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Organic Loose-Leaf Mate
Traditional Mate
Traditional Yerba Mate - [5 lb.] Share / Save / Bookmark Print Page

Guayakí Yerba Mate - A Powerful Rainforest Experience

Traditional Yerba Mate  [5 lb.]
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Traditional Yerba Mate - [5 lb.]

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Traditional Mate is rich, robust, and balanced, with a complex earthy body and a smooth mellow finish.
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Love my Guayaki Yerba Mate

By: Linda of cody, wy

I have trouble drinking other teas since I found Guayaki. My favorite is the traditional Yerba Mate.

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Sippin' on Mate now

By: Megs of Chico

Guayaki has some of the best loose leaf yerba mate. Great flavor! It's kept me coming back for years. It's so easy and affordable to order online, and by being a member they'll send you discounts. Big fan!!

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The BEST yerba mate on the planet! And best value

By: Rachel Barge of San Francisco

I have been buying Guayaki since 2008 and LOVE the quality and taste. It's the perfect combination of fine powder cut which gives the kick and depth, with larger cut which smoothes it out and gives a grassy note. I always make my yerba mate in a french press. I pour cold water on the mate first, just enough to saturate it, and let it sit for 2-3min before pouring 180degree water to fill up the entire french press. This ensures the perfect taste and no bitterness! Guayaki is a responsbile, sustainable company with a great product. The 5lb bag is the best value. Go for it!

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Iced Yerba Mate

By: Albert Stuppi of Cedar Rapids/Iowa

I make 1/2 gallon of iced Yerba Mate batches to drink at work. The loose leaf option gives me the opportunity to adjust the strength of the brew. I will take this over coffee any day.

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Great product, delivered on time.

By: Tellima of Eugene, OR

Got a follow up email with estimated date of arrival, which was accurate. Love Guayaki's sustainability-pioneering spirit. My favorite go-to yerba mate by far. Love the San Mateo as well!

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Always fantastic

By: Lans Peterson of Bisbee

Love the Traditional & have for close to 20 yrs. This time however I got the Biodynamic. I love it also. They are different yet each deserves a 5 star from me.

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Always Great Mate!

By: Jesse M Hansen of Dorset

I use Guayaki Original Mate in a beverage that I make for farmers markets and every body loves it! Shipping was great, product is great, definitely ordering again

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great product

By: Aaron Olmstead of Bend, Oregon

I first started drinking Guayaki in 1997 when it first hit Bend, Oregon at a natural food store. I must say that the flavor was a bit rough to get use to. I stopped for a while and then tried it again and I can say now, muy bueno. I picked up my gourd and bombilla and am enjoying it. I have also tried the San Mateo variety and find it a good alternative.

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By: Scott Chichester of WA

Notes from the PNW hinterlands... I've been drinking your mate, and preferring it to all other brands, for close to 15 years now. You provide great service, a very user friendly website, good pricing on bulk orders, and I especially like the free shipping over $50 and the periodic sales you offer! As an organic vegetable and seed farmer, Guayaki gives me the energy and mental clarity I need to make it through the long days. When it is time to play, your mate picks me up and gives me extra energy. Keep up the excellent work! Thanks, Scott Chichester Chi's Farm Organic food and seeds

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We love our Guayaki!

By: Sarah Maroun of Lake Placid, NY

For over 10 years, we have ordered bulk yerba mate from Guayaki. Despite trying other brands, we find Guayaki to be the best! We also appreciate your sustainable practices and honor that with our continued business.

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