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Guayakí Yerba Mate - A Powerful Rainforest Experience

Guayaki Ambassadors
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Kathy Winkler

Her work: Pummeling through Ironman triathalons and teaching sustainability and healthy practices to her kindergarden students.

Her favorite Guayaki Yerba Mate: Traditional mate bags.

Her story: When not training for a race, Kathy is as an active kindergarden teacher in San Francisco. She teaches her students lessons about food with help from the school garden, where they grow kale, spinach, onions, sugar snap peas, and tomatoes when they're in season. She'll sometimes bring a Cuisinart in from home, doing battle with snack chip-laden lunches by offering fresh meals to give the kids a boost where they need it most.

Kathy has taken her students on field trips to farms and even to Whole Foods, making the kids aware of where their food comes from, the importance of organics and sustainable business practices, and why it's important to care. A mantra she leaves with her students: "If I put the beautiful food inside me, I’ll be beautiful, too."

What she loves about yerba mate: Kathy is a longtime yerba mate lover, and Guayaki is an important part of her day. "Every morning, I fill up my giant bottle with mate," she says. "It’s my go-to after my morning workout. I nurse it throughout the day, drink it after it cools and sometimes more water." She also relies on mate as a go-to before a chilly swim in San Francisco Bay Area water. "I love the warmth it brings me."

Kathy prefers mate bags for roadtrips and pre-races, and will also use energy shots to charge her up before she runs.

It also helps her working around the kids during cold and flu season. "I feel like I live in a germ factory every day, and I rarely get sick. I think the antioxidants that are in there help me a lot. I think this is a little layer on the onion of [health] insurance."

And she uses mate to teach her students valuable lessons in sustainability. "I can toss my grounds out in the garden right when I’m done. The circle of life."

Where to catch her: Kathy will be running an Ironman competition in San Francisco in late March. Details to follow.