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Guayakí Yerba Mate - A Powerful Rainforest Experience

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General Health Improvement

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It Means The World To Me

Just thought I would share this with you since I find it so yummy....
I prepare this in a traditional teapot usually, though I have had good results with a french press pot as well! 3 traditional yerba  mate tea bags 3 cardamom pods, cracked 3 juniper berries 1 piece cherry bark or sasparilla bark 1 shake organic cinnamon generous shaving of whole nutmeg a grind of fresh black pepper pinch of cayenne pepper approx 4 tablespoons of grade B Amber maple syrup (grade B has richer and more complex flavor than grade A )
All ingredients into the teapot. Then fill pot with water off the boil. Drape a tea towel around the pot to keep the heat in and I let it steep for about 20 minutes.
I have mine with organic milk, but I imagine it would be just as yummy if not more so with a milk alternative like Rice Dream or a nice soy milk.
I only recently began adding the bark and juniper berries and have enjoyed it very much. But it is excellent without as well if you can not find those ingredients!
Now to how  mate has helped me. I will keep this brief, but I do have a lot to say! I have endured a number of health problems my entire life. Most prominently asthma, allergies, psoriasis and - as a consequence of those and others - sleep disturbances.... I have found after consuming yerba  mate regularly, all of these conditions have improved and stabilized! I can not say it has CURED my asthma, I am still an asthmatic, but I find my symptoms have subsided greatly and I have to take my rescue inhaler much less frequently. Since I have started enjoying yerba  mate, my allergies have greatly improved as well.... And what to me was the most surprising benefit - my symptoms of psoriasis have greatly improved! Which is a really nice bonus because as anyone who has it knows, it can lead to hair loss among other things.
As mentioned in a number of other testimonials, I have found that the energy I get from yerba  mate is very different from that gained from coffee or even black tea. There are no jitters and personally, it does not make me irritable. It does not interfere with my sleep... as a matter of fact, I feel like my energy levels have been stabilized to the extent that I have energy when I am supposed to.... I am no longer fatigued during the day, and at night I sleep much better than I had previously.
Certainly not the most dramatic story of health benefits... but it means the world to me.
Thank you for your wonderful product and great practices!
Monica Salas

Alternative Medication Works

I was recently diagnosed with interstitial cystitis (IC, which is an inflammation and ulcers of the bladder wall). My condition has left me with constant pressure in my lower abdomen, urgency for the bathroom all hours of the day and night. So as you can imagine I was not getting much sleep... Not being one who medicates regularly I began looking for alternatives.

First, I tried diet which has proven that some foods are more irritating than others for me (especially tomatoes). I have tried acupuncture. And the two in conjunction seem to work okay. But still I was not as comfortable as I could be or as I used to be.

Being a newly recognized condition, the medical world knows little about IC. There isn't enough funding and very little information. A friend of mine had some Yerba Mate and was using it for food allergies that were showing up on her skin. She filled me in on this little wonder and I ran right to the health food store in search of it.

I have been drinking Yerba Mate fo two weeks, just one cup a day, and I feel fabulous. I haven't been a coffee drinker for a year and a half, and the energy I feel after a cup of Yerba Mate is far cleaner and more energizing in a more aware state of mind than coffee ever was. I also sleep thru the night, no more getting up for a joke of a bathroom trip 4 and 5 times a night. I am not experiencing a constant urgency to go to the bathroom or constant pressure. I have been able to eat foods I cut out of my diet like tomatoes (occasionally). I believe this is all due to Yerba Mate. I believe this tea has helped in my condition and I will continue drinking it as long as it keeps being available.
Now if I could just get my terminally sick mother to drink it maybe at least she would feel better.

Drinking Yerba right now,
Mary (Nov 1, 02)


I started drinking it as a child in Argentina through a bombilla with pitillo. Then I rediscovered it again in a Spanish store in Eugene OR, buying three kilo bags, shipping one to my sister.

Then, when we moved to the US, for many years I stopped drinking mate, as I became assimilated into the culture that I was born into. Until 1994 when I was living in Euugene, OR - a little Spanish store carried it, and I was so delighted that I bought three bags of a kilo each. One of them I sent to my sister in CN.

In 1998 I moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico, and discovered a small Spanish store called "All the Americas" run by Glady's, who carried several varieties of Mate. I bought up several kilo bags, trying different brands. My friend's mother in her mid seventies, had bad crippling arthritis, visible in her hands. I turned her on to Yerba Mate and her arthritic pains have totally disappeared; she has really good bowel movements and has lots of energy. She feels it's tremendous benefits daily.

