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Guayakí Yerba Mate - A Powerful Rainforest Experience

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Your Tea is Great!!

I hesitated paying 7 dollars for a tea I had never tried. Suprise to me it was the best investment I had ever made.

I have been trying to give up coffee for the longest time, and couldn't find a worthy replacement. I have tried green tea, and it often has a stomach cramp reaction if I drink too much and isnt uplifting enough. Years of drinking coffee has given me muscle problems and slight fibromyalgia, so I was desperate for an alternative. Herbal stimulant pills are too much and you feel tired after.
Your tea is great!!! It stimulates my mind equal to coffee and is a sustained energy without a dropoff. It makes my mind sharp and my body is feeling better already. I found your tea in Lapeer, Michigan, at the kroger store in the organics section. I tried smoking it too, but I suppose its not meant for that... Thank you again and the rainforest people who preserve and produce this product. Its the best above all the rest.  -- Terry    2004-04-14


Guayaki Yerba Mate drinks are wonderful! They are very light and tasty and the naturally occurring caffeine gives me better mental clarity than coffee with none of the jitters. I have one in the morning and one in the afternoon and it helps me keep my focus at work all day. I love the mint and raspberry especially. If you want someone to open a Yerba Mate shop for you to take on Starbucks in San Diego California let me know. My wife keeps talking about wanting to open a coffee shop and I keep telling her we need to open a Yerba Mate shop! Regards, John Akers

Cubicle Philosphies to Freedom

I knew it was time to drop the Starbucks and run when I conscientiously chose the painful discomfort of high acidity to withdrawal related migraine-like headaches caused by coffee and what I put in it. Like most people, I do not enjoy coffee black. Naturally, I loaded up every cup with artificially flavored cream and artificial sweetener. Everyone knows artificial sweeteners contain carcinogens, and, still, I used them generously. Besides coffee, my diet is generally wholesome; I limit my highly processed and dairy foods. I try to think Kosher when it comes to food. My philosophy is if I can not figure out what the food is made of, and where it came from, I try not to eat it. But when it came to coffee, cream, and one, two, three pumps of whatever, yellow, blue, or (last resort) pink sweetener, it was no holds barred! My body was not only giving me signs that coffee is harmful for me; it was screaming bloody murder!
One visit to my favorite grocery store, I was looking for chai. My intentions were never caffeine-free, just more natural, lower in acid tea. I saw the mate. It was like a divine force guided my hands to pick up the package. Perhaps it was fate. Perhaps it was the word “Magic” in the Magical Mint Mate I love so much today. Perhaps, I really liked the packaging. Who knows!?
I noticed the absence of my headaches and what I imagine to be the-beginning-of-ulcer like pain in my abdomen. I noticed the diminishing cravings for sweets, and other unhealthy foods. Steadily, and quickly, I noticed my improved ability to focus and think clearly. My eating habits are improving, my attitude is improving. Mate just made everything better!
I brought it to the office, and began a revolution. People ask me what I am drinking as they walk by. It sounds like, (deep inhale) “mmmmm … what is that? That smells good!” The enthusiastic reply; “Magical Mint Mate! Would you like some?” I love to share my mate, in my untraditional Western way.
Now, as I sit calmly through traffic, my stainless steel commuter cup, the antithesis of the fundamental goals of Guayakí, holds the key to my ability to function effectively throughout my day naturally, and healthfully. I know that in the smallest way, my mini mate circle and I are making a positive impact on a way of being outside of our own. I hope that someday, with efforts as great as Guayakí’s, I will be able to escape the confines of my artificially lit, air conditioned office, and be able to visit unbridled canopies you preserve. And until then, I sip slowly, breath deeply, and make my way happily through back-to-school Walmart-shopping traffic.
Thanking you infinitely,  Gabriela   2004-09-30

Robyn Saxer

I first tried Yerba Mate when I was traveling around South America with my boyfriend--once we had figured out what the Argentines were doing, carrying around their "mate" and thermos and drinking it at least 3 times a day, we decided to try it. My boyfriend had his first taste at 5 a.m. with a fisherman in Uruguay. We loved the community feeling that drinking a cup of Yerba Mate gave us--we had some of the best conversations with South Americans over rounds of Yerba Mate. Coming back to the States after I broke my jaw in Peru, I started working a temporary job. Oh, no. Without caffeine, where do I get the energy to keep myself awake while spending hours seated behind a desk? I didn't want to drink caffeine because of the headaches and digestive issues that I had always experienced in the past. I longed for the clarity and refreshment that Yerba Mate provided, instead of the ultra high and low of coffee. THEN...I discovered that it does exist in the United States with Guayaki! I couldn't be more ecstatic about the sustainable, environmentally and socially friendly way this company produces Yerba Mate. Not only does it help me feel energized and healthy at work (or at play); it also pleases me to know that I am contributing to the well-being of a rainforest and its people. Thanks!

