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Guayakí Yerba Mate - A Powerful Rainforest Experience

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Boosts Physical Energy

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Dawn Wafer


I remember around 1997 or 98 I was warming up for a California circuit sanctioned Mountain Bike race. As I crested the top of a huge climb there was this guy shaking a water clear water bottle at me with a green substance and a tea bag in it, ranting about me looking like I needed a bit of an energy boost. I stopped, for 2 reasons... I was exhausted and he was giving free stuff away and claiming it to be healthy energy. I took the ice cold drink and guzzled it down. We had a short conversation about it and I went on my way. After the bike race weekend and finishing second in my class (at age 36 that was a huge accomplishment for me) I went home I forgot about the tea. It wasn't long before I started looking for the tea in the stores. I wanted that healthy energy boost with good taste. It was hard to find back then. I found dirty imitations. I am glad to say that I can find it everywhere today. Congratulations on your success! And thank you for bringing me to the top of the hill a little easier with health! At age 46 today, I still drink only your Guayaki Yerba Mate! I also offer it as a treat to my patients in my waiting room of my acupuncture clinic. I am passing on the tradition! Dawn L.Ac. Buellton Ca.



I heard about Guayaki' on "Get Fresh with Sarah Snow" and decided to give the products a try. It's been a week without 2 pots of coffee (3 tsp of sugar and creamer added)followed by a cappachino in the evening! Thanks to my Yerba Mate' Traditional in the morning (without the sugar and creamer); just the goodness of the Earth. In the evenings, I have a cold glass of Yerba Mate' Latte' concentrate made like tea. I just purchased some of the tea bags for work, it's a little hard to take a French Press!! I work 12 hr night shifts and was very dependent on coffee to get me through the night. It's wonderful not to have the jitters, nervousness or stomach upset anymore. I never realized what I was doing to myself. My husband even states that I don't have that "caffene puffiness" in the morning anymore. "Thank You Guayaki'!!!"



It's June 2006, I am packing my 25 year olds bag for his year in Alaska working first in Naknek and then on to Dutch Harbor. He will be working 17 hour days 7 days a week he doesn't drink coffee. What is an x-hippie mom to do? He needs energy, warmth immune system help...hmmmm...I put GUAYAKI YERBA MATE in his pack-he doesn't drink tea either but what the hey. a month goes by finally a postcard and what does it say? Please send more( you guessed it) Yerba Mate'. My son is home now, with some great stories of Alaska fishing/crabing and how he would not have gotten thru it without his Yerba Mate'; which we are both drinking as I write this:) Mary

A Guayaki convert

For my USTA tennis matches, I put a Guayakí tea bag into my water bottle.
I was invited to help Guayaki Dave with a tasting at the local Whole Foods Store in Cupertino. I quickly became a fan of Yerba Mate and began to talk to my family and friends about my sense of well being and increased energy. Guayaki became my morning drink and since my introduction to Guayakí Soy Latte, that is now my choice. For my USTA tennis matches, I put a Guayakí tea bag into my water bottle. I want to keep up my energy and alertness on the court. One member of my family has also become a Guayakí convert. He is my 94- year-old father who lives at Rossmoor, a retirement community in Walnut Creek. Until a Whole Foods opened in Walnut Creek, he made sure that I kept him well supplied. At age 87, the Lawn Bowling Club named him “rookie of the year”! Wilson drives his 5-speed Saab everyday, including trips to Cupertino; he beats any challenger at Cribbage and is an avid reader and Scrabble player. I have to think that Guayaki contributes to his alert mind and physical energy.

Wilson asks Santa for a bag of Guayaki!!! (Actually I put some in his Christmas Stocking.)

Ann Cleaver
Cupertino, CA (Jan 10,02)

My Saving Grace!

I have been meaning to write this for  three years! Well okay, at least 21/2. Your tea saved my life!  At the beginning of 2002 I was diagnosed with and ulcer, and reflux.  I ran a fever for several months and lost a lot of weight.  I was misserable.  Plus I had been a coffee drinker, and with all the health problems I had to stop drinking it.  I had searched relentlessly for some kind of tea that would agree with me.  Finally I came accross GUAYAKI YERBA MATE.