I make it in a clay tea pot (I need to buy a new one badly) and make it strong. Two heaping tablespoons, add boiling water, cover and steep for 10-15 mionutes. Use strainer and serve. Occasionally I add a few bits of dandelion herb to it (for gallbladder and liver function); or Siberian Ginseng powder (about 1/4 teaspoon) for extra energy.

I tell many many many people about it but most Americans don't listen. What can I say? People are addicted to coffee until they get really ill. Then they will try Yerba Mate, the best tea in the world!

Thanks. g7u7i7t7a7r (July 1, 02)

A boost in my energy levels each time I take the tea.

Hi. I have been drinking Yerba Mate tea for only a couple of weeks now. For the past three years, I have been suffering with Lupus, an autoimmune disorder where your own immune system attacks itself in avariety of ways.
In addition, I have been recently diagnosed with ezcema which causes severe dry skin and itching; some people thinks it is stress related and others thinks its related to allergic reactions. Both these conditions ahve no known cause or cure. Anyway, one of my biggest challenges with the lupus was fatigue and a feeling that "I was not quite all there" all the time because my energy levels were low and struggling to manage and maintain my work and activity so that I could continue working and enjoying life. I went to see a new chiropractor who was studying alternative medicine. She told me about Yerba Mate tea. Well, although my lupus is not cured, I do have to say that I have noticed a boost in my energy levels each time I take the tea. Even when I take the tea in the evening, I have found it has helped me sleep better. I am hoping with long term use of the tea, after reading the testimonials regarding allergies, that the ezcema will also improve . . . I am definitely recommending this tea to others!  -- Kimberly K.

Cutting Unhealthy Habits!

Thanks to yerba mate I have cut down on all my snacking, alchohol drinking, and lots of other unhealthy habits. I have a hard time keeping my bloodsugar up but Mate helps me tons. I drink it all the time.
I first grew up in Nevada in the late eighties and early nineties in an age where most of my friends indulged in many types of candy, chips, sodas and anything else you can think of. After getting allergy tests in 4th grade my parents took me off of all that stuff because I was having a hard time paying attention in school.I stuck with it and things went ok.After relocating to Omaha Nebraska in the nineties I realized that simply cutting out the foods I was allergic to was not helping me to pay attention in school.I started on a journey to find something that would stimulate my system that went something like this: Packaged vanilla cappucino

Coffee; Ginseng; Kola Nut; Ginkgo Biloba; Red Bull; Ephedra; Various types of caffeinated sodas and gum; Sea Silver; Protein Shakes; Pill vitamins (A,B,C, You name it); Pretty much every variety of protein, pill vitamin, and liquid vitamin on the market.; And finally some of the ADD pharmaceuticals on the market...after going to the doctor for my problem.

After trying everything I decided to drop out of school with no intentions of going back. I left highschool and shortly after (a year or two) I discovered Yerba from a relative. I drank it everyday at the art gallery where I worked and I found myself having alot of extra energy without overstimulating my nervous system and body. My body actually felt calm and relaxed while my mind felt stimulated and nourished. It was like eating a thanksgiving meal without the tired feeling, and like drinking a cup of coffee without the shakes. I finally felt that I had made some dietary progress on my long journey towards energetic well being.I started studying and I took my GED tests with amazing scores and I have gone on to take college classes with amazing grades and results.  My formula?  Yerba Mate.  Thank you Guayaki for saving me money, time and energy.  I feel like I can be me without having to bombard myself with medication and expensive useless products.


Miracle tea

I am totally sold on this wonderful herb and am recommending it to family and friends.
My introduction to organic Yerba Mate at a wonderful new restaurant in Manitou Springs. I have some health problems which have resulted in very little sleep due to the chronic pain. I had one 12 oz cup of this miracle tea and I felt like I had had a full nights rest. I had instant energy and I felt a sense of calm and peace descend immediately. Prior to drinking the Yerba Mate I felt like I was under quite a bit of stress, it abated almost instantly. I am totally sold on this wonderful herb and am recommending it to family and friends.  --Sincerely, Pamela Koscumb (Feb 7,02)

The doctors had no explanation for the result.

I have Hepatitis C, for which there is no cure. But get this...two months ago, my Hep C status was checked... and they were unable to detect any virus at all! (Even with their most sensitive test!) I didn't think they would believe me if I told them it was the Yerba Mate so I just smiled and left the office. I can't think of any better reason than that to keep drinking Yerba Mate.

