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Guayakí Yerba Mate - A Powerful Rainforest Experience

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Boosts Physical Energy

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Mate In All Seasons And Climates

Winter at home for me can be kind of tough.
Friends in southern climates think that I am crazy for bearing the -30 temperatures of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada winter. On cold Sunday mornings the only way to coax myself out of bed to hit the early AM yoga class is to pack a gourd and enjoy some rainforest bliss.

Don’t get me wrong, I love mate in all seasons and climates. I am an avid gourd drinker, but also like to sip tea from a cup. Last summer I started shaking it up, Guayakí tea bags in a water bottle that is. I travel often and Guayakí Yerba Mate comes with me wherever I go. From the arctic temperatures of Canadian winters, through the winding roads of Italy, to the tropical beaches of Thailand, mate keeps me energized!!
Mike Fata
Manitoba Hemp Foods and Oils

Guayaki is Doing Great Things

I don't know what I'd do without Guayakí’s Yerba Mate teas. They have been such a great help in keeping me energized and focused during long hours on the set and I've introduced them to countless friends as a pure, delicious, healthy alternative to coffee. Guayakí is doing great things, both for people and for the rainforests.  Alicia Silverstone -Actress

Guayaki Yerba Mate is The Perfect Sports Drink!

As an athlete, it sustains my appetite with out making me feel weighed down, dehydrated or jittery so that I can get into the water with energy that lasts and perform comfortably.
They offer all sorts of flavors to soothe my mood and I can drink them all hot or cold depending on my environment. Whether I am relaxing at home, in competition, or working, I always make sure I have Guayakí on hand. Since I've been drinking Yerba Mate on a regular bases I have noticed an increase in my energy level, a decrease in my appetite, a brightness in my mood and a need for less sleep. Guayakí Yerba Mate started out as a tea for me, now it's a lifestyle. Thank you, you guys rule, so does your tea!!
Renee Hanks Professional Kiteboarder Sponsored Guayaki Athlete

Shannon Dye


I was working at Zaca Lake when a neighbor came visiting and brought a gourd with a metal straw and some mate. He prepared the drink really strong and passed it around so we could all try some. I don't know if it was because the drink was so strong or if it was the talk around what the mate could do for a person, but I felt different. Clear and energized. I felt like we had evoked some kind of spirit that visited us while we drank the magical drink. I have been hooked ever since. Thanks for bringing this drink to the North!

Energized Without Feeling Wired

This stuff is great! I don't like to drink coffee becauseit can make me feel sick and too wired sometimes, but Guayakí helps me feel energized w/out feeling wired.
It's a great pick-me-up and tastes great too. I've already sent some to my boyfriend and have told some friends about it. Good stuff!
Also the Guayakí mission is very admirable and makes me feel even better buying a great product that has a good social aim.
Dimpy Liang 

Bryan Sarlitt

I've officially had the "transformation" from my daily Starbucks fix to my daily Guayaki energy drinks! I feel SOOO much better through out the day knowing that I'm sucking down natural quality nutrients to keep my brain clear and body strong and healthy! My work performance is 100% better and so are my daily workout routines at the gym. The best part is I never come down at the end of the day off Guayaki like I did all the time with coffee. My energy levels remain consistent and everything else falls into place! Thank God for Guayaki!! Much Love, Bryan

Matt Tomasino


Coffee was killing me. I was drinking two to three cups a day and a half hour after each cup I felt like I needed to lie down and sleep. I felt weak and foggy throughout only able to revive myself with coffee's caffeine for a short time. I had to quit. So I did and slept for an entire weekend. After making it through my detox I still yearned for that caffeine energy especially after my small children had me up all hours of the night. I stumbled upon Guayaki Pure Endurance at a local health food store. Shortly after I finished this odd, minimally sweetened drink I found myself rebounding in a way that coffee never offered. I walked through the streets of Manhattan unhurried, calm and best of all awake without the jitters. I then tried Pure Mind and literally felt the focusing effects of the Gingko Biloba infused in the drink. That was it. I was sold and I spent any moment I could scouring the island for retailers that carried Guayaki. Now I buy it by the case and feel fantastic.