A New Ritual

Greetings to all my fellow mate drinkers and the Guayaki Team! Mate has changed my life over the last 2 years and I want to let others know so perhaps one other person might be inspired.  I was a smoker and a heavy coffee drinker consuming about 10 cups a day with two tablespoons of sugar and creamer in each!  As a computer programmer I have the cup at my desk and I am sipping hot beverage all day while quietly typing and thinking.  My friend, who at the time I thought was whacky because he drank this strange stuff called mate, would confront me about my habit.  He said so much coffee was unhealthy and that I wasn't getting enough water.  I laughed it off and told him that if I weren't getting enough water I would be dead since coffee was all I drank!  The problem was that the negative effects were taking awhile to manifest themselves.  I was often dehydrated and jittery.  I started getting sick about once every other month. I decided to try out what he was suggesting, and I switched to drinking flavored teas and teasans with Splenda.  I found there is a lot of variety out there and had fun experimenting with different flavor combinations.  For some unknown reason I have found that mate works great as a stand alone drink or as the base for a flavor mix.  I didn't get as tired or bored of the flavor like I did drinking highly specialized stuff like Stash Morroccan Mint or the like.  So fairly early mate was the staple of my hot beverage habbit.  I started noticing that I was hydrated and was less jittery.  Over a period of months I found that I had not been sick.  Well I went a whole year and a half before I got sick.  My immune system kicked it quickly and I was back up and running much quicker than I would have been before.  I don't mind shaking people hands any more and I don't swet it at work when people are sick because I see that my immune system is working optimally.  I can attest to the "mental clarity" effect of mate, as I am a programmer needing to concentrate.  If I am not careful to stop drinking it after 6pm I will be alert at 2am thinking of solutions to software problems :-)
I liked that Guayaki has premade flavor mixes that keep life interesting.  Early in my discovery of mate I started buying the bags of Rooiboost, Mint, Chocolate, Greener Green.  I found what combinations I liked and started buying bulk bags of mate and mixing in other flavors by the bag or tablespoon.  I love a mix of mate and Dark Roast and Mocha Maca.  After almost a year of experimenting, I have tried everything from Gords and Bombilla's, to different brands of Mate, to individual cup filters (swiss gold).  I hope you learn from my trials…I have evolved to a mature habit that functions wonderfully for me.  Here is how it works…
Supplies: 12 Cup french press (any will do but Guayaki has a nice stainless steel one),5lb bag mate (any will do but Guayaki has coarser cut leaves which french press nicely), Misc. flavors (spearmint leaf, dark roast, etc. imagine and have fun!), Thermal Carafe, Water kettle
Process: Add 4 scoops of Mate in press, tear open and add a bag or 2 of your favorite teasan or a scoop of your favorite Java Matem add 5 packets of Splenda (I like it sweet), add boiling water from your speedy water kettle, steep for 5 - 10 minutes and push down filter in press, pour presweetened mix into a thermal carafe, and enjoy from morning till afternoon cup by cup depending on your rate of consumption!
Thanks to Guayaki Team for making this available in the U.S.
By the way, I have begun experimenting with Iced mate or "Terere" as it is called in Brazil.  It rocks with Mint!

shana hornung

hey guayaki, thanx for a great tea. the rewards are awesome. my energy level has greatly increased so much better that i have cut out most of my coffee intake. i feel great!! i am currently trying to get my friend to quit smoking with help of the yerba mate, wish me luck, shalom! shana


We were climbing an average of 6000 vertical feet a day!! I finally asked him one morning what he was drinking and he replied Yerba Mate. I asked him what it does and he said "everything".
Why I like Guayaki Yerba Mate. I started drinking Yerba Mate last year after a friend sent me a bag of your loose leaf product. I had originally told him about it when he told me that he had to give up coffee due to a circulation problem. I had been on a very intense backcountry skiing tour and our guide was drinking a big litre cup of Yerba Mate every morning.(he used a coffee press to brew it). Well this guy was amazing. He broke trail in heavy snow every day and seemed to never run out of energy. He stayed ahead of the rest of the group and several of us were much younger. We were climbing an average of 6000 vertical feet a day!! I finally asked him one morning what he was drinking and he replied Yerba Mate. I asked him what it does and he said "everything". He felt healthier and slept better and had more energy than ever before. I tasted it and liked it but was not ready to quit my addiction to strong coffee just yet. So when my friend had to quit coffee I told him about it and he raved about it to me and sent me some in appreciation. I drank it off and on. This winter right before going on another skiing trip I was very sick with the flu. I had no desire for coffee as it was to "speedy". I started drinking the Yerba Mate again and decided it was time for a change. No more coffee. I went on the ski trip and my energy level was very high and I had none of the bad side effects of coffee. We did seven straight days of intense climbing and skiing and I had two cups of Yerba Mate in the morning and a big cup at lunch from my thermos. We were doing 8 or 9 hours of very physical activity every day and I never felt so great. I have not had coffee in three months and I don't miss it because I have something better. Guayaki Yerba Mate. I really appreciate your caring approach to organic sustainable marketing . Thank you.
Peter Chapman (March 13, 02)

Guayaki has done the impossible: it's weaned me off coffee!

