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Guayakí Yerba Mate - A Powerful Rainforest Experience

Amigos de Guayaki
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Team Kenda

Their work: Husband and wife team Mary McConneloug and Michael Broderick hail from Sebastopol and spend much of their year traveling around the world as a vibrant two-person race team -- a life they forged after they first met at a bike race in Northern California in the early 00s.

Favorite Guayaki Yerba Mate: Lime Tangerine Energy Shots.

What they love about yerba mate: Mate has been a foundation of what they do, allowing them to keep a constant flow of sustainable energy as they bike down on rugged, beautiful terrain. Energy shots are a common go-to for the two.

Where to catch them: The high-energy athletic couple are constantly on the move. Catch details of their latest racing adventure on their blog: http://www.maryandmikeride.blogspot.com/ 


Their latest from the road:


Mike and I have been glad to get in some recovery time here at home after racing the Trans-Sylvania Epic, which was surely an EPIC seven days of racing in the Appalachian mountains of PA!  We put our minds, bodies and equipment to the test and came away from the experience with a great sense of appreciation for our work and for the mountain bike industry as a whole - all the amazing people, companies, products, coalitions, places -- expanding to embrace the incredible energy and movement of this great sport. We feel lucky to be a part!


Throughout each stage of the demanding race Guayaki Yerba Mate continued to provide us with an extra boost of energy so that we could perform at our best -- and even win some stages!!  There were times when the Organic Energy Shot saved the day -- like on stage 2, when I ran out of drink and was cramping miserably. Then I remembered the sweet little bottle of lime tangerine shot in my pocket. I sipped it, gave thanks, and soon the cramps evaporated and I could pedal on to the finish! 


Next races:

July 18-20 National Championships, Bear Creek Resort, Pennsylvania

Aug 1-3  World Cup XC- Mont Ste Anne, Quebec

Aug 8-10  World Cup XC - Windham, New York

Mary McConneloug of Team Kenda-Seven-NoTubes tips back a Guayaki Organic Energy Shot before heading off to compete in mountain bike world cup
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