My saving grace.  After I started drinking it I began feeling better.  It was amazing.  I didn't even know about the health benifits until later, I just knew I liked it, it tasted great, and it made me feel better. I am now in the healing arts, and I reccomend it to all of my clients.  I enjoy good health, and I owe a tremendous part of it to your yerba mate tea.   With a sincere and heart felt thanks,  Dianne


Before I get into how great this stuff is, let me tell a little about myself. I'm 21, been doing martial arts for about 15 years, yoga for 4 and massage for about the same. As for my occupation, I fire and lightdance, teach self-defense and yoga, do bodywork, photography and modeling. The reason you should know this is that it takes alot of energy to do the things I do.
And if you're sensitive to stimulants like I am, coffee is too harsh on the nerves to use as a regular energy boost, plus the crash can be pretty bad on your mental and physical state.
I heard of yerba  mate when I worked at a health food store a couple years back, and found that is the perfect herbal tea for me. It boosts my energy levels without getting mentally short-circuited. In fact, I find that my mind is actually calm and focused; ready to do anything, and my body ready to take on whatever it may be. I use it with my friends before we go dancing and we notice that the music sounds more clear, our bodies feel soo much lighter, and we're on the dancefloor non-stop for hours on end. There was actually one time I got searched because a security guard thought I was on illegal stimulants! He appologized saying he never saw anyone dance so hard and so long before without taking ANY breaks.
The other times I ritually use it is before doing bodywork. The reason being is that it helps make my body generate ALOT of positive energy, plus the focusing it provides helps me to tune into other peoples' bodies, and where their body needs work. It also helps me stay in shape as well; it keeps my appetite down, but at the same time keeps my stress levels down as well, so I don't lose much muscle mass and don't feel the need to binge eat the next time I eat.
I could go on for another few pages on how great this stuff is. QUIT DRINKIN' COFFEE!! This is so much better and healthier for you, and I think it's cheaper too.
Angelo A.K.A. Zero
Honolulu, Hawaii

I began each ski day with Yerba Mate.

Feeling dazed from the altitude in Breckenridge, CO, I wandered into an oxygen bar for a breath of O2 hoping to feel better for skiing the slopes. Being from the Lowcountry beaches of South Carolina, I felt the nausea and severe fatigue that the extreme change in altitude created within my body. Yerba Mate was recommended along with my 10 minute oxygen blast. The taste of this wonderful green tea was so clean and exotic that I had to take a bag with me, along with the brochure on Guayakí. The rejuvenation of my energy level was immediate. What relief to feel good on the slopes after 3 days of being pure ill! After noticing such a change, I began each ski day with Yerba Mate. Since then (two years ago), EACH day has also begun with Yerba Mate. All acclamations made for Yerba Mate are true for me...increased mental clarity, energy, and regularity, as well as fewer stomach problems and stronger immune system. My body feels more cleansed and detoxified than ever! Respect and appreciation to all involved in every aspect of bringing Yerba Mate to my cup each day!

Thank you! Martha Ann (Nov. 13, 2002)

This Tea Has Changed My Life!

I have been a city girl for the past 26 years. Four years ago I moved to a small town in Mississippi to care for my Mother who has Alzheimer's/Dementia.

A recent emergency surgery resulted in a Colostomy. Everyone thought she would die and when she didn't the question on everyone's mind was who will care for her now. They all assumed she would go into a long term care facility. That is when God showed up and blessed me, a person who until this time could not and would not even wash my Mother's feet to a person who not only washes her feet but cares for her Colostomy!

There are no other family members here with us. This had taken a toll on my physical and mental status. Her Doctor has constantly suggested that I place her in a facility. He went on to tell me how the caregivers are the first to die.

Knowing that coffee was not good for me, it was the only thing I had to give me the energy I desperately needed to care for my aging Mother. After me comes the long term care facility.

I went into a Salvage Store in my little town and gravitated toward the coffee and tea section, that is when I picked up my first bag of Guayakí Yerba Mate. There was only one bag on the shelf. The first thing that caught my eye was the slogan, "Feel the Good Energy", well, I need energy to continue caring for my Mom and Good Energy is definitely better than Bad Energy, I decided to buy it.

Wow, this tea has changed my life! I wake up before my Mom now. Usually after caring for her sometimes in the wee hours of the morning. I did'nt have the energy to awake before her. Now I do.

My Mother's income is my income due to my inability to work because she demands twenty four hour care.

I contacted my Sister in Chicago and had her check out the web site. I then asked her to please order me more and she has. Please pray that she can continue to do so because I do not want to live the rest of my life without Guayakí Yerba Mate! Thank you and God bless you all.

Dorothy Sellers Louisville, Ms

Yerba Mate, Where have you been all my life!!

