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Guayakí Yerba Mate - A Powerful Rainforest Experience

Guayaki Ambassadors
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Amigos de Guayaki (Ambassadors)

Cebadoring - the art of sharing yerba mate - is a wonderful tradition that goes back centuries. It is in this spirit that we work with Amigos de Guayaki, a special group of  ambassadors who feel the call of yerba mate and who want to share it with their audiences in real and meaningful ways.

Our Amigos are skaters, musicians, artists, photographers, surfers and all-around-adventurers. They are the doers, the artists, the people with unique voices who love to share good vibes and good things with others.

We are not like the big energy drink companies; our business model and mission means that our money goes to the rainforest, so we have to be mindful of our budget. Every product commitment we make has to have meaning. For that reason, we do not provide monetary sponsorshipsfor our Amigos de Guayaki. Instead, we work with them on a “fair trade” basis. We provide some mate, and they share it with their audiences on the ground and through Guayaki-inspired social media posts on the digital channels that connect us all.


How Do You Become an Amigo de Guayaki?

If you are passionate about Guayaki, if you have inspired and specific ideas about how you want to share it, and you have a strong and engaged social media audience, then you might be a good fit for the Amigos de Guayaki program.

To start the conversation, complete this form and return it to us at the email provided.

Amigos de Guayaki Application (pdf)


Please note that we receive far more requests than we are able to fulfill, but we value our Amigos and consider every request carefully. It may take us at least two weeks to get back to you.