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Guayakí Yerba Mate - A Powerful Rainforest Experience

Amigos de Guayaki
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Lorraine Jasper

Her sport: Elite Masters 800 meter / 1500 meter competitor.

Her favorite Guayaki Yerba Mate: San Mateo for competition, Regular for practices


Her story: Diagnosed with stage 3 cancer in 1996, Lorraine decided to forgo the conventional treatments of chemo and radiation for alternative methods. Without standard treatments, medical professionals predicted a two and a half year survival date. Using the tenacity of a competitive athlete, she paved the way to health by finding the correct balance of mind, body and spirit. Practices such as meditation, yoga and an alkalizing diet were valuable tools for restoring her health. She is a champion of letting go of the fear of illness by replacing it with our innate wisdom for health and vitality.


What she loves about yerba mate: "I found Guayaki Yerba Mate when researching healthy energy drink alternatives. I was impressed with the integrity of the company's business practices and it was important for me to support a business with a conscience. After one drink, I was hooked. It not only gave me the energy boost I needed for practice and competition, it also fulfilled my requirement for an alkalizing beverage that created equilibrium within my nervous system. I have nicknamed Guayaki Yerba Mate my 'liquid gold' because of the many national and world titles I have received while using it."


What she's doing now: Lorraine is competing at Masters World and National events, and currently holds the American Indoor 800 record for 50-54. She's working with team Athena as role models to encourage young women to continue to exercise and stay active at any age. Lorraine believes it's especially important as we get older to have a healthy balance of family, career, friendships, and physical activity.