I have only been on the tea for three days and they have been the most wonderful and productive days I have enjoyed in years!
I had suffered off and on from Chronic Fatigue (and believe me, it's a real illness) and having tried EVERYTHING, I was a little skeptical about trying just one more thing that might not work. But, I must say, you have made a believer out of me. Now I'm going to try it out on my daughter who has a very stressful job and comes home wiped out. It does not make me nervous in the least, just gives me the energy to do things that I would have put off before, and it does help with the mental clarity. Thank you again for your product and I hope never to be without it. Sincerely, Peggy Holmes P.S. I'm going back in a few minutes to Trader Joe's to pick up more of the Yerba Mate!!

No gourd for 2 1/2 years, but now I'm back!!

Hello, I lived in San Luis Obispo from 1998 to 2003. While there, I rode and raced mountain bikes with a number of people, one whom was named Billy Owczarski. Billy hauled on a bike and was fun to ride with for that reason, but he also was a true pleasure to be around for his CONSTANTLY great demeanor. He was always calm and composed, even in scary riding situations. Billy rode and raced in a Guayaki jersey. When I met Billy, I had no idea what Guayaki was, let alone yerba mate, but I never thought to ask because bike jerseys are covered with brand names that I don't recognize. At one point a number of folks were at a local race and Billy comes around the corner with a gourd. Without knowing what it was, it seemed like an awfully suspect device to pulling on in the pits. However, he described the good energy you feel with mate, and how it compared to the headache filled caffeine rush of coffee. He swore the energy helped him ride fast and focused (which he did, as I could never keep up with him). Upon returning home from the race I picked up a gourd and a small batch of Guayaki mate. Man was he right; mate delivered a totally different energy that I could sustain all day. I felt in a generally brighter mood, more confident, and yet more relaxed at the same time. I was sold almost instantly. Unfortunately the timing of my discovery was poor. Shortly after learning of the herb, I moved to Oregon and in packing I misplaced my gourd. Out of sight, out of mind I guess, as I didn't start drinking mate again until two days ago -- nearly two and a half years later. Whatever, no big deal, right? Wrong. Oregon is an amazing state. Few people, endless forests and mountains, and a rough and empty coastline. However, winter here is hard, especially coming from sunny San Luis Obispo. I have been dealing with SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) for the last two years. My manifestation of the (likely over cited) disorder is somewhat minimal, but it is still hard to get up in the morning, and I often feel lethargic in the afternoons and exhausted in the evenings. To look outside my office window and see nothing but grey skies perpetuates the feeling, and I've been having an even harder time shaking the blues during this, my third winter in Oregon... until this past Sunday, when I found my gourd in an unopened box of old clothes. I was feeling sick on Sunday, so I went to pick up some juice and fruit. Since I had found my gourd that morning, but thinking nothing of it, I picked up some mate at the local First Alternative Coop. Early the next morning I replaced my daily coffee ritual with a spirited gourd full of green goodness, and holy cow that's exactly what it was. Monday was the best day I've had in months. I felt energy I haven't had since the last ray of sunshine left my fair state in November. I was clear headed, jovial, and focused on my work all day - a rare thing indeed. More important than my energy at work, though, was the sustained energy I had at home that evening. I was awake, excited about cooking a full meal, and generally pleased with the passing of the day. These are feelings that simply don't exist for me during the winter, and yet I was feeling them loud and clear. To bring things full circle, Tuesday was epic. I got up early, had my gourd and sat smiling out the window as a ray of sunshine made it through that impossibly thick layer of Oregon clouds. I looked at the clock, and with 9:00 rapidly approaching I picked up the phone and called work. Sorry guys, not coming in to work today. I had one of the best mountain bike rides I've ever had... one on which I could have even kept up with Billy. Well, that's my story. I didn't come to your website to enter a contest. I came to write a thank you letter and see if I could order in bulk. But hey, it inspired me. Cheers, guys. Thanks for getting a good product to the States. -Sam Littlefield -Corvallis, OR      2006-02-02