I'm a mother and to keep up my energy I drink Yerba Mate everyday and it does wonders. From sleep-deprived late nights to running errands throughout the day. It's like a holistic pick-me-up.

Lily Mishler

For a few years I have been looking for an energy drink that will have the benefits of having energy but everything out there seemed to be full of things that will make you sick or even if it was good didn't have a good flavor. I found this Yerba Mate Energy drink at a Natural Store and I decided to give it a try. This was my desire to help my husband so he could have the energy he wanted without all the bad stuff in it. So I gave him this energy drink and now he feels great and will not even drink a natural carbonated drink. I read all the benefits and we are here to stay. Thanks for making this happened by having different flavors and a wonderful product.

Energy boost


I was feeling pretty flat, had no energy My friend suggested Guayaki and since l started taking it l haven't looked back.This is a great product. Thank you!I feel l have more quality time now with my children.- Cheryl Eddy

I feel more energetic than I have ever felt before

After drinking Guayaki Yerba Mate, I feel more energetic than I have ever felt before.  I've shed off quite a few unwanted pounds since I've been drinking the tea with no effort to change my usual diet.  It's pretty amazing.  Jesus definately gave man Yerba Mate for many wonderful and beneficial reasons.  My complexion has improved dramatically, perhaps due to all the vitamins and nutrients.  The function of my digestive tract has improved tremendously as well!  As odd as this seems, it has also given me a desire to eat healthier food.  I no longer crave for the junk food that the average American diet consists of.  Thank God for Yerba Mate!
Isaac Prather


WOW!  I started a liquid fast this past Monday, and Yerba Matte is giving me the strength and energy to do it!  I don't feel deprived in any way.  I feel so much more energetic than before with a deep feeling of peace and balance.  Thank you so much for marketing a truly beneficial product.  I am really leaning toward going raw foods or veggie after this two week fast, and will continue drinking Yerba Mate every day.  (No more coffee either!)  Peace,  Yossi  -- Yosef Lopez-Hineynu

I cannot tell you what it has done for my studies.

I just recently began law school and was plagued by falling asleep every afternoon while studying. Nothing seemed to help...tea, coffee, eating a healthy lunch, etc. I began to wonder if I would ever be able to successfully complete my loads of daily reading. While taking midterm exams last month, a friend introduced me to Guayaki. I was skeptical. She told me about the caffeine, and I became even more skeptical, fearful of the nervous side effects of caffeine products like coffee. But reluctantly I tried it. I was amazed at the results. Sleepiness never even began to creep up within me. I was so impressed with it, my friend gave me her bag of tea. I have used it every day since then. I cannot tell you what it has done for my studies. I drink it every afternoon and study successfully, without a hint of drowsiness or side effects, even with hundreds of pages of reading to do. I can't believe it. I had been falling asleep while reading at my desk every single day, and now I have yet to since. Unfortunately, I do not know where to purchase Guayaki locally. My friend and I do not think it is sold in our small college town. We both just recently moved from larger cities.  We will be on the lookout for it. Thank you for this wonderful product!   --  A.W. Copetillo


The first time I tasted Guayaki's yerba mate, I was at a Soundtribe concert. I had a super long day and was bummed I lacked energy to dance to one of my favorite bands. I mean this band makes you dance from the first to the last song. By the time second set came around I was like a slug. I noticed that Soundtribe was offering free yerba mate drinks. I went over and got two, one for me and one for my boyfriend and left a donation. It was Guayaki's magical mint mate. I kid you not that after my first cup I had the most clarifying experience of natural energy. I danced my booty off for the rest of the night and still wanted more. I was very impressed that Soundtribe is that conscious of a band to offer thier fans an alternative to booze and five dollar waters. I am so thankful for them introducing me to Guayaki. Now whatever concert I go to, I make sure my mate is handy, especially at all day festivals. I will never forget my first experience tasting this incredible beverage.  - Kathleen



I first learned about Yerba Mate in my Spanish class, I have since been enlightened. When I have to stay up late to study for a class this is my first and only option. I feel better drinking this powerful liquid than I have ever felt on coffee.

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