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Guayakí Yerba Mate - A Powerful Rainforest Experience

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Boosts Physical Energy

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I've run over 100 marathons since 1969. Just did a 10 miler on 8/18 and a half marathon on 8/19. My only hydration between the races was 7 bottles of Pure Endurance. Such a noticeable energy boost! No comparision to any other "organic" soda or drink, and I've tried them. Thank you for a product that performs as promised.

garret Allen


i got into yerba mate when i was 12 years old and i look forward to drinking it every morning to get a good boost of energy,so mate just makes you feel good, thank you GUAYAKI!

Violet Tunohun

San Diego

My daughter works at Henry's Market Place, and Christy drinks the Pure Endurance while working, I walked in her work and Christy and many other Henry employees were drinking a Yerba Mate, So I was impressed and bought one for myself and the energy I experienced was so pure, clean, smooth that I forgot I even drank a Yerba Mate, and stayed awake way past the time I usually go to sleep, and I have had excellent results with gastrointestional issues that I have. Just want to tell you I love your tea and drink around 20 bottles a week. Love it.


MATEAZING!!!!!!!!!!! I am sending this testimonial in accord to this AMAZING tea that I have discovered a little over a year ago. I have many great words to describe the many lovely and extraordiary aspects of such a delicious beverage. The Yerba Mate helps me in many ways. I notice great inprovments in my energy. More slolw and building yet sustained boost of friendly energy. Without the CRASH that you get from the caffiene contained in coffee. Helps me get through a long 12 hour day at work. INSOMNIA is now a historic figure in my book. It also melts away the stress like fire melts plastic. I absolutely love this drink. I consider it a drink from GOD himself. I can imagine him right now. Sitting on his throne with a cup of Mate in his left hand. Sipping on it nice and slow and saying "AAAAAAAAAGGGHHHHHHHHHH" in great satisfaction. Heres to you Boss!!! CHEERS!!! Well thats how Yerba Mate makes me feel in general. I give it five Yerba Mate leaves outta five. PERFECT!!! No on to the life changing story. I was diagnosed while still attending high school with a disorder so common in todays world. More so for younger children though. A controversial subject and disorder by far, but a real one. It takes life of experiences to shake the denial. But the realization is real. I have ADD or Attention Deficit Disorder. In other words I can't pay attention as well as others. Just to put it simple. Well I have been on many medications to combat this war within the brain. Many so with many adverse side effects. I have taken the likes of Adderal and Ritalin. Two major stimulants similar to that of amphetamines. I can't even list the horrible effects that can occur with long term use of these drugs. Although I can tell you that I have experienced them with such guilt. In search of a better and more natural alternative. After many trials with other herbs. Such as Ashwaganda, Ginseng, Gingko Biloba, DMAE, and etc. My search finally came to a screeching hault! I was shopping for groceries in a well known grocery store nearest you. I was just getting the usual on the grocery list. I was in the coffee isle about to purchase my normal coffee beverage. Something hit me. Literally. I felt a soft but noticable thump on the top of my head. I looked up on instinct. Then I looked down and saw a samll brown box. I bent over to pick it up to take a closer look. I turned it over to the front of the box and saw the brand name of "GUAYAKI" I thought to myself. What is GUAYAKI? I noticed that it was a tea. I wasn't familiar with this tea. I for a while have been an advent Green Tea drinker, but never seen anything like this Yerba Mate. I read the side panel of the box and read the benefits it claimed, and was impessed. I set it into the cart, and set off to pay the total. I couldn't wait to get to the casa and try this new found glory of a bevereage. I was anxious. Upon arriving to the house. I warmed up a nice cup of water in my microwave. BEEP!!!!!! Pulled out the cup. Placed the tea bag in and dunked a few times and let sit. After final brewing. I sat down in front of the computer and decided to do research on this newly discovered herb. I entered the web address on the bottom of the tea box. I learned alot about this wonderful herb. I was eager to hear more. So I read other drinkers reactions to this delightful beverage. Many would agree that it is a wonderful beverage. Although theres one testimonial that I must share. I now no longer take any stimulant medications for my ADD. I am RITALIN free!!!! HORRAY!!! Thank You Yerba Mate and thank you Guayaki! You have changed my life. Well not totally. I still put all my faith and trust in the blessings of GOD. And GOD has chosen Yerba Mate as a blessing for all. No more jitters from coffee. No more harsh drugs that can harm the liver. No more expensive medications to pay for. NO!!! But for sure and always MORE MATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoying a cup of Chocolate Mate right now. YUM!!! The best!!! A life long guaranteed and trustworthy customer, Jeff, 24 YOA, Kenedy, TX, MAXIMUM SECURITY CORRECTIONAL OFFICER. PEACE! :)

Rianna Chehayeb


I have been drinking yerba mate for as long as i can remember...of arab descent it is very much a part of my culture and is shared amongst friends and families during most social events and gatherings...i love my mate..as well as the gourd and bombilla i drink it from....it warms my body and lifts my spirits and just makes me feel calm and at peace even after an incredibly stressful day....like coffee everyone has their own preferences as to how they like to drink their mate...my younger sister prefers to drink it in the morning with warm milk and a little bit of sugar....i usually drink it in the evening with my mom with boiled water and no sugar added...one of the best little cafes i visited was when i vacationing in lebanon two summers ago....in the little town of aley was a mate cafe called "the mate factory" a place where people could sit down with a few friends and enjoy the ever popular mate...i think no matter where i am in the world i need to have my mate...it gives me energy, stability- both physically and mentally and just makes me feel good knowing im doing something good for my body ....i can't say enough good things about mate!! i just try to spread the word about it to everyone i know because it truly is the king of all teas.

Helps wake me up


I tend to be a non-morning person. A friend of my son introduced me to Guayaki mate a few years ago and I was amazed to find that it really helped me wake up and get moving in the mornings. I have been drinking Guayaki mate ever since and even take it with me when I travel. I feel lost without it. I recomend it to everyone I know. Thank you for such a great product. Linda

My energy levels have peaked.

Thank you Guayakí for the tremendous health blessings your teas have to offer! Holy smoke! My energy levels have peaked. My weight has pretty well returned to normal levels, (I'm supposed to weigh in at 175-180 lbs for my particular height and bone structure).

My muscle-mass has increased as I lift heavy boxes and in recreational-swimming. I suddenly found "extra" hours in the day to complete many otherwise untouched/unfinished tasks. Just yesterday I returned home after driving more than 296-miles one way stopping for gas, food, and restroom of course. I'm 49 and have the extra burst of energy to keep up with my 13-year old son!
Blessings to all of you at Guayakí!
Robert  2004-07-07

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