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Guayakí Yerba Mate - A Powerful Rainforest Experience

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I am always happy to drink my yerba mate. I really enjoy the nice calm feeling i alwas experience. I heard about mate from a teacher of mine so I decided to order a gourd, bombilla,and a pound of mate. Before long i had to buy a 5 pound bag I love this product it great feeling and mega tasty Thanks Guayaki and enjoy your mate everyone



I first had mate in Paraguay--the heart of mate country. I was volunteering there for two months with another girl, teaching about the environment and health risks at the school and church. Every morning we would crawl out of our sleeping bags and greet our host family, chatting while passing around the guampa and bombilla. We would leave to help around town, occasionally taking a break with whoever was near for some mate. In the evenings we would again sit around drinking mate with our host family, talking about what everyone did that day, plans for tomorrow, or just watching the soaps paraguayans are so fond of. It was a time to relax and regroup, reassuring us that despite our only passable command of the language we were saf and welcome. Two months later we were back in the states, but we had adjusted to the paraguayan lifestyle. I started looking for mate and found yours at a local health foods store. I still have a cup first thing in the morning and when I sit down with friends. Its a tradition I can't see parting with. Mate makes my day complete.

Shary Tejada


I finally decided to write to you. The only thing I want to say is that I am absolutely not a tea person what so ever. Last month one of my in-laws brought some Guayaki tea bags over and he asked me to give one a try. So I did... and I kid you not I I I L O V E your guayaki tea ! ! That's it, Thx. Shary



Ever since you guys visited my high school, Orange County High School of the Arts, I've been hooked on yerba mate! I told my mom about it and we went to Trader Joe's and bought some tea bags. I like to take my empty bottled yerba mate drink, fill it with water and add a tea bag. It's easy to take places and reuses the bottles! I have no amazing life changing story, just a thanks for showing me this amazing drink!


i enjoy the tea very much. FYI after ever cup i put the tea bags in my garden. strange thing happens, the plants seem to love it!!!

Ernesto Torres


They only time I drink coffee or an energy drink is when I can't find Guayaki tea. This stuff is the best.



Thank you for bringing the Guayaki organic tea to CA! I love the Mate Chocolatte --its not only good for you, but the taste is delightful and provides just the perfect compliment to the ending of a good meal or the end of a productive day. I'll have to try in the morning in lieu of coffee. Best to you and yours and thanks once again for the ultimate in teas.

Brenda Freeman


I currently work at a flourishing Wellness Center which supports all organic products and Holistic Health. Here I was introduced to Guayaki Tea. Many days we are so busy at work I look up and it is 2:00 or 3:00 p.m. and I have not stopped for lunch or even thought about taking a break. On one particular day a co-worker was raving about the Guayaki products in our break room. I immediately went back and prepared myself a cup of the Guayaki Traditional Yerba Mate, knowing I did not have time to eat my lunch any time soon. Right away I felt the positive effects of the product. I first noticed a sense of well-being, a true calming effect and a surge of mental awareness that helped me get focused right back to my challenging documents. Unbelievably my hunger pains were immediately eliminated and I felt very satisfied. Many days prior I had dragged on plunging through my work with lack of energy, wishing a cup of coffee would provide longevity instead of anxiety. Now amazingly with the aid of the Guayaki Tea I am at peak performance and have felt incredible. I personally fell in love with this product and rely on it daily. Thanks o much! -Brenda

Sofia Arrue


Having tried different kinds of Yerba I can say that Guayaki offers great products. For me it all started working at the World Market in Richmond where I purchased some yerba and ever since I've chosen this brand for its freshness, I now have it everywhere, espcially when I'm hiking and backpacking, it's become a tradition of mine to bring my gourd and share some yerba with my mates. I also see you are now using biodegradable packaging which is a great compliment to an already great product. Thanks for your products.



Simply said, Yerba Mate is YERBALISTIC!!!


Rock tea

Hi to all you delicious tea-makers.

Here is a Guayaki story that took place about 2 years ago and I've been
wanting to tell you since...every time I open your yellow bag of tea and
read your request for yerba mate stories.

My family lovingly calls your tea "rock tea" because it tastes very
earthy...like boiled rocks. I have four adult kids, all living away from
home ... in college or working.

One chilly winter night two years ago I was awakened by a phone call
late at night (distressing for every parent whose kids are far from
home). It was my then-21 year old son Han calling to say he and some
friends had come to Phoenix for a concert and were headed back up to
Flagstaff. They wanted to know if there was "any food in the house."

Since I'm such a sucker-for-a-kid,  I told him to get their booties home
and I would see what I could grub up. I tumbled out of bed, fixed
platefuls of scrambled eggs and toast, and to top it all off and to keep
them awake for their 2.5 hour drive back up the hill to Flagstaff where
they were attending college...I put on a pot of "rock tea". 

