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Guayakí Yerba Mate - A Powerful Rainforest Experience

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General Health Improvement

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Your Tea has been a Blessing

I have been enjoying Yerba Mate for about 2 years and your tea has been a blessing. I am often suffering from swollen ankles. It appears that I have acquired a salt sensitivity and had been prescribed diuretics. These medications were not working...I had to take too high a dose for it to be effective.
Lucky for me a friend introduced me to this wonderful tea! I tried it for its medicinal qualities and to my amazement, the tea works like a charm without all of the terrible side-effects that pharmaceuticals can have on you! My partner and I drink it at least once a day...it is our morning brew. We love it!
Thank you for introducing this wonderful tea to the rest of the world . I couldn't be without it. I share it with my friends and they love it too!!
With love and light,
Evelyn Serval   2003-09-05



I first discovered guayaki in tea bag form, when I was looking for new teas. Since then my experience with yerba mate has been wonderful. I found the traditional gourd and bombilla later, and love waking up to a soapy, frothy, healthy gourd. Since I started drinking yerba mate every day my health has improved so much. I was a mild insomniac before yerba mate, but now I can go to sleep easily. I also had dry skin on my elbows, but that has inproved too. Perhaps the most remarkable thing about drinking yerba mate daily is that it does not make you tired on days when you don't have it. When I did research on yerba mate it seemed interesting that one plant could have such a positive impact on the human organism, the benefits of this herb seem endless. It makes a great sports drink because of the complete synergy of ions and antioxidants in it. Mate is my first choice for days when I'll be running a lot. What I love most about Guayaki is the fact that you guys are committed to saving the rainforest, establishing fair trade with the native people and bringing an organic, healthful product to the market. There really is not much more to ask for. Through Guayaki I have discovered other healthful things like acai, (from Sambazon) I am thankful for that. In short I would like to thank everyone at Guayaki for producing such an amazing product. I hope buisiness booms for you, and I hope you can continue to expand the area of protected rainforest. Companies like your's can show the world that there is plenty left, that is worth saving.... Sincerly, Derek



I recently was introduced to your tea by my son and his girlfriend on the reccommendations by her mom a nurse. I have Lupus, and have been suffering very greatly in the past few eeks with a major episode. Also I contracted this flu strain that has caused secondary infections that my body can't fight off, there fore very sick for weeks. I started drinking 3-4 cups of your tea a day about a week ago, and it really has made a large difference in how I am feeling and recovering. I feel it really made a huge difference in my feeling better and has helped so much with energy, appetite, and digestive tract. I take a lot of medications and they deplete my system, and energy, this tea has helped to start to reverse that. The tea isn't a miracle cure for Lupus, but it is one of the best things I have come across in 11 years of suffering with this disease. I will be sending your site to everyone in my address book, and even take some to my doctors to try.

Stacey Dean

Spontaneous Healing

My 19 year old son started drinking Yerba Mate tea about a year ago. His friend had told him about it. I started having a cup every night before bed because I love the flavor and it gives me a feeling of well being. My son told my 29 year old daughter (his sister) about the tea so she began drinking it. Well here's the testimonial. My daughter gets huge cold sores on her lips and in her mouth at least a couple of times a year. When they start they last at least 12 days if not longer. About a week ago she started getting a huge one on her bottom lip. She began drinking Yerba Mate tea about 3 times a day because it seemed to sooth her pain. After 3 days the cold sore started to go away! It literally looked as it normally would after the 10th or 11th day in the healing process, but this was only the 3rd day!  Within 2 more days it was completely gone. She said "Mom I think it's the tea that is healing my cold sore"! I believe Yerba Mate literally sped the healing process to half of what it normally takes to get rid of these sores. I'm sure it's because of the boast it gives the immune system! We love Guayaki' Yerba Mate and we believe it is a healing tea because we've seen the results!

The Hangover Cure

The Hangover Cure Probably not a testimony that you want to add to your web-site, but it was my experience. Back a few years ago I was in Irvine at a trade show. A winter sports trade show to be exact. I went out the night before with some of the sales reps. and yes, had way to many. The next morning I woke up and wasn't feeling so perky. As I was walking around the show floor, I can across the crazy looking booth with baboo and very grass hut looking. Someone who was their representing Guayaki was handing out cups of tea. I turned down the first offer stating that I was under the weather. The guy must have seen it in me and said "try this, it will cure your hangover." I was feeling pretty nauscious also and didn't want to. He said "trust me." So I did and to my suprise the taste was very pleasent and soothing. I walked around the trade show for another 45 minutes and stopped in my tracks and said to myself "whoa, I feel good, that stuff worked." My appetite came back and I didn't feel like crap anymore. I went back to the booth and picked up a flyer from the rep. He looked at me and asked if it worked. I told him that is why I was back. Ever since, I have enjoyed Guayaki and will be placing another order in just a few days. Thanks,  Trevor Holmes

I immediatly could breathe freely!