James N. Bruce

United States

I've found the bounds of human physical ability and I couldn't have done it without Yerba Mate. I work for the U.S. Forest Service as a wild-land firefighter. I love the work, I love being outdoors, I love having a purpose, I love my job. But, it wasn't always that way. I didn’t always love this job and I wasn't always a firefighter. I used to be a college student. While in college I thought my trips to the gym and laps around the track were conditioning me well. That was until I signed up with the forest service. Those first few weeks were hell. Waking up before the sunrise, hiking around ALL day long with 50 or more pounds on my back, bedding down after the sunset; all-the-while trying to put fuel into my body that would sustain and energize me for these seemingly endless days. One morning while driving to work one of my friends and carpool mates brought his gourd and mate. We put our coffee aside for the morning and tried this elixir. I was apprehensive at first; worried about putting a strange substance into my body before what would undoubtedly be a horribly tough day. What I came to discover was that Mate was, well...great! It gave me a better boost of energy and clarity than coffee. It didn't bother my stomach the way coffee can before a rigorous workout. There was an ‘up’ and a ‘buzz’ but no down or lull afterwards. I then did some research and found the health benefits of this stuff to be endless. It's great stuff. I've been drinking it for years now. I wish there was a YerbaMateBucks on the way to the station, but regardless my gourd is packed and ready to go every morning. I've helped most of the other guys on the crew trade their coffee cups for gourds. When we're on the fire-line and we can't brew it fresh there is always someone with the tea bags packed in their gear (that's a huge compliment to be included in our gear when every pound counts so much). Yerba Mate has become an integral part of our daily routine and our safety equipment. It helps us make it through the day healthier, stronger, and more alert. Which in essence means that you’re keeping us safer and helping us come home every-night. Thank you, James N. Bruce

What would you do if you owned two start-up companies

...and needed to be at your best all day, everyday? That is the question I had to answer. My journey to discover the answer to this question has taken me down several roads. Being a person who seeks out healthful, organic products, I had already made the decision not to go down the coffee or soda trail. So, what was next? Flavored vitamin waters with added "whatever the latest gimmick is" for a boost didn't cut it. I tried several types of tea, some good, some not so good. I knew the answer had to be in nutrition somewhere. Nutrition, what nutrition? Aren't we talking beverages? Well, that's what I thought too. But, there I was standing in the aisle of my favorite Whole Foods Market, bound and determined to look at all of their 50+ different types of teas until I found the magical one. Well, thank goodness it didn't take me long! Here was an attractive package right in front of me, telling me to "Feel the Good Energy!" Wow, how could I resist that. Of course, I picked up the package of Traditional Yerba Mate and started to devour the information on the package. One thing I can tell you, is that I like to buy products where they tell a story on the package. In my opinion, this says that the company believes in its product and is not afraid to say so. No gimmicks. I like it already. I know packaging is expensive, but the package Guayaki Yerba Mate comes in is fabulous. Dare I now say unmistakable? OK, OK, on with the story. I read all the good things it does for you - this is where the nutrition part is - mental clarity (how many foods give you mental clarity?), the big one for me, "Sustains physical energy", "Improves digestion", Promotes balance in the body" and "Contains antioxidants." What am I not suppose to like about this product! Of course, I ended up buying it. Well, I am sure you have guess by now how this turns out. But I am going to tell you anyway. I drink most of my tea iced with a little stevia for sweetness, so that is how I prepared my new energy drink. Wow, was it fantastic. I had so much energy that first day, people were wondering about me. My mood was upbeat, by thinking was crisp and my energy level was out of this world! I am now the GE guy, no not the light bulb company, although this does make you feel like you finally turned yours on in your head, the Good Energy guy. Now, go and run to the store and get yourself some. And if you are tired when you get there, buy a bottle of water a along with your Yerba Mate, and fold a tea bag in half and stick in the bottle and shake it. It will give you the energy to run back. Have a wonderful day, I know I will be from now on. Thanks for a truly tremendous product! -- Tom Wilwert     2005-11-09


My son suffered from low energy, allergies, and headaches which caused him to be negative at times. He is a performer and needed to have high energy, to not suffer from allergies and headaches, and have a possitive attitude. He tried your Yerba Mate tea bags, and because he drinks it ever day, he now has high engergy, no allergies and no headaches, but most important, he has a possitive attitude which helps his performances. As any Mother can testify, when your child is happy, so is the Mum. Thank you for your legal mind altering herb. A Limey Mum

Many a gourd before our energetic dance shows

Will here from Sambada. We LOVE your mate, and have passed around many a gourd before our energetic dance shows. We have to really turn on the energy when we play, and passing the gourd in ritual before a show is a great way to cultivate our energy and get ready to ROCK. Mate gives me fabulous energy without any of the negative side effects that I find with coffee. I don't have an energy crash after a few hours, my muscles don't cramp, and it is easy on my stomach. We love Guyaki Yerba Mate!!! Com muito ax_é! Will     2005-10-04

