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Guayakí Yerba Mate - A Powerful Rainforest Experience

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I have just recently started drinking Yerba Mate and I am totally amazed by it. I purchased a pound of the traditional organic mate and I instantly fell in love with the first brew. I am in college now and the first thing i go for in in the morning is the mate. It helps me in the morning with energy, vitality, and concentration. I use to drink coffee but I'm glad i drink yerba mate now because it is so easy on my stomach and not even to mention the health benefits from it. I even bottle the mate to be cold for my workouts, it helps me keep energized while keeping my hydrated through my workouts! I certainly agree that this is the "drink of the Gods" and it is a tea/product that everyone should try! THANKS GUAYAKI!

The Motorcycle Diaries

I first heard of yerba mate by watching the movie, "The Motorcycle Diaries," which was about Che Guevara. It was an inspirational movie and they mentioned mate so much, my curiosity was peaked. I was able to buy some after much searching and was totally amazed at the energy I suddenly had - energy without the jittery feelings that coffee gave me. Now, I have a cup in the afternoons when I feel that "slump" coming on and wham! Not only am I energized but I just feel happy. Thank you for bringing your product to our country.  -- Mary Lou Spear


United States

When I was living in New Mexico I experienced major dehydration and I was advised to not drink coffee. As a replacement I went through many teas and coffee alternatives. All tasted like ground bark or smoked moss or fruity dishwater. I almost lost hope when one day I walked by and saw your crazy named tea and the bright yellow bag. I tried it...I loved every sip!! Eureka! It was perfect! I good tasty tea without the acidic aftertaste that other teas often have, as well it's bolder and super smooth, not wishy washy. I've had fun playing with mixing it with other teas like rooibos and mint only to be pleasantly surprised when you started offering yummy mixes yourself! My all time, All star favorite, and the whole reason I felt inspired to write you, is your Empowermint Mate. I love every single ingredient and I am so very very grateful that you don't put tons of awful sugar in your product! THANK YOU! I see all these great looking products then I look and its almost as much sugar as a soda pop! Not your stuff. It's healthy through and through, you guys have integrity with your promises and your product. There are great products out there in the health food industry, and great companies too...but not always at the same time. Sometimes it's one OR the other. You guys have both. I've changed my life too. Being introduced to your product introduced me to the idea that there are TASTY alternatives to my familiars. Hey, its so wonderful that you guys use organic cane sugar and very little of it, but would you ever consider Agave nectar or Stevia in any of your products? Just curious. Also, THANK YOU THANK YOU for the unsweetened version. OH! AND Thank you thank you for putting it in glass bottles instead of plastic bottles. For so many reasons, including positive recycling, glass also doesn't infect the tea with the poisons plastic does and it really keeps the integrity of the taste so it stays super yummy. Stays colder, longer too. Is that enough thank you's? Meh, what the heck..Thanks for being so awesome too!

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