I was diagnosed with asthma as a teen. It has come and gone over the years, but not usually severe. One morning while driving to a farm for my daughters riding lessons, I had a severe attack. I even stopped and bought an inhaler thinking "Am I going to pass out right here?" The inhaler didn't help much. I got to the farm and the coach handed me her tea. I looked at her strange, but took a sip. I immediatly could breathe freely! I mean immediatly. I never heard of Yerba Mate before this, but have been drinking it ever since. Also, it doesn't work for everyone (like my son), but it does for me. It is worth a try.  Tamie

A friend tipped me off

My name is Loreene Jalbert, I live in Delta. British Columbia, Canada. I
have heard about your tea from a friend that had tried it when she was
traveling in USA she just loved it and she mention it to me because she know
how much I love drinking good healthily tea. We have tried to find it in
stores that we shop at. We have yet to find them, but just today there was
piece written in the The Province Newspaper about your teas and it listed
your web site, your web stated they are sold in Canada and listed a few
stores I will try to contact the local stores listed. Joan recommended it to
me, because of my illness and knows I'm always looking for something that
can help me. I do hope I will be able to find it locally. What I read on the
web it will be just the thing for me. Wish me luck.
Thank you,  -- Loreene


United States

Wow, thanks to Mate I have come out of my shell and have been about to join in on the Social Life. I never realized before how much I was missing because I lacked the energy. I used to shy away from activities because I knew I could not keep up. No more turning down opportunities. Thanks again.- MARY


I heard about mate by chance when flipping through cable TV channels. Since I have had osteoarthritis for 4 years and don't like taking drugs I thought I would give it a try. Number 100 something on a list of too many herbs!! I expected another disappointment, what I got was just short of amazing. After just a few days of drinking several cups a day I noticed a decrease in back pain and an increase in energy. As I was walking one day I wondered if this would allow me to resume running. So I tried it! A mile the first day, 12 miles by the seventh day. Talk about a whole body tonic! Its been 8 weeks since I started drinking mate and have noted the following: eyesight back to 20/20, hemmeriods gone, back pain cut in half, energy & motivation way up. Thank-you for providing an organic source of mate, you have gained a life long customer.

Jeff Sherman

I would just like to let everyone at Guayaki know that you have a friend for life! Last year I wasn't sure I would even be seeing 2007 - I was diagnosed with stage-4 lymphoma, and due to pre-existing liver problems was given less than 2 months to live. Well, thanks to the good doctors, and lots of prayer I am now in complete remission! During chemo therapy I suffered a lot of nausea, and my favorite drink, coffee, was a bit too much to handle, so I began drinking Guayaki yerba mate instead. Not only did it not upset my stomach, it gave me a little bit of much needed energy too! I still drink enjoy cup of Guayaki Yerba Mate everyday. Jeff Sherman

jim henman


Hola. I had always wanted to live in South America since hearing of Peru as a child in school. I was so fortunate to spend 7 and 1/2 months living in Montevideo in 2004 . I enjoyed the language ,peolple , culture , music , dance , food , climate , architecture amongst so many, many more memories too numerous to mention. I am living in the hope of returning some day .When I first saw the Uruguayan people sipping yerba mate from the small gourds ,I must admit I was puzzled . Even more puzzling was the thermos of hot water they carried . And than the sharing of the mate amongst friends .. so intimate I thought. My friends introduced me to mate and I became one of them sitting down at the rambla , sharing and sipping mate , watching the sun go into the ocean at dusk off Montevideo and applauding this amazing piece of theatre our Creator had given us .. along with mate . I am back home for 3 years now and I used all the mate I had brought from Uruguay . Imagine my surprise when I find Guayaki yerba mate here in my home town in Nova Scotia , Canada . WOW!!! So as I sit here and type I am enjoying my mate and being taken back in my mind to those wonderfull days in Uruguay right next to Paraguay . Thank you for allowing me this pleasure . JIm Henman

I haven't been sick in 5 months

I started working at Dutch Bros (a drive thru coffee stand) a few months back... Before I worked there, I was an avid coffee drinker, I loved it. After a few weeks of working there, I decided to stop drinking coffee for many reasons. The main one being that I am around it too much and it makes me sick when I drink it now. So as an alternative I started drinking the tea we have there, which just so happens to be yours. At first I wasn't into it.. I've never been a tea drinker really... But now, I am hooked. I have never ever felt better. I used to be sick at least once a month, and my immune system wasn't so great. I now haven't been sick in 5 months. Not even with a cold. I feel better than ever before. Thanks guys! Your great!  - Jessica


I first encountered Yerba Mate while I was a Peace Corps volunteer visiting Paraguay. I didn't try it there though (oddly enough). I did however purchase a bombilla and some special cup (not a gourd). After I was home 8 years I found it in a health supplement store and have been hooked since. I find it curbs my appetite, especially the 3:00 munchies. I also find that it helps me concentrate and focus. As a stay at home mom, I start to feel a bit unfocused at times and a cup of Yerba Mate helps me do the finances or anything else. I seem to find more hours in the day. The best thing it does for me though is help against PMS. I start feeling those negative thoughts , I brew a cup of mate and after 10 minutes I feel better - negative feelings gone - (to the delight of my family).I tell my friends that I don't care if it's a placebo, it works!



I have been sharing mate with people at work in oil refineries. long hours are hard to work. My company works 7 days and 12 hour shifts in the field of refinery safety, and mate helps me and my crew to stay alert in the dangerous environments and keep our minds on the tasks at hand and to keep us and others around us safe.

Gena McClure


Hi, I am a naturopath and a relative newbie to Guayaki yerba mate. I am always trying new natural things for my patients--and myself of course. This is such a good beverage, that I have incorporated it into my diet and advocate it to others. I find that it helps me with weight loss, by making me feel satisfied--which is an amazing thing for a natural drink. Guayaki also gives me an added boost of energy throughout the day without giving me a jittery feeling. I have never been able to handle coffee or caffeinated teas--with its negative effects on the digestive system and headaches that can be generated by it. I also love the fact that I am ingesting loads of antioxidants and anti-carcinogen compounds--something that we all need in these times. Thanks so much for this wonderful product! Dr. Gena McClure

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