At that time I lived on the edge of Phoenix, in the desert...on two
acres at the foot of a mountain, overlooking the mountains to the east.
The house was very old and ramshackle but the setting was
spectacular...with coyotes that roamed thru the yard or howled in the
distance, and a blanket of stars at night. We had our late-late dinner
outdoors by candle and starlight...the warmth of the yerba mate soothing
us all, and giving us a memory to treasure forever. It was my son Han
and me, and 3 of his college friends who will always remember the
stories and warmth we shared over your Yerba Mate "rock tea" in the wee
hours of a cold desert night.


Stephen Woods


My family and I lived in Argentina's Misiones Province for 7 years. During that time, our friends there taught me to make a mate as smooth and long-lasting as theirs. Recently I got some Guayakí yerba, and I must say it is as tasty and capable of maintaining that coveted foam head as any yerba we ever drank in Argentina. Sharing the mate is one of the most beautiful interpersonal relationship symbols in the world. My wife and I sit down each morning and enjoy several together, and with Guayakí­ one charge of yerba lasts 2 mornings, with the second as good as the first! I can't wait to see how good it will be as "tereré," yerba infused with cold natural fruit juice and ice in a metal cup and enjoyed with that same fine bombilla!



I was first introduced to Guayaki Yerba Mate while volunteering at a wildlife conservation station on a small island on the Caribbean side of Honduras. There we would spend our mornings brewing up large quantities of Mate, and then taking tour groups around the island explaining the importance of conserving the natural environment. After a few hours trekking through the mangrove swamps and hardwood forests we would all sit down to an all natural and sustainable treat of mate, surrounded by ocean and coconut trees. I bet i hooked more people on mate in those 6 months then any amount of tv ads ever could. -Derek

Jana Lynne White


by Jana Lynne White

It was early September on Cortes Island.  The wind was beginning to hint of autumn and the 2008 Social Venture Institute was well underway.  A yearly gathering of socially conscious business people, SVI is an annual adventure in acquiring business acumen along with social responsibility.

As a frequent attendee, and occasional participant as a media strategist and coach, I look forward to SVI like most people anticipate a vacation.  And that’s what it is, a ‘business’ vacation for people who are deeply committed to be the change they want to see in the world.

One warm and starry night, after a day filled with creative business case studies and inspirational speakers, I spotted Guayaki co-founder, David Karr, serving up a potent and tasty brew called Yerba Matte. 

Intrigued, I asked questions and learned about Guayaki’s passionate environmental and business strategy of “market driven restoration”. I also learned about the meaningful cultural significance of making and sharing Yerba Mate.

So imagine my surprise when, after I shared a few magical and spiritual references about gourds, David expressed interest in hearing more.  Frankly, after listening to him champion Yerba Matte, I assumed he knew all there was to know about the containers traditionally used for consuming this refreshing and regenerative drink.

Assumptions are always the first mistake.

And so, because Mr. Karr kindly asked me, allow me to share some gourd history with you, just in case, you too, find it interesting.

From the Far East, to Hawaii, and certainly throughout the Americas, gourds have strongly factored in many creation stories. Arawak Indians believed the ocean was created in a gourd. The calabash, in Hawaii, symbolized the Universe.  The bottom half of the calabash was the earth, the top half, the sun, the moon, and the sky: its seeds, the stars.

Gourds are, in essence, magical, vegetable, wombs.  Gourds stand in for the Sacred Mother, pregnant with potential, keeper of the seeds, safe within her sacred space.  Ceremonial gourd rattles, the joining of the stem and the bowl, are an active representation of the cosmic creative connection between masculine phallus and feminine womb.

Shamans from all points on Earth have traditionally kept sacred objects inside the safe protection of a gourd.  The Maori placed a child’s umbilical chord inside a gourd to safeguard the sacred union between Mother and child and represent the immortality of humankind.  The bottle gourd often symbolizes heaven and earth, and within it, if you know how to access them, exist other, secret realms.

On a physical level, doors and windows shaped like bottle gourds are a physical reminder of the potency of the gourd shape and the gourd container.  And so, it comes as no surprise to me, that Yerba Matte has, and always will, taste better in a gourd.  And from learning about the art of sustainability in conferences like SVI, one begins to deeply understand that humans should not tamper with what Mother Nature has perfected. 

The gourd as a container is a perfect vehicle for the beverage and the experience of Yerba Matte. It links us with an awareness of deeper roots and deeper awareness.   It reminds us of feminine, sustainable, and renewable ways of being. 

And so, Mr. Karr, I hope I’ve fulfilled my obligation to expand your understanding of the gourd.  And I thank you, and the wonderful team at Guayaki, for introducing me to Yerba Matte.

Jana Lynne White

Jana Creative Inc.
“Sustainable and Beautiful Ideas”



I started drinking Mate Chocolatte Tea about 18 months ago. I am totally addicted. The only trouble is that I can't find it in stores where I live, so I buy it when I go to Chicago for business. but even that Whole Foods is running out. so, I am here online buying a month or two of happy supply. I even bring it with me to Europe. did you know that they have never even heard of it? I love it and encourage all my friends to try it. They usually prefer the mint flavor over chocolate. Thanks for having an online store! Karen

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