerba makes me want to visit Brazil where others might teach me more of its tradition and I could experience its homeland. All of us yerba drinkers need to do our part to share the goodness with the unaware world. Green yerba mate Sip as slowly as you can Health to the whole self. Peace and thank you, my lovely yerba people. You are doing the earth a favor and I will never stop drinking yerba.



I was introduced to Mate' on a trip to Niagra Falls this past July. Both my sister and I are "tea snobs", in that we both quit drinking coffee and are avid tea drinkers. We share our recent discoveries as this has been our connection when we need a break from our busy lives. I was on my way to meet up with her in Ohio, so I bought her some Mate' for her to try. When I returned to Illinois, I searched Yerba Mate' on the web and was surprised to find so much information on the product. I really liked Guayaki's website and enjoyed clicking through the various links. I learned a lot about the tea, and yes, I am hooked! Thank you!



I was recently shopping at a local natural foods store when I came across your delicious tea. They were giving away free sample bags of Guayaki Yerba Mate Chocolatte. I took a sample home, not expecting to have the experience I was about to have. Later that night I brewed up a hot cup of the sample tea and was surprised by its smooth flavor. The next morning I awoke from a sound night of sleep plentiful with dreams. Then the energy hit me. I sprung out of bed and spent the day zipping thru my to-do list, not once feeling tired. I hadn't felt this good in years. So then I did what I had to do... I drove to the natural foods store to get my hands on some of that magical tea. I nearly ran back to the tea display area, excited to have a whole box of that chocolatey goodness to myself. And there I stood, staring at the empty shelf, not believing that there was NO Guayaki tea left to buy. The store clerk said that they only kept a few boxes on hand at a time and would probably have some in stock in a week or so. Needless to say I returned exactly one week later. From that day on I have been happily indulging in what has become my favorite tea of all time. Thanks Again!!

Christopher Devine


Dear Guayaki, I really enjoy your bottled yerba mate. There are three different brands of yerba mate that I've seen at the store. In my opinion, Guayaki is the best. I was not aware of yerba mate until I read "The Motorcycle Diaries". It did wonders for Ernesto "Che" Guavera and Alberto Granado in their travels throughout South America. I have come to realize the physically and mentally uplifting qualities that yerba mate has to offer. I just bought my first case of Guayaki Yerba Mate last week. Thank you for making this product available! Chris

julie dyson


Don Miguel, Joe and all @ Guayaki- Two days ago I, along with my daughter Gemma were thrilled to meet Joe and Don Miguel @ Green Festival in Chicago,IL. We were so happy to see the Guayaki logo as we walked through the door that day. We quickly ran over to say hi and thanks for such a wonderful Tea. (I think I was acting like a Mate groupie!) We heard about Guayaki on an episode of a Sara Snow tv show. We tried it and instantly loved it. It was like having a warm cup of Mother Earth. I am not exagerating when I say it has been life changing for me, physically, mentally, and spiritually. It has been the catalyst along with exercise to help me lose 65lbs and counting. More importantly, it has begun an awakening for me of the world around. Beginning with turning to Organic food choices, recycling, bicycling, becoming more aware and choosing a more Green lifestyle. I can't say why exactly that Mate did it for me, although, I do feel like I taste the Earth itself each morning I sip my first cup of Mate and just want to take a bit better care of this wonderful God given Earth. You have a Mate called Magical Mint, but as far as I am concerned, all the Mate from Guayaki is magical. Can't thank you enough for bringing Mate here; my cup of happiness each morning. Sincerely a lifetime Mate drinker, julie

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