While I was waiting in the hospital for a liver transplant, I was visited by a friend I hadn't seen in years. She was a nurse at this same hospital several floors above me and heard I was sick. My liver was failing due to Hepatitis C which I had contracted from tainted blood products while treating my hemophilia. She visited me a number of times after her shift and spent some time filling me in on her life over the last ten years.

After a thirty day wait in the hospital I was humbled by the gift of a liver from a grieving family that had just lost a son. Twelve hours later, with my new liver installed, I woke up already feeling better. Seven days later I returned home to start a long recovery, knowing that I still had the Hepatitis C that destroyed my first liver. It takes about twenty years for Hep C to destroy your liver. Since I was only thirty-one, I figured my best years were yet to come.

I kept in touch with my nurse friend and made plans to get together. Did I mention that my friend's husband was from Paraguay?? You were probably wondering when I was going to get to the Mate. Anyway, when we eventually went to visit, we were offered a gourd of Mate... upon seeing our blank stares we were given the long version of the South American custom of mate sharing and gourd protocol. It was summer so we drank our gourd over ice with a little lemon and immediately felt refreshed... That was four years ago. Since we don't have relatives in Paraguay, I visited my local Fresh Fields grocery store, and discovered Guayakí Yerba Mate. Now I order it in bulk right off the web site. I've found the loose tea by the pound to be the best buy. (But five pounds free would be great too!)

Since my liver transplant, my health has been even more important to me than ever. I think it was more than a little serendipitous that I found my old friend and was introduced to the benefits of Mate.

Sincerely, Joe Walsh (March 19, 02)

Christine Aull

I had breast cancer a year ago with subsequent elevated liver enzymes, so I've become interested in taking good care of my liver. I've learned how one's liver affects health throughout the body, how easily it is abused, but how readily it can recover with some knowledge and dietary applications. I have always loved coffee and didn't think I'd ever be able to give it up, but MY FIRST CUP of mate changed my mind! I've only recently discovered it, and am happily looking forward to exploring it in all its varieties. And it's lovely to know that you are as concerned (as I am) about the health of the planet and its people as I am about my own personal health.

Jamie Mitchell

Ok this love affair started with my brother, who turned me on to Yerba Mate about 5 years ago and I have always enjoyed it, but never so much as after my sons were born. What a gift to be able to have a cup of Guayaki and have it actually give me the sustainable energy to get through the day with a two year old and a newborn! Not to mention how fast I burned off the extra baby weight! Now that I'm a doula I will be recommending Guayaki Yerba Mate to all my moms! Thanks for this gift! Jamie

This is my latest combination for a good cup of mate.

In a strainer add the following bulk products: 1/2 tsp Guayaki Mate 3/4 tsp Rooibos Earl Gray Upton tea 1/3 tsp Black Upton tea Use boiling water and seep for 1/2 to 1 minute in your preheated ceramic cup. Don't throw grounds out, make three cups total from the left overs. Pull the strainer. Add a slug of soy Irish Coffee creamer and 1/8 cup of hemp seed nuts and 1/8 cup of fresh flax seed flour. I do not stir. I like getting the different flavors as I drink the liquid and then eat the nuts and flour at the bottom of the cup. The Earl Grey flavors the hemp seed nuts like you can't believe. The flax and hemp seed are both loaded with omega three's, which are very good for you.
Note: I am usually a push over for a cold or sore throat and the flu. I did not get a shot and I did not get one single case of flu, colds, or sore throat this winter. They tried, but I was able to whip them without medication. My wife, who works E.R., brings all kinds of diseases home. I didn't get a ONE. Thanks MATE! You are the only thing I am doing different this winter, from last winter.
Bob Berentz

I enjoy the flavor of the yerba mate.I also enjoy the alertness without the jittery feeling.

The best thing I like about it I discovered quite by accident. I have had occasional problems with cold sores on my lips most of my life. Some of my grade school and high school pictures are evidence of the problems I’ve had with cold sores. I have found, when I first notice the symptoms, I drink some yerba mate tea, and the symptoms disappear. I’m not saying it’s a cure for everyone, but it seems to help me. -- Jeff Meyer Walla Walla, WA

