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Guayakí Yerba Mate - A Powerful Rainforest Experience

Guayaki Ambassadors
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Lindsey Voreis

Her sport: Mountain biking

Her favorite Guayaki Yerba Mate: Traditional mate bags. 

Her story: Professional mountain biker and skills instructor Lindsey Voreis is on a mission "to change women’s lives with two wheels and some dirt.” If you meet her, her infectious passion for the sport of mountain biking will have you hanging on her every word. She articulates her work to friends, family and students in an accessible way, fusing mountain biking to life. Even if you're not a biker, you'll be able to relate to one.

What she loves about yerba mate: Mate became a part of Lindsey's life and work after bad experiences with coffee. "I knew coffee was not good for me when I started to feel horrible by 11 a.m. and would have the shakes," she says. "Mate has balanced out my morning routine and helps me stay clear and focused while working from home, while also giving me plenty of energy for my training rides and long days of teaching mountain biking." In her rigorous routine, living a clean lifestyle through whole foods and purifying beverages like yerba mate is essential. 

What she's doing now: Lindsey brings her biking and workshopping skills to clubs, shops and events. She teaches private clinics and has her own four-stop series called The Beti AllRide Clinics. After traveling the country for 10 years racing and promoting the mountain bike lifestyle, she noticed a void in female participation in the sport. "I realized how much mountain biking relates to life and how women -- and men -- can benefit from learning the sport properly and in an environment that emphasizes the benefits it brings to the mind, body and spirit," she says. When not at home in Bend, Oregon, Lindsey lives out of a van most of the summer traveling for work.