Mate Amigos

Most mornings would find me standing upon the beach with my dear friend, (Mate Amigos, as we often referred to one another).
Staring into the rising sun waking up out over the water on the horizon, as we discussed and pointed out with child-like excitement where the waves were breaking the best. With the first gentle rays of the warming sun highlighting the crests with such a sacred majesty that they seamlessly connected my dreams and the beautiful new day, which always awaits before us. With surfboards under the arms first we would skilfully skip from rock to rock, then run and dance into the cold winter water like young girls in a ballet class, often racing and laughing to see who would catch the first wave. After a few hours of what we fondly and appropriately called “Meditation on the Water”, one is thoroughly exhausted from a repetition of paddling out, and riding back in, but especially so in the winter when the body is constantly using up even more energy as it tries to keep warm in the often ice cold water. When this time would come, and we both knew exactly when from the shivering and shaking, we would look at each other in a heart felt silence until one of us would show a smile and say, “Mate?” or “Guayakí?” (Note: these two words had already become one by this point, there meanings intricately entangled and inseparable.) Now, for those of you who have never surfed, or don’t know anything about it, two people never ride on the same wave: wars have been started over less important things. But yet at one mention of the word, we would be peacefully side by side on the same wave like two bombillas in one gourd. At this point in our daily story, upon arriving home (we were roommates), there used to be a serious, but well known, dilemma a total exhaustion at nine in the morning when you still have to go to work, for which you were already late because you went surfing instead. I still remember that blessed taste of a fresh cup of mate immediately after peeling off my wet suite, as the nourishingly warm tea bestowed much needed energy and warmth upon my drained body. A life line. From that point on my day didn’t let up either. Because of a belief of walking as lightly as possible on this precious Earth of ours, I chose to ride my bike 7 miles to work each way rather than drive a car. Additionally, after an 8 hour day at work and another 7 miles home, I would often head over to the rock climbing gym for a few hours to make sure that my climbing muscles were still up to par (one never knows when he could be hanging for his life off from a cliff or a big bridge, ya know) The benefits of mate for my energy levels is literally indescribable. I’m convinced that without this liquid vegetable helping to sustain my physical and mental energies then I would not have been able to keep up such a high level of daily output which also would have meant not having as much fun! This barrier island on the east coast of Central Florida, where the Indian River Lagoon is situated (most know it for Cape Canaveral), is where I have spent the majority of my years. But now that is very far from where I’m currently living in Bavaria, Germany. I’ve been here for 9 months now, with homesickness coming and going at its will. No surfing and no mate. Until yesterday that is! I received a surprise package from my father with 2 half pound packages of Guayakí Mate included: a winter survival package. Perhaps the most revealing part of Guayakí’s unique ability in this story is that I had already drank another brand of mate which someone from Ecuador had sent me, apparently taking pity on me, after an inspired talk about all the above mentioned things. But to no avail. Two thirds of this mate is still sitting on the shelf right in front of me: I never even finished it. And so, here I am in Bavaria (Upper Franken to be exact) on the 25th of December with a cup of Guayakí sitting as lovingly nearby, even as my Mate Amigo and I would be floating on the surface of the water next to one another, laughing, joking and enjoying one another’s company as we waited for the next set to come it. The memories of this time described above came flooding back even with the slightest smell upon opening the package for the first time. Now happiness again fills my heart as I am looking forward to going home again soon to partake in this most sacred morning ritual, of which Guayakí is the corner stone. Having that said, I have to extend my sincere thanks to all the staff and crew at Guayakí for setting an example of sustainability for the rest of the business world to follow. Bless you all.
With much love, Richard
One more thing. I have to share to quick personal things that we discovered about mate:
We developed a method of curing a cold right at the beginning: When you begin to feel it coming on, simply brew up some mate and drink approximately 2 cups and then go lie in bed with a thick blanket or two to encourage sweating. It never fails.
We had a mate theme song as well. Everyone is familiar with the song from the Temptations “My Girl”. If you cut and paste “Mate” in where it says “my girl”, then what you are left with is a perfect description of this most perfect beverage:
I’ve got sunshine, on a cloudy day,….. when it’s cold outside, I’ve the month of May,……I….guess…you’ll….say, what can make me feel this way, Mate, Mate, Mate, Yerba Mate! Oooooo, ooooo (My girl, My girl, My girl, talkin’ bout my Girl!)

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