A Beautiful Experience

I discovered yerba mate by accident while researching herbs on the internet.
When I found this website, I was amazed. I was given a gourd for a present with a half ounce of the leaf. I brewed my first medicinal strength cup by following all of the well written instructions in the package. I had been drinking a lot of tea in the year before, but I must say I never had such an uplifting experience as with medicinal strength yerba mate. I cannot equate the good feeling I had to anything else I've ever had. It was such a beautiful experience and I felt so good that I went to research it more. I began brewing a strong, medicinal strength brew every couple of days and drank several gourdfuls within the course of a day, every other day. I began to feel a healthful change and a better outlook on life. I realized yerba mate could be my companion in directing myself towards a more healthful diet. Five months later, I no longer brew medicinal strength yerba mate, but I do use the tea bags to make cup after cup of the greener green tea. I still occasionally will have a cup of coffee, or some other kind of tea, as well as cold coca beverage like coca-cola, but the yerba mate is something I drink at least once a day. I have gotten used to the taste and never put any sugar in it. I believe if I continue to consume yerba mate daily that I will be helping my body through vitamins, anti-oxidants, weight-maintenance, and the feel good energy that always seems to lift me up and keep me aware of what is going on around me. Mostly it seems to help me better digest foods when I occasionally have a big meal. Yerba mate is a gift and I have learned to appreciate it and use it wisely. Thank you very much for your efforts and keep it up!
I will spread the word about this good leaf!

A very rewarding experience

I was introduced to Guayaki a few years ago at a natural foods convention in DC.  At the very last second I had a sample of the Mate Chocolate, and was hooked.  I have been ordering it ever since.  Now for the fun part.  It has become tradition to drink a tall cup of Mate together at work (a whole group of co-workers).  We have begun to trade off buying the mate, and we have noticed differences in our overall health.  Generally speaking, we all have more energy, we get sick less often (which is tough in a large firm), and we find that we really enjoy the networking that we do.
Among our favorites are Greener Green Mate, Orange Blossom Mate and Mate Chocolate.  Needless to say the supplies go quickly...but it is a very rewarding experience, all brought to the table by chance.  I'm glad I happened across this product!  Thanks!
Wilhelm W. Burger Jr., SSCP
Global Resilience Natural Team

I've Got My Mate

I am 66 years old. This year I decided to be the general contractor on a new house on my 40 acres. I also had to build mare and stud pens, irrigate and spray weeds, dig water lines 300 feet, laid electrical conduit and telephone lines for underground utilities 600 feet, road work, dog pens, sell a house, paint old house, etc. It dawned on me today, revisiting your web site I probably would not be sitting here in my new house with radiant floor heat (did it myself), if I had not had the confidence and strength to "take on" such a project. Thanks to the Lord, yerba mate and the people that bring it to me. I buy my mate by the bulk, leaves and stems. I've got a big box of it out in the garage. If we go to war or have a disaster, who cares! I've got my mate. I see a Doctor about every 12 years and do not get colds or the flu like I did before drinking mate. My wife works E.R. and tends to bring a lot of junk home, if my defenses are not up.
Bob and Nancy in Idaho   2003-12-23

Mate Saves The Day!

Two friends and myself were on our way to spend 3 days backpacking in the Humphrey's basin, eastern Sierra's.
We spent the night in Bishop, Ca, woke up, and then drove west into the mountains. The road climbed high and we were able to park the car above 10,000 ft. I was already feeling kind of queezy from the altitude while I was still in the car. We began hiking and rose quickly to almost 12,000 ft. Probably the fastest I've ever gone from 4,000 ft to 12,000ft, it was only 2 or 3 hours since we woke up down in the Owens valley. It was at that time that one of my team members started feeling the altitude severely. She was nauseaus, hot, thirsty, dizzy, confused and too tired to even stand. Her symptoms came on extremely fast. She didn't want to move from the spot she was in and I was getting worried. Just then I remembered someone telling me about the South Americans drinking mate in the Andes to help acclimate so I brought out my gourd and mate and brewed it strong with the cold water we had. I have never seen someone turn around as fast as she did!!! It was almost instantly. Her eyes perked up, her mouth cracked a smile, she sat up, looked at me quite contently with the gourd held up in both hands...."can I have another?" It was so cool! We were hiking onward about 30 minutes later, all of us feeling great from the refreshing mate break.
Because of that experience I always bring mate on my climbs and it really does help with acclimating to high altitudes. I went climbing in the Himalaya for 21 days and brought 3 pounds of mate for that trip. I enjoyed it every morning and stayed healthy and strong the entire trip. The sherpas were very intrigued by my gourd. A couple of times I found myself surrounded by sherpas all interested in me explaining how it works. Only one was brave enough to try it, the rest always said politely "maybe later".
Thank you Guayaki for all of these wonderful experiences. You have changed and influenced my life in amazing and positive ways. You guys rule!!!!!!
Nate Brundage

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