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Guayakí Yerba Mate - A Powerful Rainforest Experience

About Guayaki
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The Guayaki Foundation

Photo credit: Melaina Spitzer


Regenerating Ecosystems, Building Vibrant Communities

Our Opportunity:  Deepen the impact of Guayakí Yerba Mate. 

For 15 years Guayakí Yerba Mate has pioneered a model of sustainable development that empowers local indigenous communities in Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay to regenerate and protect the Atlantic Rainforest while earning a sustainable income for their labors.    By leveraging access to international markets for organic, fairly traded yerba mate these communities have secured sustainable revenues and developed community infrastructure and organization while protecting and restoring the Atlantic Rainforest.  

This year Guayakí is launching a Foundation to further the community development, conservation, and social and ecological regeneration commitment of Guayakí Yerba Mate in South America.   

Our giving fund - Guayakí Foundation- will work with partner communities in Paraguay, Argentina, and Brazil through direct grant making and technical assistance.   Our model is to become intimately involved with our partner communities by making long and deep commitments to their ecological, economic and community health.  We work with our partner communities to develop economic models that conserve and regenerate the Atlantic Rainforest while building vibrant, healthy communities.  The mutually dependent and beneficial interplay between economic development and ecological conservation binds the well being of our partner communities to the health of their Atlantic Rainforest.  This holistic approach to sustainable development and conservation places our partner communities as stewards of these fragile ecosystems, ensuring that today’s conservation efforts endure for generations.  

Our Program:  Regenerating ecosystems, building vibrant communities

The Guayakí Foundation is committed to building vibrantcommunities while regenerating the Atlantic Rainforest of southern Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay.  A vibrant community encourages equal and full participation in its governance; has safe and reliable access to water, sanitation, and healthy food systems; and uses its economic activities to regenerate its environmental and social capital.  Our programmatic work reflects a deep commitment to that vision.

We operate in four arenas:   

1.  Provide technical assistance, no interest loans, and grants to develop and promote life-regenerating enterprises.  Enterprises that regenerate ecosystems and cultures.

2.  Provide technical assistance and grants to develop effective and sustainable food security programs.   Empowering our partners to become food sovereign. 

3.  Provide technical assistance and grants for the development of democratic, participatory community councils.  Encouraging democratic decisions making process. 

4.  Develop consumer consciousness and consumer markets for the products and services of life-regenerating enterprises.  Connecting the good work of our partners in the south with consumers in the north.