I thought I'd send a note to tell you, I am SO enjoying Guayakí regular loose leaf tea. I'm an event organizer for a conscious org in Chicago called Sageheart Alliance. We celebrate cool things, and I am so into the Guayakí, I want to have a community event with Guayakí in the spotlight! I want us to take over a local cafe, and brew and share Guayakí and talk about how great it is all afternoon. Really; I've got just the place in mind to do it. Guayakí has done the impossible: it's weaned me off coffee! Coffee was doing terrible things to me... physically and temperamentally. Guayakí perks me up and mellows me out all at the same time. It's amazing. I tell everyone I know about it, and now I'm telling your visitors too. Yaye for the magic of the rainforest! I feel connected to the earth again... no small feat when you live at the epicenter of an 8-million metro area! Guys--wanna help sponsor a Guayakí event in Chicago? I'm serious! Happily,
Laurie, Chicago, (March 15, 02)

Joyce Kawasaki


Wow! I found your all-organic, Yerba Mate bottled tea at Safeway, quite by accident. It's terrific! It's got all these anti-oxidents, minerals, and caffeine too! It's delicious and not too sweet. I think I've found a healthy replacement for my cafe mochas! What a miracle!



I am a huge new Guayaki fan and let me tell you why. I work in the food/natural food industry and attend many trade shows (i.e. Expo West) where there are many products that claim to "change your life." Guayaki is the only one of the hundreds of products that I tried that I would agree has changed my life. I have a long commute to the office and coffee would give me too much of a peak and valley energy cycle, so I would be alert during the drive but then crash as soon as I got to the office. Guayaki Yerba Mate gives me a much more sustained energy lift throughout the day and has increased my overall energy level. I first learned of yerba mate a few years ago while reading the biography of Che Geuvara and how he used to drink it all the time. Now that I've finally tried it I can't ever see going to back to coffee or alternative energy drinks. Thanks! Kevin

Jim Anderson


Great product, just tried the drink and then purchased the dry tea bags. Nice alternative to Coffee for summer!

Yerba mate gives me energy...


I used to drink coffee in the morning as a pick me up but it makes me feel jittery and tired drinking it all day. The Yerba Mate I switched to gives me energy and helps me stay focused and I can drink it all day long. I have more energy for my child and I am not agitated because of too much coffee. Thanks for the life changing tea!- Chanon

Solidly into this tes

: I am just writing to compliment you on your Yerba Mate' tea bags. Having been in radio as a morning man for many years I have come to rely on coffee as my pick up at 4 in the morning. At one of the stations I am employed at a lady put me on to your tea. I did some research on it and decided to try it. I wasn't crazy about the taste in the beginning but realizing how good it is for me I hung in there. I now refuse to drink anything else but Guayaki. I even take tea bags with me when I'm on a business trip and on vacation. My wife is absolutely amazed that I no longer drink coffee at all. We even joke about it on the air with my co-hosts who still can't believe I don't drink coffee but am solidly into this tea. Anyway I love the tea and am enjoying some right now. If it has a downside...it's a bit pricey at the store I buy it...but for what it does for me I'll keep drinking it anyway. Love the product! I also do a lot of health related talk shows and have mentioned th
e tea on a few occassions. Cheers...Duane



I quit coffee accidently in 1996, I was sick and couldn't drink it. I found Guayaki as a replacement within a week in a little lotion shop in San Luis Obispo. Guayaki was brand new then. Four years later I moved to Placerville where I was able to find the yerba mate at some health food stores. When I was at a class in Big Sur I discovered the flavors!!!! Yumm.... There is a little Cozmic Cafe in Placerville I convinced to get all the Guayaki flavors. It started a whole new generation of Guayaki drinkers in town. I consider myself an ambassador for the tea. It's all I drink. I travel with my tea bags and at home use the bulk tea. I ask for it in the stores when I travel out of state even though I always have my own supply. Recently I stayed at a friends and had a morning cup of home roasted dark coffee. The first cup in years. Man was I jacked up. It was uncomfortable and when I came down, crash. I had to have another cup of strong coffee to continue the day since we'd been up until 2 A.M. and got up at 6 A.m. It was so hard on me. I love the taste but dislike the effects. I forgot how harsh coffee can be. It's a good reminder because yerba mate is something I drink all day and it is always energizing and mellow. It's my tea of choice for eleven years now. I believe in the company and the tea. MaryAine www.return2joy.com


A students dream

I just wanted to say that yerba mate has been a nursing students DREAM!!! I have half of my class including 2 instructors completely addicted (in a good way) to this wonderful tea. we all spend many,many hours studying and have to be in clinicals at 5am. most of us do what is called the coffee crash at around 7 in clinicals and struggle through the rest of the day. Not any more. yerba mate has been a wonderful alternative to chugging coffee all day. it doesn't give us the jitters but we are wide awake for hours. I don't think that I could have made it through our summer finals w/o this tea. I know that the sale of Guayaki just from our school has increased in the bay area. I can't say enough about how wonderful it was to discover this tea.  Trish C.

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