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Guayakí Yerba Mate - A Powerful Rainforest Experience

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Erin Schrode

Her work: Erin is a green girl, global wanderer, organic foodie, millennial, eco fashionista, youth activist, education enthusiast, speaker, writer, vegan, adventure seekers, and conscious citizen who seeks to be the change and inspire others to live a values-driven life.

Her favorite Guayaki yerba mate: Sweet BioD.

Her story: Erin Schrode is a rabble-rousing optimist. If there is a chance of inspiring a person, company, organization, product, country, school or just-about-anything-you-can-imagine to be more eco conscious or socially responsible, then you can count her in. A true millennial and member of this hyperconnected global generation, Erin has devoted her life to work in the green space – taking it from the Bay Area with her non-profit Teens Turning Green to New York city at the boom of the movement to thousands of campuses nationwide and then beyond. In depth experience with mounting programs in Ghana, the Palestinian Authority, Jordan, Israel, Haiti, Colombia, and Australia have provided Erin with unique insight into the power and resonance of this messaging at the international level.

Heralding youth, connectivity, and a global perspective, she is actively seeing and influencing the future of sustainability. When not stirring up trouble (for good, of course!), Erin is either taking snapshots of beautiful organic açai bowls or on a plane with a gourd in hand… likely headed to Haiti… and would rather be splashing about in the salt water off the coast of her glorious homestate of California.

What she loves about yerba mate: What is life about if not sharing goodness with those you love (and those you are yet to love)? And maté is no ordinary goodness. It represents what I refer to as the ultimate trifecta: the strength of coffee (from a girl that has never drank a cup of coffee in her life), the health benefits of tea (energy packed purity), and the euphoria of chocolate (I'm a lover of life and the mateado sensation). I've shared gourds all around the world – and the celebratory, zen ritual never ceases to beautifully open doors and spirits.

Where to find her: Get in the know about all things Erin at erinschrode.com, join the Turning Green movement at TeensTurningGreen.org, and follow every step of Erin's journey on Twitter at @ErinSchrode.